Apple iPhone 4 press conference meta-live blog

Will Steve Jobs be at the Apple iPhone 4 press conference tomorrow? If so, what will he say? We can't wait to find out either. If you're planning on following along, we invite you to join us for all the coverage, color, and commentary you've come to expect from TiPb.

We'll kick things off with live chat around 12:30pm ET, 9:30am PT, 5:30pm BST. Be there.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Apple iPhone 4 press conference meta-live blog


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I've noticed that the tipb readers are often referred to as "Dildo Boys" on other Forums. Why is that?

Do some people not get Apple's World Clock app included on their iPhones? Why are these time zone translations always requested every time there's a live blog?
Use your damn Clock app. :roll:

At least for those of us who have waited this long for the white phone.. We can almost be 100% certain that a hardware fix will take place by the time the white iPhone4 goes on sale.
Even if the white phones have already been made, I can see them going back and patching up the antenna issue before more 'defective' phones go on sale.

Screw the Streak, try putting that in your pants pocket. Is that a Streak or are you just happy to see me!

iPhone 4 is a huge disappointment you can have it. It's all about having the biggest screen in my world and it will fit just fine in my pants being 6'4 230 thanks.

I'm thinking that the iPhone 4 White might be something talked about today. I am pretty sure Apple wouldn't host a special conference just to announce free bumpers, to me that's a little over the edge and unrealistic and a waste of time. It has to be bigger than that and no one has talked about the White iPhone 4 for many weeks.

If they announce that the white iPhone will have a hardware fix ... all that will do is send all black phones back returned within their 30 window. There is no way that Jobs is going to announce the White one will have a different hardware configuration!

I have had none of the problems you guys are talking about. No drop calls and I make about 30 a day. No death grip. I feel sorry for the one's that do. But hey.

How come no one at the Press Conf has asked yet whether or not the new white iPhone 4 will have hardware modifications. Also, the reason why nobody on stage is using a case is because those are company phones, they didn't have to buy them with their own money, and even if they did, they make way more than the average Joe to worry about damaging the phone.

This was a complete waste. To sum it up, Apple thinks there is no issue, but offers free bumpers. Gah what a let down.

Is it just me, or could the reason that "return rate" is so low, is because a number of people are sitting on the fence, waiting to see what Apple was going to do, before their 30 days were up. What's the Return Rate going to look like at the 30 day mark????

@Kevin - exactly! I agree with you. And also that doesn't include all those people who already had their iPhone4's replaced 2-3 times. When I was picking up mine, someone at the Genius bar was getting his 3rd replacement.

Thanks for saving face Jobs..youve made my decision easy..My phones going back next week and the bumper that doesnt 100% fix your Fup is going back..Trying to blame all smartphones as having the same issue? you horses ass..i wont buy another apple product after this whole debacle..Explain to me why my old Att store is seeing record returns since this mess started? the assistant manager there is returning i4's like crazy..

Hmm still on the fence here but a free bumper aint gonna cut it i think ill check out that new dell phone and if i like it return my 4 sorry apple u guys dropped the ball here huge time and ill bet people who were iffy about buyin one definitly wont buy it now apple made 400 million on day one and they wanna throw me a bumper LOL i love the look of the phone i dont wanna cover it up

And another thing. Such a small percentage of calls to support to complain. Uhhh, let's see. It's a known issue to users (most). It's been reported by most new agencies and cell phone websites. Yet, you stay silent on it for 3+ weeks, refuse to acknowledge it, and won't do anything about it until now. Why am I going to wait 1-2 hours on hold to tell you something you already know, but refuse to admit to? Apparently, it's all our fault for not calling them, and telling them millions of times over and over about the issue. Since we didn't do that, it must be a smaller number, and therefore, not really an issue!
Seriously, why are these "reporters" in the crowd not asking "these" type of questions???????

@Kevin: my thoughts exactly. My guess those reporters were mostly fanboys. Plus there were only like 5 questions. Jobs took super long to answer each one.

To anyone using a Dell streak as a cellphone I laugh. Hahaha. That thing is huge!! Why would anyone want to carry that bulky thing around lol.

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