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Green iPhone 5c unboxing, hardware tour, macro close-up gallery!

Here it is, the brand new iPhone 5c in Hulk green with a Smurf-blue croc-case! Check out the video above for the complete, ritualistic unboxing and hardware tour, and then scroll down for close up macro photos of the iPhone 5c in and out of the case from all the macro angles, including the new FaceTime HD camera, and the fit and lip on the case!

  • Your video is unboxing a 5S
  • Fixed!
  • Now just make sure you change the title of the video, Rene. Says "Space Gray 5C." I know you're tired lol.
  • Why can't they say gun metal gray? For what political reasons are you talking about?
  • I think it has to do with the recent shootings in the last year or so. It would be in bad taste to reference guns for awhile.
  • My wife's 5c just arrived in green. I am blown away by how well made, stunning to look at and comfortable to hold it is. I actually kind of want a 5s's internals with the same case in some ways. Sent from the iMore App
  • Next year, the 5SC I bet along with the iPhone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm stunned that you think so. Not that I disagree. I just never would have predicted that response or reaction. I look forward to pawwing one down for the first time, eventually.
  • Loz - perfectly said.
    I held one yesterday and they are awesome, well made, and whimsical . I love the red (pink), green (pistachio) and the blue. I think the biggest mistake Apple made, why in the hell did they do white?
  • I totally agree! I checked out the 5C today and I like the way it feels much better than my current iPhone 5.
  • I think the 5c would look better with a white front instead of black since the colors are more pastel.
  • I like the plastic white only.
    But I have to agree with Leo Laporte that Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave about that hideous case the other colors.
    They wouldn't have happened on his watch.
    That case is a wonderland of fugly...(to me, anyways).
  • You think?
    Remember the colored iMacs?
    I still think people don't get who the TARGET audience is.
  • If you haven't see one up close, they are nice phones and will sell nicely.
    They're not cheap plastic. They have heft and feel great...
  • I really don't understand the look of the case (the holes in the back).
  • Introducing ... the iNon.