Apple announces iPhone 4: retina display, LED flash, A4, 802.11n, gyroscope, 5 megapixel camera, 720p video

iPhone 4, biggest leap since original iPhone.

iPhone 4

Highlighting the WWDC 2010 keynote today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4, Apple's fourth generation mobile device. After unprecedented leaks, and the now famous yearly anticipation, features are finally announced to include:

  • Front facing camera
  • Dual mics for noise cancelation
  • MicroSIM (to save space)
  • 5 megapixel, 1.75 micron camera + LED flash
  • 720p video at 30fps
  • Stainless steel rings and gaps -- are the antennae (nice!)
  • Thinest smartphone ever
  • Optical quality, scratch-resistant glass
  • Retina display - 960x640 at 3.5" for 326dpi (!!). 800:1 contrast ratio. IPS for wide-angle viewing.
  • Powered by A4 chipset
  • Bigger battery: 7 hrs 3G talk, 6 hrs 3G browsing, 10 hrs Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hrs video, 40 hrs music, 300 hrs standby
  • Still 32GB storage
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi (yes!)
  • Gyroscope

So, what do you think? Getting one?

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There are 66 comments. Add yours.

mitchell says:

I would get it, but i got 3gs

Ky772 says:

I told you so @ all the idiots that kept saying it wasn't real.

Chris says:

1st, sweet deal, im adding a new line to my account to get this baby :)

Brian says:

MicroSIM locks out jailbreakers who want network freedom. So much for getting an unlocked phone on T-Mobile.
Front facing camera is also on HTC EVO (which has a better network) and has been on phones in Europe for ages.
Camera and LED flash? Welcome to 2005, guys.
Watch, they'll price the thing at $299 on AT&T's crippled network with its absurd data caps and people will still line up to buy the thing. LOL

Chris says:

Is there a Camera in the back also :/

dloveprod says:

If I could upgrade now I would.

OmariJames says:

Excellent. Im happy the metal on the outside is the antenna because now we can really see if it's AT&T fault or apple's fault for bad call reception.

zerokul175 says:

hell to the Yessss!!!!!
I wouldnt pass on front camera for video chat and that new processor.. and that sleek new look... sexy!!!!

Sid says:

I heard that you can (if you are very careful) take a regular SIM card and cut it to fit a MicroSIM slot. Not the best option for sure but at least is possible. And you know that T-Mobile will come out with a microSIM option (make the microSIM portion a knock out from the regular SIM card).

Chris says:

and Brian if you dont like it then shut the hell up

just_me#IM says:

You had me at bigger battery

Michael says:

Yep. I've put off upgrading anything knowing this was my big purchase for the year. I'm ordering the moment I can.

Tallbruva says:

Need to see more before passing judgment. Lot of things already exist on other (read: Android) devices: front facing camera(EVO), noise cancellation(Nexus-One), camera w/LED flash(EVO, Nexus-One, Incredible, etc).
HOWEVER, that battery life is nothing to sneeze at. Nobody is giving you a full-screen display with those numbers.
Retina display also look like something that might be a game changer. Look forward to hearing what else is coming.

dloveprod says:

I'm want it more and more with every announcement, my 3gs is starting to look like the step child that I still love but it's not the same.

Michael Denney says:

@MintOreo: I told you so @ all the idiots that kept saying it wasn’t real.
I'm so right there with you on this one.

Michael Denney says:

One question - when is it going to be available for pre-order.

icebike says:

Front facing Cam.!!
The only thing of interest here. Just in time for the AT&T 3G caps!

Brian says:
Brian if you dont like it then shut the hell up<<

How about "no," Scotty?

Analog Spirit says:

I knew it! It's the iPhone 4 (not 4G, nor HD); I've been saying for weeks that they should just call it the iPhone 4, since it's the 4th generation of the device... Anyway, I really like what I'm seeing thus far... but AT&T is simply not an option for me. If I can get it to work on T-Mobile somehow (by unlocking it and using a cut-down SIM card), then I just might get one.

JimmyD#IM says:

Still only 32G? I'll wait til G5.

BrianTufo says:

I CAN'T wait to buy this phone! I have been waiting for a while now and I'm so glad it finally arrived! Now when does it come out??

Brian says:

Actually, it is 4G too. It has a built-in LTE radio.

Christian says:

Wasn't too excited, now I'm hoping that AT&T sends me an option to upgrade earlier!!!!!!! Otherwise I'll just pay the real price haha

csan says:

i think i am going to wait and see what people are saying about signal i have the EVO now but i have absolutely noooooo problem selling it if at&t's network is better as far as the iphone..........(please be better please better i wanntt youuu 4G)

Brian says:

4G isn't launching on AT&T until next year (at the earliest).

Rick says:

I'll be getting 2! Once available in Canada.

Mike says:

Any mention of the RAM in this thing? 512? 256??

jake044 says:

Chris: "and Brian if you dont like then shut the hell up."
Wow. You sound so mature and intelligent. I wish I was as cool as you. Stupid fanboy. Post something useful.
I like it. But, I'd buy something better, faster, and already has had those features on it, plus some. i.e.: Evo & Incredible.

visi says:

Pfffff Evo 1 Iphone 0. What is your problem apple?

Leroy says:

It does not have an lte antenna built into it...but I'm definitely buying one on launch day. Time to sell the 3gs

OptimisticMF says:

Does anyone know if this thing has an FM radio? It's a small thing, but I'd still like to know.
Other than that, I'm pretty happy with this phone, even compared to the Evo. I need to upgrade my 3G and while I really covet the HTC handset (that screen!), I'm not convinced of Sprint's network coverage (in 4G or 3G). Also, I really like what I see from Android, but Apple has done a stellar job of delivering a stable environment where everything "just works". I'm all for customization and jailbreaking and competition, but I've got a busy life and anything more than an hour spent figuring out how to use my phone is time that I'll never get back.
Regardless which phone I end up getting, this is one great device. Long live competition!

Mr Nelson says:

It's nice looking very Apple looking. That thing is sexy, and I love the display specs. However.I knew Apple wouldnt wow me. My evo matches and beats this on some things hand and foot. Only benefit I see is the design and apples app store. I thought Apple would at least match evo? Did they mention the iphones processor speed?

Lagmefragme says:

I'm asking the same question as @Mike above... no mention of the amount of RAM on that thing... just the storage of 16GB and 32GB. Bah.

Johnnyreb says:

iPhone 4. Simple and dynamic. Heard that before. Oh yeah, that is what I said it should be called.

TosaDeac says:

Wonder if that kid that "found" the model will get his bonus check now that it has been officially announced?

Shelly says:

Since AT&T is changing their data plans and offering tethering, you can change your plan to include tethering and thusly select your new data plan. By doing so you have to sign a NEW 2 year contract, enabling you to pick up this beauty at the discounted price (rather than paying retail). And if you don't really need tethering just change your plan after picking up the iPhone 4.
Easy Peasy.

hittrj01 says:

@ Mr Nelson,
They said it was an A4 processor, which is the same processor in the iPad. If I remember correctly, that processor is a 1Ghz ARM-based chip developed in-house, so not only does it have the same clock speed as the snapdragon, it is integrated much more tightly into the overall system (hardware/software) that I would almost guarantee performance to be unmatched.

OmariJames says:

No. It's still 32GB and I'm not even eligable until next year.

deadp1xel says:

I can't wait to get this phone. I will be the first dude in line at the chicago apple store.

Nick says:

@ Mr Nelson. iPhone 3GS processor is 600 MHz with 256 MB RAM, while iPhone 4 processor is 1 GHz with 512 MB RAM.

Arti says:

First off, 32GB storage is just standard on all competitors, this one needed 64GB to really shine and have enough space for the video recordings etc. 64GB flash cards have been available since December of last year, Apple didn't want to cut into their profit margins by giving us the expensive 64GB cards.
Second, the forward camera is only for use with other iPhones! They are again trying to control what you do with annoying restrictions, why on earth can't you use this to Skype over WiFi?? So stupid.
Skipping this year's iPhone 4, let's hope the next one has decent storage, if by then Android doesn't completely eclipse Apple and their overly restrictive control obsession.

spaded says:

bye bye free storm 2....hello new iphone.

brownat89 says:

@ Arti,
they definitely said that the camera was open to all applications so it's very possible, if Skype so pleases, that they might incorporate video calling into their app.

Barry says:

Okay guys, I may be educating a few of you guys when I say this, but pay attention. Apple is ONE sheltered company. Google, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Dell, Sony and MANY others whom all make Android phones and devices are going to speed right by this bad apple. There are 50 plus Android phones and devices in the world market starting from a cheap entry level to the most advanced mobile device to date. Apple may have gotten a little head start on this race, but it seems that they are running out of gas. Google TV, Google Music, General Motors in-car Android system, ect... are all coming around the corner. So spit out that sour apple seed and join what will be come the revolution of mobile technology. "The Google Revolution!" Did I mention that Apple sucks. Well, it does.

jimmy t says:

meh, thats it? android phones keep getting faster and better features every month. iphone 4 has to last for a year and i can only imagine how amazing the android phones are gonna be at that point.
iphone 4 is gimped.

Hmacc says:

@ Barry,
you are a morron!!
Get off this iPhone site, google fan boy!

Dan says:

wow will the droid fan boys just go away?
the comments on here are quite inaccurate and annoying at that

Taco50 says:

It's funny when people come to to bash the iPhone. If you don't like it why are you on this website?

Nelson says:

I've used the Droid, Evo, and Iphone, yes the iPhone has least best hardware but even though, it's still really good and I have yet to find a phone that can replace my 3GS. Specially after a jailbreak. Android does seem like it's beating apple though

Jimmy says:

Bye T-mobile hello At&T..... Hope this iphone doesn't Disappoint. I guess anything is better than t-mobile right?

ddg874 says:

Funny how android fans' comments about apple get louder and louder everytime they see a very good apple product. They get offended and get so critical. It is not personal, guys. It is just a very hot product that do not need discounts or specials like "buy one, get one's".

brownat89 says:

OK lets think for a second. Yes, Android has more phone coming out every month than Apple has in a year. Yet, if this is so, how come Apple has a 28% market share in the US market while android has only 9%? Well, seeing as how Android phones seem to be popping up every other day, they keep bettering themselves and, HTC especially, seem to be competing with their own brands of phone!
Thus, I believe that Apple has found a great cycle which is reliable and doesn't make people question whether they should get the iPhone 4 or wait to see what Apple does next, because we know nothing will be released until next June/July rather than next month or next week.

allen says:

dude no offense to iphone lovers!!! (i have a 3GS too) but i agree with some of the users!!! i had a nokia n95 and then before this going back to 2005 nokia introduced the 3G network with video calling in it. This feature has been used in some backward countries (by backwards i mean countries actually getting worse instead of advancing) since then. 2nd Flash was also introduced in the same phone in 2005 and i am talking about the legendary 6680. Believe me i have had video calls over wifi with msn messenger on the nokia n-90 somewhere around n95 brought the HD recordings with 5 megapixel camera then with all theses features and an open network to all. they never played the monopoly with a single carrier. Finally nokia phone originally r unlocked and have an unrestricted firmware which could be said to be better than a jail broken iphone. with this said, iphone 2G was awful when it was launched way after nokia n-95 was launched. 2G with edge??????? dude what was apple thinking. the only thing that no phone can beat is the apples touch!!!! once u use an apples touch screen nothing feels better!!!!
i will be in line for the iphone 4. not because its amazing or it has amazing features but it has that touch screen with all those antique features it has that what we say:Steve job's touch...

unixvrules says:

Ok, first, disclosure -- I have an iphone 3GS. With that said, listening to Apple and Steve, it's like listening to my Italian Grandfather who said that all beautiful things only come from Italy. If you listened to him long enough, you'd be convinced. They definitely have the corner on spin. I'm not an Apple fan-boi, but after years of swapping phone for better phone for better phone (I've had "smartphones" for 7+ years), I'd settled in on the iphone mostly because of the things it does PLUS the things that it does that Steve doesn't want it to do :-)
Shortcomings -- a lot of polish (almost too much) takes them too long to push things out (Android, not enough polish). And, of course, crippled with the network its on (but I do love voice + data of GSM).
It's the golden age of technology, folks. Don't fight it, go with it. Technology ZEN!

johncblandii says:

I'm on an iPhone 3G and highly anticipated this iPhone release. 3Gs was exciting and I wanted it purely for the video and improved camera but I refrained, due to not subsidized pricing for only being w/ AT&T for 1 year (understandable). After 2 years of the iPhone and the lack luster feature updates, I officially decided today to go Android. Sprint has approved me for a few lines and myself, an employee, and my nephew will be decked out with Android here shortly.
My problem is really in the slow response to needs. Copy/paste came with an excuse ("security" concerns; PFFT!). Multitasking had to be figured out so it was done right (PFFFFFFFT!).
Apple makes amazing products and I will continue to buy some. I just don't feel the iPhone is servicing my needs any longer so I'm going to try a new system. It won't be easy, fun or enjoyable at first. I'll miss the iPhone, I think, but I'm sure I'll highly enjoy using Flash, fully customizing my phone, and having free reign to install my desired apps.
We'll see how it goes but bye for now iPhone.

Crawdaddct says:

Why would you buy this when you can get a iPad. All the fun has been taken out of the iPhone. All I need is a phone for phone calls.

Ferrigno says:

@ Crawdadct.... is like saying " why would you buy a lexus when you can get a scooter"....or " come one dude !!!!! you should know better that that...

monk says:

The new phone looks like it's been designed by a bunch of engineers with no feel for the rounder, softer design that differentiated their earlier versions from the competitors' phones. It's square and steely, in a word-boring, not appealing to ladies, no matter how many more specs it has improved.

Neo says:

I'll just get the EVO! NOT!!!!!!!!!! The iPhone 4 is sick.... I'm going to pre order it right away!!!

OmariJames says:

At first I didn't want the 4 but after getting the 3G and now the 3GS I think im gonna wait till the following iPhone has a major upgrade. it would make a lot of sense that apple allowed the API for the front camera for 3rd party apps like Skype for example. I hope we dont have to wait until 5.0 for that API -__-

Terrell says:


Travis says:

iPhone 4: This changes barely Anything. Raise your hand if you're growing weary of Apple releasing a predictable phone... I for one am not a fan. Now understand, I have a completely level judgment for all of the devices that are released upon the market today, I just don't see Apple upping the ante like they originally did with the iPhone 3G. The only impressive feature in my opinion is FaceTime, which is disappointingly only usable over a Wi-Fi network... Is it just me, or are Android OS-based phones just looking way more interesting?

ronnie robinson says:

Travis I STRONGLY Agree... Iphone 4g matter a fact APPLE as a company BOOOORINGGGG Android steps up the Ante every month with upddates and new fones.... i just kant wait to see wat android does next!!

Matilda Timas says:

It’s arduous to find knowledgeable folks on this matter, but you sound like you recognize what you’re speaking about! Thanks

Chanell Rooke says:

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