What other iPhone 5c colors would you like to see? Black, red, purple, orange? [Poll]

Apple has only just released the iPhone 5c, and also only just released it in white, yellow, green, blue, and pink, but now that they've gone multi-chromatic, there's an entire spectrum of hues and shades they could add to the lineup. The iPods have been colorful for years, and some of those years has seen Apple add new colors, or tweak existing colors, so there's no reason they couldn't do so with the iPhone 5c as well. Next year, there could be entirely new shades.

Or perhaps earlier? Apple has seen their once-yearly product update cycle lead to months of slower sales, and counter-programming by the competition before. Could they release new colors at some mid-point to help keep up excitement throughout the year? I don't recall Apple adding new colors mid-cycle before,, but they did add a new 128gb model to the iPad 4 lineup earlier this year, so you can never say never.

If Apple did increase the iPhone 5c color palette, which colors would you like to see? (Product) Red? Orange for former CrackBerry addicts? Purple like Samuel L. Jackson's lightsaber? Cyan for Nokia transplants? Magenta for T-Mobile? Navy or real pink? If you could get an iPhone 5c in any other color, what would it be?

Vote in the poll up top and tell me all about your dream color in the comments below.