Apple announces over 600,000 iPhone 4 orders, apologizes for problems


Apple announced that more than 600,000 pre-orders were placed yesterday for iPhone 4, while apologizing the problems many customers experienced trying to place orders:

Yesterday Apple and its carrier partners took pre-orders for more than 600,000 of Apple’s new iPhone 4. It was the largest number of pre-orders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions. Many customers were turned away or abandoned the process in frustration. We apologize to everyone who encountered difficulties, and hope that they will try again or visit an Apple or carrier store once the iPhone 4 is in stock.

Suffice it to say if these numbers hold up, Apple might just have another hit on their hands.

[Apple PR</a]

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Reader comments

Apple announces over 600,000 iPhone 4 orders, apologizes for problems


Wow, I though it would be more like 1 million :p I guess it could have been if they didn't have all those errors lol

Why no mention of the white.. I would have liked them to address that, just to say hey.. late summer, or.. don't worry, it will be in stores, we just didn't have enough stock for preorder..

So I went in to best buy in northwest DC this morning and preordered a black 32gb... the guy seemed pretty confident they would have stock on the 24th but he said he couldn't guarantee anything. There were 20 total preorders and he said most were for the 16. I hope there's no crazy bull**** with best buy like problems activating or extra fees. Was this the right move? want now :P

Yeah, I walk into best buy in Beaufort SC and I was able pre order. 600,000 is a crazy number but I'm willing to bet that 75% of that total us made up of pre existing customers.

Now, will they actually A) have 600,000 phones B) in the correct location (home or reserve at store) on 6/24?

I'd be interested to a comparison in the number of days it takes to reach 1 million for all models, 2G, 3G, 3GS, iPad, and 4. 600k in 1 day seems to shatter all the previous sales records.

Dwalls ,
you're just jealous cause you can't get the iPhone 4 kiddo.
AT&T and Apple have an agreement that runs out Dec 31st 2010. So the earliest Verizon could start carrying iPhone is 1/1/11.

I'm also glad to one of the 600,000!!! :-D to the Verizon comment... and you got this information from where exactly? Oh and I think that the white iPhone is being held so that they can do it in phases. You know like everyone who wants a black iPhone 4 get it now so that you don't have both parties racing into the stores and killing others. Lol I think it just keeps the masses down to make it an easier flow on launch day. Just my .02 But about the In the future they should just expect millions lol. iPhone 4 32GB black on June 24th HERE I COME! :-)

I am also waiting for someone to address the white iPhone issue...
Also, how could they have NOT anticipated this many people, considering they made pretty much everyone eligible to upgrade early?

I'm sorry I'm typing this from my 3g now, eat those words in September when they announce it. Thanks!

id stick with att anyways. here in ct att is great and 3g speeds is at least double.

Matt, I hope it works out for you dude, but from everything that's been coming out in terms of backorders and all, I think that sales guy was lieing to you about it being available on 6/24.

Verizon is wack. All hype. I've had VZ in the past and it's garbage. AT&T may not be great due to so many users but I'll take the devil I know.

I've got a buddy that's a JW. He didn't appreciate it when I said the iPhone 4 release is like JW. Just instead of 144k going to the promised land, there's 600k... :)

After this fiasco. I'll never preorder a phone again. I now have two coming because of a computer glitch that resubmitted my order 4 am this morning. I'll get it cancelled or refunded but billion dollar compaines like apple and AT&T should be ashamed of the lack of forsight. Android and verizon's looking pretty good right now.

Re. White iPhone. Do you think people will get upset if you call everyone that's waiting for a white iPhone a Captain Ahab searching for their Moby Dick?

Android and Verizon look good because there are only 10 people buying their products at a time vs 600,000 for Apple and AT&T

Hrm, I guess the filter didn't like the name of the great white whale that Captain Ahab was searching for... It wasn't a bad word in that context... :(

@james.....Doesn't matter. They sold all the pre-order phones they had. The real question is will the stores have any?? It seems they did learn alittle from the 3G mess when it came out. They pre-sold alomost all the inventory they had, and the stores went empty for some time after release. It seems like they alloted so many phones for pre-order and have a reserve for the stores to sell on the 24th. I have seen a few posts about first come first serve on the 24th to buy one in the store. I also saw the story about Apple being able to build 3 million a month, so 600,000 would be 20% of that ability, leaving a lot of phones for release day. That's IF they actually built the 3 million!

Scott, my assumption is that they're building to capacity. Otherwise, why would they have it available through so many new channels (Best Buy, Radio Shack, Walmart). The question is, just how many will there be available 6/24... I think Fed Ex is going to be busy busy busy.

With every iphone on the planet eligible for an upgrade it was a given that the demand would be massive.
There was zero chance that this phone would't be huge financial success for Apple.
For AT&T, perhaps not so much.
I imagine AT&T will see a rather small net gain in customers. Most of these sales are people retiring old paid-off iPhone 3G versions, on which AT&T was pocketing a lot of extra cash.

I'm just praying that my best buy gets at least one ... Since I'm number one on th waiting list there.... Lol I know is selfish ... And Im sorry but I want that phon sooooo bad

I thought i was one of the 600k... turns out I'm not... looks like im waiting in line on the 24th...

@icebike - don't think AT&T isn't banking on this arrangement as well. Each one of these new purchases also means reupping with them for service for 2 more years. The income off those data plans/text plans is massive. Also prevents a lot of current iPhone owners from defecting to another carrier if/when exclusivity ends.

Well, at least Apple is sorry. Now I feel less bad about wasting 20 hours of my life clicking refresh /sarcasm

Wow, everyone talking about pre-ordering on websites and going to Best Buy. I called my order in, granted it was to Premier but I called placed order, called back an hour later to validate the order, found out it did not get placed...reordered and called back to make sure the order went through. Black or white does not
matter to me...

@Bill, Sorry to hear about your issue, you might be able to keep the second and sell it at a profit.

Talking to a friend who works for Apple, no word on any white phones what so ever. Also he said that there will be limited phones for those that didn't preorder.

Anybody know if you can just cancel the pre-order from Apple and wait in line at the store on release day instead of waiting for the July shipments?

@Keith - Look through your email and see if it gives instructions on how to cancel. But if you plan on going to the store, take note they will be servicing the preorder customers mainly and taking first come first serve customers when there is down time.

Keith, I wouldn't cancel until you've got one in your hands. There's no guarantee whatsoever that you'd get one waiting in line on release day.

When you say 600,000 pre orders you're talking about phones that were paid for and being shipped out right? That doesn't include all of the reservations people placed does it?

WOW, the 14th already huh.. man I hope one of my orders works out.. the white through best buy probably isn't.. so, I hope att premier has their stuff together.

I am not surprised with the 14th shipping date... with such a great product and with AT&T changing the upgrade dates to now, it's no wonder it's not the end of July actually.

LOL. July 14 now. Called this at 11am yesterday. Apple creating such a tight supply / hype they will sell a ton of these. Let's see if AT&T honors my order at 5am yesterday (have confirm email). but who knows. If not, will head to Apple store to get my reservation. Unless riots break out.

All the people that ordered white from BB are going to get a call on the 24th to tell them that they can wait for the white one to be released or get a black one that got shipped( MY black one!) and then I'm going to have to wait for their second shipment of black. I can see it now..........

just spoke to someone at Best Buy and they said that if you pre ordered a white phone for June 24 pick up, they will not give a black one as black pre orders are all accounted for. You will just be first in line for when white phones are released.

I can honestly see Best Buy having to tell customers that they made a mistake in taking preorders for white iphones and having to only offer black iphones to customers instead. Just think how big of bad press they would get.

The best buy situation is exactly why I preordered from 2 places.. if they tell me they don't have a white option available.. I'm sure they'll allow me to cancel my preorder no questions asked.


ive said it again and again, steve jobs is an evil genius and we're all gadget obsessed pawns

glad i got my preorder in early in at Bestbuy. I should be getting a call next week so I can pick mine up on the 24th :)

Dwalls could be right... I mean why else would AT&T be letting everyone update for another two years early? Obviously there must be something we don't know, so they're trying to trap more customers for another two years. Not that I care, I'm fine with AT&T.

So after hours of trying I finally got my order through at about 9 pm on Tuesday night, however I still haven't received a confirmation e-mail from Apple. I didn't know the scope of the situation and wouldn't have given up, but I thought I was good to go. Anybody had this problem?

i preordered mine on the 15th (thankfully) at 11am and i will be getting it via delivery. Although im quite sure mine will get here on friday and not thursday.

AT&T confirmed that I'm one of the lucky subscribers to get the iPhone 4 next week. So it turns out that the on-line ordering system created 3 orders for me, but only confirmed one. Now they're trying to flush out the many duplicate orders their system created. AT&T's biggest day of phone sales may dwindle turn out to be just a false positive result of an overloaded system. Is their claim of 600,000 units sold sort of like their claim of the largest 3G footprint in the US?

Any walmart enployees know if they're getting iPhone 4 and when you'd start selling since it's open twenty four 7?