Apple adds iBooks to iPhone 4.0


Midway through the big iPhone 4.0 announcements today and Apple has just introduced iBooks to the iPhone, bringing it up to eBook par with its big iPad brother launched last weekend.

[Image via Gizmodo]

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Reader comments

Apple adds iBooks to iPhone 4.0


There is no shortage of Ebook readers on the iPhone.
Adding one more won't help Apple, and won't help the users.
Shovelware at best.

icebike, yeah, that's why they've already sold 600,000 books in 5 days. It's not just another reader. I work for a large book company and they've got everyone but Amazon looking for answers. Amazon's reader runs on the iPhone and the iPad. It will slow Kindle hardware sales, but won't significantly hurt Kindle book sales.

thats only 2 per user.
And I dont for one minute believe it will be read anywhere. It will be read on any Apple Ecosystem device. Thats not Anywher.