8GB iPhone 4 pops up in Brazil

Gizmodo Brazil got their hands on some pictures of the 8GB iPhone 4 at Foxconn's new Brazilian manufacturing plant.

Most of these photos don't look like anything special—just snapshots of a familiar face. But when you get to the last one, a picture of a Foxconn Brazil quality control form, you'll notice something strange: a different model number, N90A. This has already been rumored to represent a cheaper version of the iPhone4.

Apple typically makes a new, lower storage version of the past year's iPhone to keep selling alongside the new one at a US$99 price point. Last year that was the iPhone 3GS. This year, it'll in all likelihood be the iPhone 4.


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Reader comments

8GB iPhone 4 pops up in Brazil


I don't really understand the point of both a new budget iPhone and a last year's model, both alongside a full-fledged upgrade. The iPhone 4 is going to have to be a lot cheaper to manufacture than any brand-new, slightly higher-spec phone, at least until production really ramps up. Does Apple think people wouldnt pay $99 for a 4, 15 months after release? What's the niche between last year's model and an iPhone 5?

If it is believed that Assistant will only run on the upgraded specs, wouldn't it make sense that the 4s is the $99 model. Why continue selling the 4 if it can't even run the new OS to it's full potential.

Well I guess if there is no iPhone 5 then I'm not buying a fning S model just like i didn't when the 3gs came out I waited for the 4 and kept my 3g. So Ill be keeping my $ and my 4 for a while longer, this is really upsetting for waiting 16 months for new iPhone and we are getting a stupid S model. My 4 runs great no issues like brand new and Ill be happy to run iOS 5 on it once a good easy jailbreak is out for it. Guess Ill be saving my money and getting a kindle fire instead. Cant fathom spending 500 on a iPad I just don't have that kind of disposable income to spend on a tablet, I have a macbook and iPhone4 so I guess at the 200 price point the kindle fire has my money now instead of the mythical iPhone 5 we all have been waiting for patiently and impatiently waiting for. Oh well can't wait for the fire to come out now.

Sure, spec bumps don't call for an upgrade. However if you'll notice this is the cheaper version of the last model selling route Apple usually compliments its newer product with. So there's a newer product on the horizen. How it is is to be seen.
It'll mostly be better specs with a small form/screen change. Hardware basically.
Which is what the whole industry no matter the OS is doing. No software innovation.
Apple did so with the first iphone, the form factor was nice too, But hasn't progressed far with it.
Androids really brought nothing wholly new in the innovation side.
Both OSes lack many functions basic phones or old OSes like Palm's Garnet or WM 4 or 5 had and apps. But thats the price of leaving behind clunky things.
WebOS was the last OS to innovate software side and also take a different route in hardware form factor.
Even then the OS needs a refresh.
Point os currently all platforms and manufacterers are heralding the inevitable power increase. iPhone 4 nor the SG II have innovated on the hardware nor software side.
So we have to wait for that.
On a side note, iPhone seriously needs an interface reboot. Big time. As the oldest "new" OS it's tired.

It doesn't make sense to release a iphone 4S and 5 the same year. Its either an iphone 5 with the 4 being dropped to $99 or the iphone 4S with the iphone 4 dropping price. I hope its the iphone 5, it just makes me wonder were did all those cases based on a new design came from.