Apple sells 1.7 million iPhone 4

Apple has announced that from launch through Saturday, June 26 they've sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s.

“This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Even so, we apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply.”

1.7 million with ordering problems, not enough stock to meet demand for many who showed up without a reservation, almost no advertising yet from Apple, and a launch restricted to just a handful of countries.


[Apple PR]

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Reader comments

Apple sells 1.7 million iPhone 4


Wow .. That is a insane amount .... .. Thats magical.. lol
I wonder how many they could have sold if they didnt run out?? 2.5 million ? more ? I dunno ??

Pisses me off. I have to wait longer. I need a phone like this week. If they sell out again, I'm forced to go with verizon. And they're phones suck bigtime.

Buy a cheap prepaid phone until you can get one. And no one is forcing you to go to verizon.

I would hardly call it restricted to a 'handful' of countries. Apple is selling it in less countries than the iPhone 3GS launch, but more carriers. The U.S. is the only stupid country that has the iPhone on only 1 carrier. In the UK alone it sold on 3 carriers. O2, Vodafone, and Orange... A lot of people think this is 1.7 million sales in the United States which is totally wrong.
Now that that is all cleared up. Wow 1.7 million! That is so many.

Steve: Not sure why you're referring to the U.S. as stupid because it's only one 1 carrier, when in reality Apple is the one who signed the contract with AT&T to be the only carrier.

I'm still curious about the sold out thing. I know in San Antonio. I went at 8:30pm on launch day and they were dwindling down the reserved line. Myself and approx 80 other non reserved were able to get one. The clerk said they had mote than enough?

@iphone4gplanet: Only the regulators in the US would ALLOW Apple and AT+T to get away with an exclusivity agreement like that.
And if you think about it, can I get a Droid and put it on AT+T or T-mobile? Can I get a Palm Pre and put it on T-mobile?
You can't even buy an unlocked iPhone in the US. In other countries they are forced to, in order to properly preserve choice and competition.
I'm loving my iPhone, but I'd love it even more if I could chose the carrier.

In reference to the iphone4 won't beat iPad sales. iPad sold 3million phones in 80 days. iPhone4 sold 1.7million in a two day span. I'm no math major but sounds like iPhone continues to be apples pride and joy.

Murdoc, Good point. iPhone is Apple pride and joy. Now what i was trying to prove is that the total of quiantity of the iPhone 4 sold wont keep up with the iPad sales because of the exclusivity with att in the US. After 80 days iphone 4 wont still wont have 3mil

I love my iPhone 4 but I also miss my 3GS because of jailbreak. They need to come up with jb ASAP!!!

To all my fellow Americans and iPhone users. The iPhone isn't just the pride and joy of apple it is honestly the best market our belovide country has to offer. It is single handedly the best product our country has. So let's hope this will inspire other US manufactures to step the game up because I hate this weak economy.

Um... I'd like to call BS on this one, how is it they sold 1.7 million when they only had 600,000 for launch day and sold out on the day you could pre-order? The iPhone 4 was released in United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan so far, that's 600,000 for 5 countries?. So where did they get the other 1.1 million? Are they counting iPhones that that were pre-ordered as well? So in 2 days they managed to get out another 1.1 million iPhones? I doubt this claim, how long did it take them to produce 600,000? And how many of them are screwed up and defective. If they did make an additional 1.1 million magically appear in 2 days, I wonder how many of those are defective. And 1.7 million isn't a lot when you take into account that the world has 6 billion people in it.

Here in Tokyo I am on a waiting list for iphone 4.Sold out quick. Whats interesting is to visit the flagship Softbank (Japan iphone carrier)stores and see mega ipad/iphone 4 posters on the outside.
Gives you the impression that they only sell Apple products. Many of the Japanese handsets sold here are fine but most follow a G
General Motors cookie cutter design. It's new but the same syndrome.Want a free cup holder?
Here is an old article about iphone production.

@stevegreenlake: Whatever phone I have doesn't matter. I want to know how someone can claim that they sold 1.7 million phones when they only had 600,000 for launch and pushed back other any new orders to July. There's a 1.1 million inconsistency here.

the 600,000 that you are referring to were preorders only... not reserved... they had a lot more phones but did not count them as sales until the customers actual came and bought them... which once they did and the sale was final the number came to 1.7 million

Apple has very very loyal customers. Very, very impressive in this economy. Blackberry, Google, Palm etc. "should" be very concerned. Especially Blackberry - as more businesses consider the iPhone for enterprise. 1.7 million in 3 days...

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