Apple announces silicon cases specifically made for iPhone 5C, will be available for $29

Apple announces silicon cases specifically made for iPhone 5c, will be available for $29

Along with the announcement of the iPhone 5c, Apple has also announced a special line of cases made specifically for them. Made of a silicon rubber, they are made to compliment and accent whatever color iPhone 5c you have. They'll be priced at $29 each.

The cases have holes in the back of them so it can still show of the underlying color of the iPhone 5c. What do you guys think? Like them or think they look a little cheap? I'm curious as to whether or not they'll stretch out over time like typical silicon-rubber blend cases do.

Source: The Verge

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jake044 says:

Wow! $29 for a $3 case! What a deal!

lbaxter says:

Oh come on now! That case is at least worth $4!

GlennRuss says:

I think all small apple accessories start at $29.00. Why are they stuck on that figure? Way too much.

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Tyson Fulton says:

Because Apple is very proud of everything they make.

Paradocks says:

Because Apple needs to maintain those insanely high profit margins.

jake044 says:

They want to have the illusion of it being cheaper because it's under $30.

nyc_rock says:

Wait, let me get this straight. This case is made specifically for the Iphone 5C? Specficially for only the 5C???? Imagine that, a case specifically designed to fit a phone.

Apple, you've done it again!!!

Sean Peters1 says:

"Silicon rubber"? You mean "silicone", right? Silicon rubber seems like it would be kind of, I don't know, hard.

Chris Summers2 says:

Over priced, kinda cool looking, People will line up to buy just because Apple made it for the C.

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FLskydiver says:

Apple is supposed to have this amazing eye for detail, but how on earth did no one notice the the ugly plastic cases they made for the 5C with all those holes obscure the "iPhone" logo on the back and make it so all you can see is "hon". Why not a cutout, or else completely cover the logo? What they did just looks sloppy as fuck.

FLskydiver says:

Just noticed the still above shows they edited out the iPhone label on the back of the phone during the keynote -- but they haven't yet on the web site.