ZTE Peel coming to Sprint November 14th for $79.99

The ZTE Peel is launching on Sprint's Now Network on November 14th, priced at $79.99 and comes with a 1gb data allotment for $30 per month. The Peel allows your iPod touch to connect to Sprint's data network via WiFi. BGR reports:

On Friday, we told you about a rumor we were hearing surrounding the release-date and pricing for Sprint’s ZTE Peel; the iPod touch case that provides 3G internet access. Today, we’ve got cold hard evidence to confirm our previous scoop.

Something curious we noticed was how little data you'd actually be getting for $30 -- at just 1gb with $.05 per megabyte overage charges -- because when you figure in that you can have up to 2 connected devices and VoIP ability, you'll most likely find that limit being met very quickly if you aren't monitoring your usage. At least it's month-to-month.

Something else we thought funny was that this doesn't support the latest 4th generation iPod Touch. Curious, indeed.

Any readers planning on shelling out that kind of cash just to ensure your iPod Touch has a constant connection? Let us know in the comments below!


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