Expect white iPhone 4 when you see it...

White iPhone 4

Getting tired of white iPhone 4 rumors yet? How about white iPhone 4 rumors from analysts? No? Well then AppleInsider is reporting on comments from a securities analyst who claims Apple will begin ramping up production of the white iPhone 4 for a possible release in early April.

Apple is expected to begin production of its long-awaited iPhone 4 sometime this month, with shipments no later than early April, according to one analyst's checks.

Since analysts are historically about as accurate as a coin toss, take this with a huge grain of salt and expect the white iPhone only when you see it go up for sale on Apple.com or at Apple retail. Or just toss a coin of your own and tell us when you think we'll see the white iPhone!

Any readers out there think we'll be seeing the White iPhone 4 in April, or should we just throw this one into the never-ending pile of white iPhone 4 rumors? Let us know in the comments below!


Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

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There are 20 comments. Add yours.

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

My girlfriend is gonna see her white iPhone 4 next week when she gets it converted for 130 bucks. Lol whoooo!!!

newser says:

iphone 5 is three months away. makes not sense to make white 4's now. give the people yet another reason to upgrade to 5.

Schrutefarms says:

It makes perfect sense to apple... Push product... Before new product comes out. The iPhone 5 will have features to make people buy it again.

Crunch says:

Wow. An iPhone 4 in white ??? Hopefully there won't be any delays

johncblandii says:

Too late. Let it go. iPhone 5 is too close [as @newser mentioned].
They should include Flash just cuz they blew it so bad w/ this.

BBCurve9300 says:

iPhone 4 in white? Yea and the tooth fairy is real

dloveprod says:

I knew it, that's why the dentist wouldn't let me keep my two teeth they pulled last week.

Pinny says:

Did you imply that analysts are right 50% of the time? I think it's ALOT less than that when it comes to technology...

felface says:

@crunch lol,andrew your right i am completely sick and tired of white iphone release dates there is only a couple of months left till iphone 5 so until you can go to an apple store ask for a white iphone and then purchase it take it home activate it etc. then i won't beleive it till i see it apple will either announce two colours of iphone 5 or none at all this is strict beleif!!

webvex says:

The iPhone 4 is hardly over, come this summer. They're still selling the 3GS now. I think a white version of the 4 would help it continue selling after the 5 comes out, so it still makes sense for Apple.

Freedom5 says:

iPhone 5 is only gonna come in white and it's gonna be a 4" screen

Glenn#IM says:

Remember how many predictions on the Verizon phone? Yes it finally happened, so I would just give up on predicting the white iPhone until it is a reality. Remember, "We may be last, but we get it right."(later than sooner for sure)

ren says:

White iPhone will be the $99 version when iPhone 5 comes out.

ren says:

That's the white iPhone 4 for $99.

Josh says:

The only thing I want to hear about now is the iPhone 5

Jez says:

Ah a White iPhone 4 ????? That'll be the one surrounded by unicorns at the end of the rainbow.

Jay Mobile says:

White iPhone 4 Wow all i have to say is...
WHO CARES!!! Its the same phone in a different color. Even if you get the phone most people will cover it up in a case anyway and no one will no what color it really is. I have a white iPhone 3Gs and guess what it works just like the Black one. I have the otter box (white) so even if it were yellow no one would know.

Peter says:

What is so special about a white iPhone put a case on it

OmariJames says:

no one really cares anymore ( not about positing about it , but about the white phone it self ). If it came out when the iPhone 4 came for verizon then it would of been a big deal ... iPhone 5 is around the corner.

Christian says:

Will anyone really even care when they debut it? Yes, the people who think nothing of how cyclical Apple works and will be utterly pissed when iPhone 5 debuts a few months later. Sad really. Lol