3D Multitouch Interface for iTablet and/or iPhone 4.0? Apple Patent Regurgitation!


The Baltimore Sun has regurgitated a recent Apple patent filing for a 3D, multitouch, zooming user interface. So the speculation jumps immediately to iTablet/iSlate and iPhone 4.0? Is this the "surprising interaction method" we'd heard rumored? Or just another in a long list of patents Apple may or may not ever get around to implementing in a real device? Place your bets in the comments!

[Baltimore Sun via Engagdet]

Rene Ritchie

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There are 11 comments. Add yours.

Loz says:

Hmmm, Time Machine / Time Capsule style perhaps? (If you've seen it)

frog says:

Oh wow, I hope that's not what OS 4.0 is going to be!

The Reptile says:

True, not a curved line in that mock up. Wake up guys, it's from a government document. Needs to look cheesy because that's what the bureaucrats ask for. Somehow, if Apple would develop a 3D UI for the iPhone you'd see their typical attention to detail and artistic talent shine through making you question your original comments.

Reptar says:

Well whatever it is the iPhone in that picturel doesn't have good battery life! It's at 40%!

king says:

I think it's the tablet

hOoDnErD says:

Damn i hope they bring some flash to the UI but still keep it classy at the same time, 3D would be nice and very interactive ;)

jules says:

maybe not the tablet/slate but its definately the first time i see the speaker and microphone separated and on the front of the device...

Kristine says:

I would to see this on the iPhone, but it would probably be best suited for the iTablet/iSlate.