Apple releases iTunes 9.2 -- now iOS 4, iPhone 4 ready

iTunes 9.2

Apple has released iTunes 9.2 for Mac and Windows, which will be required for installing the upcoming iOS 4 update, and syncing iPhone 4. Previously released in beta for the Mac at WWDC 2010, new features include:

iTunes 9.2 comes with several new features and improvements, including:

  • Sync with iPhone 4 to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on-the-go
  • Sync and read books with iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 and iBooks 1.1
  • Organize and sync PDF documents as books. Read PDFs with iBooks 1.1 on iPad and any iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4
  • Organize your apps on your iOS 4 home screens into folders using iTunes
  • Faster back-ups while syncing an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4
  • Album artwork improvements make artwork appear more quickly when exploring your library

  • For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

Hit up Apple's Software Update to grab it, and let us know how it works for you.

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Apple releases iTunes 9.2 -- now iOS 4, iPhone 4 ready


My heart missed a beat while reading "Apple released iOS4", I thought they released iOS4 early... Can't wait to install it on my 3gs!

Seems Apple has fixed the syncing issue with Windows 7 and the p55 chipset...well for now I am not having an issues. For the past week Every time I plugged my phone in to sync I got asked to restore from backup or start a new iPhone. Thank God that message is gone...for now at least.
If you read this, I posted a question in the iOS 4 walk through, its on the last page of comments. Think you can read and reply there.

I had already applied iOS4 on a friends mac and can now sync with 9.2 on windows.. before it would say something along the lines of download iTunes 9.2 to recognize this device.

Keep in mind that if you have the WWDC iTunes 9.2 build, software update thinks you're up to date. This is not the case. You must manually update your version to the latest build. Maybe Apple will fix it later. The WWDC build is 9.2f1 (4x) and the final build is 9.2 (61)

Yes, try it Willthetech, I want to know. I found the link to the download but I don't want to try. I also have a Dev account but its not a paid account, I can only download the older SDK tools to use...I am not paying 100 bucks for SDK when I don't even have an Apple computer of any kind to build applications on.

PDF doesn't sync with ios 4 iPhone unless you have iBooks but noone know how to get it on iPhone so it's useless !!
Send iBooks !!!!

A bunch of ppl got the GM going on Windows after the itunes upgrade. Wondering if they'll be any issues upgrading to the official build coming out on Monday or are they the same? :/

Carolinamic if you're jailbroken, I'd hold off on downloading it. However, if you're all stock, I'd download itunes 9.2 today or tomorrow. It's something like 120 megs. You try downloading that at the same time everyone's getting their new phone, you're begging for problems.

Thanks for the title change, now people can go back to thinking if they will get a phone next Thursday or not.

yup it works with windows.. im assuming you will need your udid registered still to use it though.. but i updated with windows and everything works fine..

I'm debating doing it Ben... :) Unfortunately I have a 3G, so I won't get the multitasking (the thing I really want to play with).

I upgraded to iTunes 9.2 for Windows on a Spirit Jailbroken phone (IOS 3.1.3), no problems so far... It didn't revert the OS or anything so far..

Ben, ok, my urge to load GM 4.0 is lessening now... :) I've got to look around more and see how people are working with it when I get home.

I want to as well, I just don't want a brick for a phone.... I just got my iTunes to actually stop asking me to start a new iPhone each time I plug it in.

Install went smooth. Thanks for the heads up Rene. And to all the people giving TiPb and Rene a hard time, lighten up a little the staff here works their ass off so that we can have the best iPhone and IOS site on the web.

Thank you Apple! Was waiting for 9.2 so I could upgrade to iOS 4 on my Win7 PC. Downloaded iPhone2,14.08A293 and upgraded my unjailbroken 3GS seamlessly.

It's ok about the Title, false alarm...but don't get mad, this are good news. iTunes 9.2?...Yeah!, only install it, browse for the iOS 4 GM edition firmware on google, download it and install it to any iDevice already without the official firmware realeassed!!. Yeah! you can be iOS 4 already.
Note: You can't jailbreak the iOS 4 GM edition firmware if you're not an iDev.

So genius how Apple released iOS 4!... Devs -> Informed Mac users -> Informed PC users -> General public. What a perfect ladder.

For windoze folks - update iTunes to 9.2, get iOS 4GM, shift-restore.
For the record, I have a dev license. I tried it on my win7 box today to confirm.

Anyone have problems so far? I usually wait a day or two before updating since there are sometimes little things here and there.

I have downloaded iTunes 9.2 and also (iPhone2,14.08A293_Restore.ipsw). I then synced/backed up my iPhone 3GS. When I hold the shift key and click the restore it does not give me an option to browse to the 4.0 restore file. It starts the iPhone OS 3.1.3 Software Update. What am I doing wrong?

Hey Menkoto I did the update on my 3G and it worked for me, this is what I did:
I synced the iPhone FIRST before I updated to iTunes 9.2 then I installed 9.2 then I pluged my iPhone Back in and Held down the shift key and hit restore button and the window pop up and clicked on the iOS 4 and it ran through the update with no prob,

so i updated my iTunes and noticed that the pic of the iPhone is different when you connect it. it has the look of the iOS4...

Darkknight, thanks for the quick reply. So do you think I should uninstall 9.2 and reinstall 9.1. Then sync, unplug, install 9.2, shift+restore? Does it give you the option to browse for the file? Also did you download the iPhone2,14.08A293_Restore.ipsw file previous to this process?

Anyone else having an issue with longer backup times after 9.2? My iPhone backup is taking forever in comparison to pre 9.2.

Menkoto, no, it doesn't need to be jailbroken. Essentially you are force loading the update from a file with the shift/restore process. When you do shift/restore, it will pop up a file browser window for you to go to where the file is. I'm assuming you are using Windows, don't know the process for the Macs.

I am using windows. Here is the process I am using. In iTunes I select my iPhone then on the summary tab I hold down my shift key and click the restore button underneath the update button. Is that correct? Sorry for the stupid questions.

I must be doing something wrong. I am wondering if it is my version of Windows 7 (64bit). When I hold the shift key down and click restore I first get the "Are you sure you want to restore to factory settings" message. I then choose restore from that message. Then it gives the message "Contacting the iPhone update server. Then it pops up the iPhone Software Update window. At the top of the info it says "iPhone OS 3.1.3 Software Update". I can click Next but I am not sure if that is going to just update it to the same 3.1.3 already on the iPhone.

Nope, that's not what should be happening. That message is what you get if you aren't hitting the Shift button. Which shift button are you hitting? Both of them work for me, but maybe something different happens with Win7 64 bit (I'm in WinXP).

Same here. Windows 7 64-bit. Shift, Alt, Ctrl, or any combination thereof gives the ability to manually select a file to restore from. I'm new to iTunes/iPhone, so maybe I'm doing something wrong. Didn't really seem that hard, so I have a feeling that they have removed that function from the released version, or have changed how we trigger it.
Any help would be appreciated.

Meant to say "DOES NOT" give the ability.
@James, I did try both sets of Shift, Ctrl, Alt, in all combinations, no luck.

Downloaded 9.2 after install, iTunes would not open error files missing. Did a repair, and ok now. Windows xp. First time I had an iTunes problem.

Hrm, Zim2323, Menkoto, a google seems to be indicating that it is something with Win7 64 and iTunes where it isn't working. So it isn't that you are doing something wrong there. The solution I am seeing is to put the phone into DFU mode, then you can do the shift restore in iTunes. I don't have Win7, so I can't test that though.

@James Yeah, I've been googling but I've only found this site referencing the problem so far. What others did you find?

Yup, definately holding the shift key. It must be something with the Windows 7 64bit. I have a couple of extra hard drives, so I may install XP 32bit and Windows 7 32bit. I will probably do this tomorrow morning. If anyone has Win7 64bit and is getting anything different from me I would definately appreciate the info. Thanks in advance everyone!!!

Well, I've got both XP and Mac OSX 10.6.4 w/iTunes 9.2 VM's running. I'd just have to install iTunes in a temporary XP snapshot to just get it updated.
If I authorize the VM (Mac), upgrade, and then deauthorize the VM, do I permanently lose a PC I can authorize with?

Has anyone tried the suggestion by James, putting the iPhone in DFU mode and restoring that under Win7 64bit?

It was a jailbreak site, gotta find it again. I don't know if I would use that method though unless you're familiar with the process. Too worrying.
Another one running it on Vista said you needed to set iTunes to Administrator privilege (right click iTunes, properties, compatibility, privilege level, adminstrator). See if that (or running it as a previous version of windows) helps.

I couldn't even do the 9.2 update for IE7. It downloaded and the when installing failed prematurely saying this is not digitally signed so it won't be installed. Then in another time another message said error installing try going to tools and doing the update manually. Went to start menu, found system tools but know nothing about where the updating manually is. Big failure 1st time for me with an update for iTunes.

Tried running in XP SP3 Mode and/or forcing Administrator (although I enabled Administrator and login solely as the "root" admin). Neither worked.
I'm heading to bed. I'll check back here tomorrow.

Looks like it is working.Set iTunes to Administrator privilege (right click iTunes, properties, compatibility, privilege level, adminstrator) It is re-syncing right now. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP!!

@JT - No... its the GM Seed, I am sure that there were just a few bugs to work out. Monday's push of iOS 4 will be the full version. I am reading that there are a few bugs here and there. I was going to place this os on my phone bug decided to wait on the real thing.

Ok cool. Since this method seems to be a restore from backup kinda thing, I assume I'll need to re-sync everything after the upgrade? Is this how the actual update will be? Can't we just upgrade to 4.0 with everything as is?

I don't recall having to re-sync everything when updating to 3.1.3 from 3.1.2 :S. Or maybe I can't remember :/

Thanks for the quick replies! Did you cave in and update? Btw, you said some had theirs bricked. Have the source?

No problem on the replies, I stay up 24/7 and have no life! JK. I didn't care in, I did download from some site I googled but I am about to delete it. By bricked I mean they didn't have a developers account now its stuck on the apple screen, or some other screen.
I have waited a year, I can wait a few more days. Seeing how not many apps are updated why even bother.

Well doing a backup will just bring everything back to normal won't it? Cave in man!! Come monday, the servers are gonna be overloaded since the iTouch group will be on it as well.

Yeah, Monday is going to be like 2.0 release I'm sure...I don't really need iOS 4 until its all official and all the bugs are suppose to be gone.

iTunes 9.2 with iOS4 is MUCH MUCH faster doing the backup of my phone. OMG it is night and day...thank you Apple for finally fixing this!!!

Menkoto, good to hear it. Didn't seem to work for zim2323 though. I broke out a Win7 64 bit computer and had no issues with Shift Restore on the admin account (or the standard account). So I don't know that the issue really is Win7. It's probably something funky in the security...

I don't recall a resync of the files on the phone after a firmware flash either. But I'm trying to get a successful backup run just in case. Taking hours with 9.2... :(

JT, well, all you need to do is shift + restore in iTunes when the iPhone is connected. If you get a file browser type window you are fine. If it ask if you want to do anything else, you might be in trouble.

I just finished. Everything went smooth but backing up took forever! I still didn't sync my music and vids.

Well, after a freaking horribly long backup, got my stock 3G loaded with iOS4 GM without issue. It popped up a screen saying it was activated, and asked to restore from the backup (so it does do a restore of the files this time around). I'm assuming it wiped everything. The backup took 3+ hours... No clue how long the restore's going to take.

Restore took about 12 minutes, then when it came back up, there was almost nothing on the iPhone (wtf was the restore for then? Looks like photos and "other"), and iTunes then resynced music/apps. I'd put aside a couple hours just for the install (after backup) if you want to load iOS4 on your 3G/3Gs.

BTW, this was for a 16GB 3G that had 15GB filled. Might go faster if you remove some of the mp3's/apps/pictures first.

I sucsessfully installed iOS 4.0 GM on my iPhone 3G now with iTunes 9.2 through windows! And restoring and sync went really smooth! Awesomeness!

I know the final realese comes on monday but i wanted to install and see for myself if it would work!

Did anybody try and install 9.2 or 9.2 Beta on a Mac with OS X 10.4.11? I have that still installed on my eMac and seen in the Beta version that 10.5.something was the system requirement, then when I went to iTunes to see about the 9.2 official will run on 10.4.11. Also has anybody done the iOS 4 GM with iTunes 9.2 on 10.4.11 and will it update?
Another quick question, I seen the system requirements for iPhone 4 10.5.8 Does that mean it I won't be able to do anything on my 10.4.11 OS?

Don't know if it is iOS4 or what, but the backup is much faster under iTunes 9.2 than the previous OS on my iPhone 3g...

Yeah, the restore only restored the phone's settings. e.g. Usage, wi-fi locations, vpn, etc.
I thought the restore process includes retrieving all the apps as well, but I guess it's separated and needs to be synced.

Even tho I won't be able to get the new iphone right away, I can't wait to use some apps with the new multitasking features.

3.5 hours and counting, still restoring etc, what the hell is going on? I up-dated my iMac to OS 10.6.4 AND my iTunes to 9.2 and decided to up-date to 4.0 and the time it is taking is ridiculous. Anyone else on MAC having slow times?

Can't say for the Mac, but the restore was pretty fast on the PC. Of course, it didn't really restore anything... It still had to sync all my media up again. That took a while for 15 gigs.

Hi James, the apple logo is still on my iPhone and the installation bar only about 60% and on my MAC itself, the 'restoring iPhone software is stuck on about 98%!!!!

It sorta sucks, the multi-tasking, since anything that requires a connection simply doesn't "multi-task". e.g IM apps

Yoicks John. That sucks. I think I'd just let it go for a few more hours though.
JT, I think the apps need to be programmed for the multitasking too, so we're not going to see anything right now.

So far, the most noticeable thing affecting me for iOS4. The list of podcasts scrolls much faster. I've got a ton of different podcasts on my 3G, and it stuttered and "stuck" and didn't scroll smoothly on the last few firmwares. That seems to be fixed now. Still stutters a very small amount, but the scrolling is much faster. It was very annoying before.
The list seems a bit more consistent now too. It's broken up alphabetically by the podcast name (so A, B, C, etc). In the previous firmware, it would sometimes display that way, and sometimes just give a straight list (it was inconsistent).
Not seeing much else changed in the music/podcast area.

Holding shift while clicking update/restore doesn't seem to work for me either. Using Win7 Pro 32-bit. Tried running itunes as administrator with no luck. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

I recall blogs say that can't integrate the multi-tasking into apps like IM etc...

I loaded up my Mac OSX 10.6.4 virtual machine with iTunes 9.2 and installed the update. Was able to do a direct update from the file. Not sure why it's not working for me directly in Windows. Ah well, it worked flawlessly. The update took less then 15 minutes total with 15gb of data on my 32gb 3GS. I got my preorder done in-store at 10am on Tuesday, so I'll be ready for the 4G come next week. Can't wait.
Oh, and for those of you with IM worries, take a look at IM+. It keeps IM clients online for up to 7 days (paid version, 2 hours on free). I've got 2 MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ, MySpace, Facebook, Jabber, GoogleTalk, and Skype accounts all connected. It pushes notifications for incoming messages and can even be configured for pushing those to email. Anyways, check it out. For $10, can't beat it.
Thanks again for everyone's help!

just did a software update, though it installed itunes 9.02, updated my iphone 3g, and now it does not recognize the sim, as its now emergency calls only. added to this it seems to have wiped any recent sync updates. even worse the safari update causes the screen to flash, and cannot type anything into google window, or even the browser window... help this is serious!

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