Apple announces the new iPhone 5c

At today's iPhone event in Cupertino, Apple has made the iPhone 5c official. The press conference is still in full swing, but the much rumored plastic backed iPhone is real. And, from a first look, it looks pretty much as we've expected it to following weeks of leaked information.

The 5c is a unibody plastic design round the back and sides. Plastic wise we're looking at a hard-coated polycarbonate. Hardware wise the iPhone 5c maintains the current 4-inch Retina Display, is powered by an A6 chip and has an 8MP iSight camera on the back. Round the front there's a FaceTime HD camera.

The iPhone 5c will also support LTE, specifically more LTE bands than "any other smartphone in the world." Cost in blue, white, green, yellow and pink will be $99 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB on a 2-year contract.

Who wants one?

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Reader comments

Apple announces the new iPhone 5c


wow. I hate all those colors. It's like an old navy capri pants commercial. I'm more a black, gunmetal, silver, matte black kinda guy. But i'd have thought they'd have gone something other than pastel. But there will probably after market backs to replace those with .

Considering that recent Nokia flagships support *all* available LTE bands, 5C cannot possibly support more.

Sorry to say that but I don't regret my move to the Lumia 925... Sadly, is the first time I'm not excited about an iPhone press conference.. Still have my iPhone5 but Lumia as become my fav.
Waiting for a (possibly) WOW next year... Oh, and still big Apple fan, not a troll.

It could make for a less fragile phone, which is always welcome. The Colours look strong and the case colour seems to be reflected on the desktop (a bit like some Nokia Windows Phones). I rather like that, it looks friendly and reminds me of the smiling face on the first Macs.

I think that the current iPod Touch looks much classier than the iPhone 5C, yet the iPod retails for less than half the price of an equivalent 5C.
I had been saying here many times before, that Apple should produce a budget phone that was based on the iPod Touch.
I will never forget a post here at iMore earlier this year, when a poster said that Apple was not in the business of making products for "lower class buyers". With the iPhone 5C starting at £469 here in the UK, only marginally less than the price of an iPhone 5, I don't think that many "lower class buyers" will be buying anyway.

And that puts to rest all comments about "plasticky" phones from other manufacturers.

What bothers me is that a 32GB iPhone 5c costs the same as a 16Gb iPhone 5s. That will be a tough decision for some. For a plastic phone I think there should be no overlap in pricing. 16 Gb of memory does not cost that much.

I HATE THE NEW COLOR DESIGN. REALLY? Apple. Come on. You could have just made a simple black/white ones. If Apple had to go for the colorful theme, they could have gone with the iPod touch 5th gen design. This iPhone 5C has a typical made-in-China look. Disappointed.

have you held one yet? from engadget, to the verge, and everyone in between, everyone has said that the 5C does not feel or look like a cheap phone in person.

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