Aio's new Group Save plan takes on Sprint's Framily Plan discounts

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A few months back saw Sprint introduce their new Framily Plan discounts that allowed customers to see reduced per-line prices for each line added to their account, and now prepaid carrier Aio is firing back with their own version of the concept. They're calling it Group Save, and it could save Aio customers up to $90 when they have five lines on their account.

Aio's Group Save plan requires less math than Sprint's Framily plan, which comes as a great relief to those of use that struggle with simple arithmetic. The Framily plan offers Sprint customers a per-line discount equivalent to $5 off for each line on the account — 4 lines would equal $20 off per line. If you have several lines on your account, it can really add up to significant savings, though the Sprint Framily plan caps off at $30 off per line.

Group Save from Aio is a little more straight forward, offering a discount off the entire monthly charge based on how many lines you've added.

  • 1 line: $0 off
  • 2 lines: $10 off
  • 3 lines: $30 off
  • 4 lines: $60 off
  • 5 lines: $90 off

Existing Aio customers in good standing will be automatically enrolled in the Group Save discounts.

Press release:

Aio Launches ‘Group Save’ Plan on Multiple Lines

Customers can save up to $90 in monthly discounts with new offer

Alpharetta, GA, April 16, 2014 –Aio Wireless announced today a new Group Save discount program for customers who want to combine multiple lines onto one account or add new lines to an existing one. The plan offers discounted monthly charges beginning with the second eligible line added.

“We created Aio to provide affordable options for value-conscious customers. Our new Group Save multi-line discount program is one more way we’re giving customers options to save,” said Andy Smoak, Aio’s AVP, Product Development. “Whether it’s combining several wireless lines of family members, business colleagues or friends, Group Save is delivering discounts our customers deserve.”

Group Save is available for new and existing Aio customers in all Aio markets. Customers in good standing with at least two eligible lines of service on one account will be automatically enrolled to receive Group Save discounts. The first eligible line does not receive a monthly discount; only eligible lines two-five on the same account receive the monthly discount.

Customers can create their own Group Save accounts by combining wireless lines within the same family or grouping friends who want to save collectively on their wireless plans.* Group Save discounts are available on Aio’s $40 and higher plans and customers may combine any mix of qualifying plans on the account. Discounts will increase incrementally with each eligible line on the account beginning with the second eligible line.

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Aio's new Group Save plan takes on Sprint's Framily Plan discounts


I saw this promotion earlier today. It's very smart, as it incentivizes current customers to go out and find more to join. And since you don't have a contract, there is little risk to the account holder should the other lines fail to pay up or need out of the service. It's exciting to see really compelling no-contract plans finally in the US.

I like how more of these prepaid carriers are becoming better options. I have a lot more choices when my contract with Verizon is up, and this using att network provides a little more coverage when compared to tmo

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I recently switched to AIO - I put it off for too long because I was greedily holding onto my (worthless) AT&T unlimited data plan. I haven't noticed any difference in practice (LTE is slower on AIO than AT&T if I fire up the Ookla Speedtest app) and I frequently forget I'm not on AT&T anymore. All in all it's definitely worth the savings ($85/mo. --> $45/mo.) and this promotion definitely has me thinking about cajoling others into using them too (if I can find anyone off contract).