16GB Yellow iPhone 5c the first to slip beyond September 20 delivery

With two iPhones being released this year, and more colors than ever before, we've perhaps not seen the early issues with pre-orders than dogged the iPhone 5 launch last year. But, following the iPhone 5c pre-orders opening up today it seems that in the U.S. there may be an early favorite – the 16GB yellow SIM free version. Shipping dates on this iPhone 5c have slipped from delivery on September 20, to ships by September 25.

So, while it looks like we have an early favorite, for now all other colors, sizes and carrier versions are still available for delivery on September 20 in the U.S. Elsewhere in the world it's only Hong Kong that shows anything other than this, with the local Apple Store there offering a shipping date within 1-2 weeks for all versions of the iPhone 5c.

So; did you order a 16GB yellow iPhone 5c?

via 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

16GB Yellow iPhone 5c the first to slip beyond September 20 delivery


You have no way to know that yellow is an early favorite. Apple may have predicted higher or lower numbers for said model. All you know is that the orders are likely exceeding the projected demand.

It's not that yellow is the favourite at all. It's the reverse. They made less yellow because they (reasonably) thought "who the fuck want's a lemon yellow phone?" Apparently they underestimated the crazy.

My choice would be a 64GB purple or orange phone, but ...

Blue is the one I like the most. Wonder if they will keep the palette the same next year?

Apple should add some darker, classier colors. These neon bright pastels are over the top. I would love a darker, subtle cranberry or a deeper blue. Apple should look at some of the color offerings for the Moto X. They're not all in-your-face colors.

True. Maybe next WWDC we will see iOS 8 with a palette option. One the current, a second more muted. Would offer some hints at what colors the iPhone 5CS will come in.

plastic is awesome, it is my first choice for ketchup and shampoo bottles as well though I am still awaiting a polycarbonite ketchup bottle. HDPE is so last decade

Looking now I'm only seeing the yellow 16 GB SIM free version for 9/25. All the rest are 9/20. So it's only one specific kind of yellow that's currently a few days later.