Hands on with the glowing Apple logo mod for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Despite Ally's warnings, the moment I saw this luminescent bit of K.O.Gadget awesome go up for sale I knew I had to have it. My own. My precious!

I did the mod this weekend, and thankfully didn't electrocute myself nor my precious iPhone in the process. In the meantime, whether you want one of your very own, are still on the fence, or will have nothing to do with such brazen acts of folly, check out the unboxing for the pure, geeky thrill of it!

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  • I like turtles.
  • Thanks Georgia!
  • Its only the un boxing.
  • Apple going to get you. Thought they said no. Oh Georgia is so rebellious. Does not update apps, glowing icon, what next? :) most likely no more iPad Sunday, opps that's gone also.
  • Georgia the new jailbreak is out for the iPhone 4S and iPad2, will you do a live jailbreak like you promised? Its really not hard, you don't even have to put it in DFU mode which I sense that you can't do ;-)
    UPDATE your 59 Apps! It's really starting to bother me and I've never even seen your phone lmao
  • Good luck! I installed mine and immediately uninstalled it and filed a dispute with PayPal. The quality is horrible and we were misled by KOGadget knowingly selling a mod that doesn't fit right and doesn't turn off when they say it should.
  • Where to buy order that I want logo mod for my iPhone tell me where to buy it store?
  • bad or not works for me!
  • Who cares about the unboxing... Let see you install it!
  • I'll be installing it soon and yes video will be up. Does it work like it should or will it melt my iPhone. We will see....
  • just got mine, waiting to hear/see your review!!! ally's warnings kinda freaked me out
  • Did you do this install yet?
  • I must have been among the first ones to have installed this. Over night my battery drained by more than 60% (as the logo keeps lighting up on ANY phone activity, regardless whether the screen is on or not) and the iPhone was DEAD after less than 24 hours. Useless to say warranty was voided by then.
    I have opened a case with Paypal and lost another £10 as I had to return it to Hong Kong using tracked postage.
    What can I say? Best of Luck!
  • Georgia, after looking at this youtube vid about this kit, this kills it for me, no gowww.youtube.com/watch?v=3kGptqsL9sk
    Waiting to see the outcome on your end tho
  • i ordered this mod as soon as i heard about it. the sucky part was it was for the 4s, which upon arrival had no instructions for the "5 minute" install. however, they posted a pic on fb where the wires should go, and thats all i needed. took maybe about 15 minutes tops, only because i was very careful with those tiny pieces. however, i must confess, its pretty cool, and my battery is just as normal, or increased. i wasnt able to go a whole day without looking for a receptacle, now i can make it thru the whole day... so it was almost as if something wasnt seated properly, and by taking it apart and back together again reseated it. i read tons of horror stories about the screwdrivers are wrong, the light is dim, the glass case is uneven, etc. i had none of those issues, im happy with the product, and i love the attention when everyone asks about it. i would ONLY recommend this product if u are somewhat familiar with dissassembly of electronics, and if u arent , find someone who is, or u will have a $800 paperweight .
  • So what happened? Did it work for you? Or did your phone go kablooey???
  • are we ever going to hear how it turned out?
  • update?
  • As long as you live in a place that gets lots of snow, cars rust quickly (and therefore require early replacement), houses are cheap (perhaps due to low demand?) and population growth is minimal you'll take a win in several categories...
  • I must say apple had such a good logo. Regards,