Apple releases statement on white iPhone 4 delay

white iPhone 4 delays

On the cusp of iPhone 4's official rollout tomorrow, Apple has issued a statement about why the white model, introduced alongside the black by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2010, hasn't yet been made available to order:

White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected, and as a result they will not be available until the second half of July. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.

So, anyone going to wait for white?

[Apple PR]

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Reader comments

Apple releases statement on white iPhone 4 delay


Well, if we order the black now it won't ship until July 15 so even if was was going to let my Unicorn iPhone dream go, I still wouldn't get it until mid July.
On a side note: I called the local Wal-Mart earlier today and the guy told me they have two iPhone 4's, both 32GB and white. Guess we won't know until tomorrow if that is true or not.

Yep I can't wait hopefully they will stick to the scheduleand have it by that time frame because I WAN getting my iP4 August 1..... I'll just cross my fingers ;)

If I don't get an iPhone 4 tomorrow....then I'm just going to wait a couple of weeks until the white one...on a side note...I did too call a local walmart and they told me they only got 5 in stock...that sucks...guess I gotta wake up super early

I absolutely will be waiting. I've had white 3G and 3GS and since I have iOS4 on my 3GS I don't mind holding off on the iPhone 4. Plus that will give Apple time to work out any manufacturing "issues" they may (or may not) be having.

I will be waiting ready for my local Apple store to open bright and early at 7 AM local time. Bring on my 16GB black iPhone!

If my AT&T order will not come in tomorrow then I will cancel it and wait for white to come in
my order still says processing from the 17th

If I were to make an educated guess, I would say the delay has something to do with a worldwide shortage of Titanium Dioxide which is used as a white pigment in everything from paint opto LCD screens. It's probably also used in the manufacture of white iPhone as well.

im def waiting for the white one, what i dont understand is that Apple saids its difficult to make? i jsut watched walt mossberg review on it and he was using a white one, so whats the deal with that?

I definitely will wait for the white iPhone. Apple says 2nd half of July, well I'll be on vacation for the first half of july so I'll be too busy having fun to even think about the white iPhone, and I gotta make some money to buy the thing too, so I'll be pretty busy. But yes, I definitely am gonna get the white! I just installed iOS 4 and I'm pretty happy with the new OS! This should tide me over till i get my new WHITE iPhone 4!! WooHoo!!

i would like to wait for the white one... but remember that july 31 ist is part of the 2nd half of july... until apple gives an exact date i wont hold my breath...

Um, nope. I'm getting black tomorrow. Then again, I'd be getting black even if white was an option. I just prefer the black.

My Best Buy recieved a couple white iphones I'm told.. but they won't be selling them.. they did offer me a black instead, and allowed me to jump the line a little to an early appointment.

At least we all knew from the 3G/S that "black don't crack"! And THIS IS WHY! just always wanted to use that phrase but i dont mean to sound racist lmao

I really really want to wait but I can't, so black 32gig here I come 2morr, if for what ever reason I did not get a black 2morr then yah I will wait.. Hopefully it's more like 7/16/10 and not 7/31/10 that the white comes out

I don't care what apple said they always try to mislead u until they can have there announcement. I believe since apple won't allow branding on their iPhone they will use color to identify the network. White iPhone 4 is going to another carrier.

talked to apple store employee yesterday about the white and he said as long as its 30 days within purchase.. u can exchange your black for white!

saw this on the macrumor and apple site this morning :(
I am thinking a few leaked in and the majority will be shipped later in July

The only way I'd ever consider white is if the front was black (like the small MacBooks). And even then, I'd prefer black.

Best Buy called me and I'm picking my black one up at the store tomorrow at 11:30. I'm so psyched. I wanted white, but at this point,any color will do.

how is white harder to make than black? it's the same thing just a different color. I smell a lie.

Yes cause the black one won't match my car, room, wardrobe and everything else white looks good with!

you can see fingerprints more on black then white
black dulls over time..
black looks neon eighties with the bumpers
black phones are harder to find in my handbag
black already has 600,000 sold in America alone.
I guess if my last six cell phones weren't white (five of them were another brand) i would consider black..but whites my color :p

I am with Ren. The white iphone will be released to another carrier. The white phone will identify the carrier and people will know just by looking at the phone what carrier to get it from. --->

The white will not be released to another carrier.
This would have been a huge announcement made by Apple long before the release of the product to capitalize on a new customerbase (Verizon).
Also Apple's exclusivity agreement with AT&T doesn't end until 2012.

I think I'm going to just order the black one on the 29th and hopefully the white one will come out 30 days after so I can return it. I can't wait any longer.

Yep. Waiting for 32Gb white. Hoping they announce a 64Gb version in September when they'll (probably) announce new iPod touches, then I'll get a 64Gb White.
It'll probably late July/August by the time the iPhone 4 lands here in Australia anyway...


I'm still undecided. But that smells like it's going to be delayed again and again until the end of august so since we didn't get any real dates and since apple is not really beeing realistic when they say stuff like that you can't trust a release in july...
But then again, I'll be using the phone for a year and I would really prefer the white model. So what's one month of waiting...

Wish I read this before I went to the mac store. Luckily their employees are informed of this as well so I didn't even get in line.