Expect white iPhone 4 when you see it...

White iPhone 4

Getting tired of white iPhone 4 rumors yet? How about white iPhone 4 rumors from analysts? No? Well then AppleInsider is reporting on comments from a securities analyst who claims Apple will begin ramping up production of the white iPhone 4 for a possible release in early April.

Apple is expected to begin production of its long-awaited iPhone 4 sometime this month, with shipments no later than early April, according to one analyst's checks.

Since analysts are historically about as accurate as a coin toss, take this with a huge grain of salt and expect the white iPhone only when you see it go up for sale on Apple.com or at Apple retail. Or just toss a coin of your own and tell us when you think we'll see the white iPhone!

Any readers out there think we'll be seeing the White iPhone 4 in April, or should we just throw this one into the never-ending pile of white iPhone 4 rumors? Let us know in the comments below!


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Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

Expect white iPhone 4 when you see it...


iphone 5 is three months away. makes not sense to make white 4's now. give the people yet another reason to upgrade to 5.

It makes perfect sense to apple... Push product... Before new product comes out. The iPhone 5 will have features to make people buy it again.

Too late. Let it go. iPhone 5 is too close [as @newser mentioned].
They should include Flash just cuz they blew it so bad w/ this.

Did you imply that analysts are right 50% of the time? I think it's ALOT less than that when it comes to technology...

@crunch lol,andrew your right i am completely sick and tired of white iphone release dates there is only a couple of months left till iphone 5 so until you can go to an apple store ask for a white iphone and then purchase it take it home activate it etc. then i won't beleive it till i see it apple will either announce two colours of iphone 5 or none at all this is strict beleif!!

The iPhone 4 is hardly over, come this summer. They're still selling the 3GS now. I think a white version of the 4 would help it continue selling after the 5 comes out, so it still makes sense for Apple.

Remember how many predictions on the Verizon phone? Yes it finally happened, so I would just give up on predicting the white iPhone until it is a reality. Remember, "We may be last, but we get it right."(later than sooner for sure)

Ah a White iPhone 4 ????? That'll be the one surrounded by unicorns at the end of the rainbow.

White iPhone 4 Wow all i have to say is...
WHO CARES!!! Its the same phone in a different color. Even if you get the phone most people will cover it up in a case anyway and no one will no what color it really is. I have a white iPhone 3Gs and guess what it works just like the Black one. I have the otter box (white) so even if it were yellow no one would know.

no one really cares anymore ( not about positing about it , but about the white phone it self ). If it came out when the iPhone 4 came for verizon then it would of been a big deal ... iPhone 5 is around the corner.

Will anyone really even care when they debut it? Yes, the people who think nothing of how cyclical Apple works and will be utterly pissed when iPhone 5 debuts a few months later. Sad really. Lol