Survey says 34% American high school students use iPhone, 40% expecting to buy one

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A recent survey of 5,600 U.S. high school students found an impressive 34% used the iPhone. Another 34% owned a tablet, and of them 70% were using an iPad. 86% intend on buying a smartphone, with 51% opting for iOS, versus 22% of those who are interested in Android. 40% of those surveyed were planning on buying a new iPhone within the next six months. Expected iPad purchases are even higher; 19% of teenagers are going to get a tablet in the next six months, and of them, 80% will be buying an iPad. The survey was conducted by analyst firm Piper Jaffray.

Obviously, the kids still love Apple products, and odds are good that if they're being hooked young, they'll stick with iOS as the grow up. Apparently a big driver among this segment was the price drop of the iPhone 3GS  when the 4S was released. Even though the vast majority of shoppers are siding with the iPhone 4S, production of the 3GS was still strong through late 2011.

Any high school kids reading able to vouch for the popularity of the iPhone among the young whippersnappers? Parents, which phones do your kids drift towards?

Source: BusinessWire

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Reader comments

Survey says 34% American high school students use iPhone, 40% expecting to buy one


My spoiled almost 14 year old has had an iPod touch since last summer. She just got an iPad 2 (purchased used on ebay just last month) and and she uses my old iPhone 4 as her cell. Before that she was using my husbands old 3gs. The only thing she's lacking is her own mac computer but we have so many old windows laptops that its unlikely she will get a mac until I decide to upgrade my 2009 iMac.

I'm 16 and I have an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and a MacBook Pro right now. The MacBook Pro is from Christmas of 2009 so it's not the newest but I buy all of my Apple products with my own money. Gotta love that A5 processor!

I actually hate the iPhone. It's so small and the OS sucks. Pages full of apps? Cool what about widgets etc? I am perfectly content with my Galaxy Note. If that was an apple product. sure

I have a 7 and 9 year old both have the iPod Touch. They have had them for the last year. I own an iPad 2 and I think they use it more than I do. My 9 year old is already asking me for a cell phone which I'm sure I will give her my IP4S when the time comes to upgrade to the "5" They use them to study thier weekly spelling test, math bigo and f course now Draw Something!

My 12 year old son had an iPod Touch for about a year, until it was stolen (not completely his fault), so we got him an iPhone 4S for Christmas last year. His mom and I are still rocking the 4, until October at least. I have an iPad 2 that he uses occasionally, but is happy with his 4S and Windows 7 laptop for now. I'll soon be replacing our family desktop with an iMac, so I'm sure when it comes time to upgrade his computer in a couple of years, we'll look at Macbooks.
Yes - we are converts.

When my kids are old enough I'll probably buy them Apple products for the same reasons I DON'T buy them for myself.

I don't know about high school, but at my medical school, I'd wager it's at least 60% Mac laptops and 80% iPhones with the rest droids. Maybe 20% own iPads. No android tablets at all (my friend and I were the only ones with android tabs, and we don't have them anymore).

I'm a sophomore in highschool and I can TOTALLY vouch for this. I'd say 85-90% of all my friends and just the kids in my shool in general switched to an iPhone. Especially this year since the iPhone 4 became cheaper when the 4S came out. The fact that they released it on Verizon helped alot too. I myself have an iPhone 4S on AT&T and NEVER regretted getting. Huge upgrade from an iPhone 3G. Very satisfied, and my friends who have an android phone have problems I've NEVER had with my phone.

I am a 14 year old boy, almost in high school. I love Apple. I have a MacBook Pro, iPhone 4, and an iPad 2. I would never use a Windows, any phone besides iPhone, or any tablet besides iPad.