Apple currently shipping backordered iPhone 4s

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Good news for those of you who were not lucky enough to land a new iPhone 4 on the June 24th launch date, according to reports in our forums Apple is shipping the second batch as you are reading this.

Apple originally promised the second batch would arrive on July 15th but it seems some lucky folks are getting their new devices a bit earlier. Has your shipping status changed yet?

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Apple currently shipping backordered iPhone 4s


Well, I "pre" ordered from my local radioshack at 7 am the 15th, was "promised" phone on launch day, well it's now been two weeks and I STILL don't have my "promised" phone, but they still have my $50, last time I EVER deal with radioshack for ANYTHING

Ordered a 32 and a 16 from AT&T store on 7-3 and the 32 shows to be on the truck for delivery today, and the 16 still says backordered on AT&T's website.

I ordered mine the day after preorders started. Just got an email notification from Apple that mine is estimated to arrive by July 15!

just got mine a few days ago and i couldn't be happier. no reception issues yet, and in fact I seem to be receiving better reception at my low reception house location than my 3GS

Drives me nuts (proximity problems) only time it work appropriately is when it's locked to portrait orientation. Other wise it reorientates when it's not suppose to; or it doesn't at all when it's suppose to.

Ordered my phone on June 16th from Apple & it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. So excited as this is replacing a BB. Can't wait.

so does the iphone have to go to AT&T first before they ship to my house, or should it be coming straight to my house?

Called the local Apple store and they reserved me one and said I should hear inside a week. Also AT&T store said they may have tomorrow or Monday.

You people are STILL waiting to get your phones?? Why in the world would you order them??? I have had mine since the 29th. Walked into my ATT store and walked out 10 minutes later with my phone. So, the people that pre-order have to wait LONGER than me?? That's funny right there. And sad. They have been available in stores for over a week. And ya'll are still waiting. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Ordered my 32GB on release day, 6/24. It shipped 7/6 (this past Tuesday). Supposed to arrive by next Tuesday. Present status is Int'l Shipment Release in Anchorage.

@scott (not Scott, but scott), some people dont have time or want to wait in a line or even go to a store. I ordered mine and happily waiting. No rush at all actually.

I just got an email saying its sent to the FedEx office. Tracking it. Said I should have it by July 13th, instead of July 15th which they said initially. We will see! Hope I get it by this weekend!

@Damien bEnoit Dont make fun of me for putting a capital S in instead of a lowercase s in Scott. C'mon man dont be a mean person like scott

Ordered 16g phone on 7/2 in an ATT store. Said it would be 7-10 business days till it is in my hands, it is still on backorder though. Not that I really believe them when they say that, but the sales person assured me like three times... I'm still not getting my hopes up for anything... Anybody else order on the second? Is yours backordered still?

@Geno...why so long? did it ship today? If it shipped today I thought it was supposed to be overnight delivery??? When did you order it?

I finally could get my pre order in through the Apple Store App around 8:30pm on June 17 because at that time, both Apple and AT&T weren't taking anymore orders as servers were down... So I received an email the other day notifying me my iP4 has shipped and would deliver by tomorrow the 9th by 4:30.
I can't wait for it.

Ordered a 16 on 7/3 in Wilmington de store. Still
says backordered. They told me 3-7 days. Let's see...

The two phones I ordered (32gb for me and 16gb for my girlfriend) are both on their way but its too little too late for me at this point. Between the numerous problems I had ordering the phones (my first pre-order was cancelled two days before release with no explanation), the problems many have had with the phones once they received them (too many to list), and the problems my area has had with AT&T's service as of late I've decided I'm switching carriers. I still think the iPhone, when made properly, is the best smartphone for me, but I'll make do with an Android on Verizon until Apple decided to release a non-defective phone on a more reliable network. With all that said, here's hoping that those who are now getting their phones don't experience any problems and enjoy them.

I simply walked into my local AT&T store the other day and the had some iPhone 4s in stock it was awesome lol

The difference in dates is that some people are ordering direct from Apple and other people are getting it form AT&T. Apple making people wait until mid July. AT&T telling people 7-10 business days since June 28.

I just don't buy it. Come on, you gave up before you got the phones? Give me a break. At least unbox before you cry about it. Secondly, most of the country has AT&T service that is fine. Even if it not fine, you still have to use a lame imitation on a network that is old and and dying tech. AT&T is doing much better recently so I would give it a chance before you return the 4's.

sold 3gs on ebay for $408 on launch day awaited paypal transfer and preorder at apple store on 6/29 said 3wks and as of this morning says will ship in 7/21 and should receive by 7/26. using an old treo swapped sims. let me tell you no ip4 problems could rival the 25 seconds it takes to load a web site with blazer on a treo 680 from 2007 :)

@ Chris, I would like to look into this for you - can you please reply with which store this occurred at, as well as your last name so I can follow up with the district office? Thank you.

Mine says July 13th for del. But it's now at a fed ex location about 80mi from me. I'm thinking it will be here sooner

Went into the AT&T store yesterday to order my phone since no one in the Memphis area has any. Lady at AT&T said should be here in 2-3 weeks and said if you order from Apple now that you won't receive your phone until the end of August.

Ordered from AT&T on July 5th. Order status still shows back ordered. I was told 3-4 weeks before shipment. Can't wait though!

Our order status just changed today at some point. The wife placed the order for our phones through AT&T, and she received a message about the order. Can't wait for them to come in.

Ordered my iPhone July 9th. I was told I'd have it within 7 days if not less with many of them being sent directly to the store sometimes within 2-4 days. I guess it just depends.

Ordered my iPhone 4g from AT&T on the 6th of July. Still says back order(16b). I walked into apple and was put on a waiting list on the 29th of June, still waiting.

Ordered my iPhone at an AT&T Store in Oswego, IL on July 7th at approximately 8:30 pm. Guy said between 7-10 business days but he has seen them come in as less than 3-4 days. No email/phone call yet from the store about my phone. Anyone have any ideas about when I should hope to get it? A bunch of people are saying AT&T will receive shipment on July 14?

@bbq i ordered mine the same exact date and time weird. I haven't got a call or email and its been 7 days. Got same time estimate too but my phone is still on back order o i don t think ill be getting it shipped today!

I ordered my phone June 8th, here in Fayetteville, GA. I've been looking on the at&t website everyday for the past 3 days and my order status still hasn't changed! It just says (in process, backorder) It's been one full week (7days mine you, 6 if you don't count Sunday) and i'm still waiting...Hopefully, i'll get it before the end of the month!!!

I also ordered my iPhone 4 on the 8th, in San Francisco - Bay Area of California. Still on backorder. Really starting to get impatient, I hope BPQ 3rd post above mine is right, I really hope they get more tonight!

ordered mine from AT&T on 7/6 and no change in the status, still shows to be on backorder, it's very frustrating.

Ordered mine on 7/7 in the virgin Islands was told 8-10 days just like everyone else but i really dont expect it before the end of the month.

received an email saying that my phone has been shipped and should be delivered on 7/19. The rep was accurate with the estimated time of wait which is 8-10 days.

Yeah I ordered my iPhone July 8th, and I'm still waiting for it. Just yesterday it went off Backorder. Does this mean I'm going to get mine soon? This definitely took longer than the expected 7-10 days. They shouldn't get our hopes up...

ordeed July 10th. got an e-mail yesterday saying it will be sent in 7 to 14 days from order date but it still says backordered on AT&T order status

Order my Iphone on July 12,2010. Was told 3 to 5 days. Here it is July 21,2010 and NO iphone 4..I went to the store several times (4) not one sell rep would tell me anything other then "it's not in". Called our local at&t store for 3 days NO ONE would answer the phone. So I went to the store AGAIN(phone ringing off the hook, not one sell rep went to answer the calls) So I decide to call the store while standing in the store, no answer.. So when someone did becide to walk over to me and ask if I need help. I let them know I also try to call with no answer. Plus i held the phone up to let them know I was calling right at the moment and they choose not to answer. ( only myself and one other customer in store) They got mad and said they didnt have my phone check back some other time. So my husband call the at&t info number and they told us it was on back order and I would get an email to let me know when it's coming in. My husband told the lady about the local store and she said she would check into it.

I ordered IP4 32GB on July 5, 2010. They told me the IP4's are back ordered and had no idea when it would arrive. Received a call from ATT store today telling me to pick up phone. Called back 1 minute later to tell me they only shipped IP4 8GB's so my order was shipped wrong. Back in the que and back order. They could not give me an anticipated arrival date. 17 days and waiting, unfortunately I ordered the IP4 because my Samsung Blackjack 2 crashed beyond repair.

I had ordered mine from an At&t store on 7/14. They told me it would arrive for pickup in 7-10 days. I just looked at the status and it's back ordered. Today is day 10 in the 7-10 wait. i have no idea when it will arrive. I had called and told them what had happened, they have no idea when it will show up. Why then, would they lie to us about it's "supposed" arrival date???

When they say 7-10 days they mean business days, so dont include saturday and sunday, I ordered mine july 16th and havent recieved mine yet.... You would think they would manufacter these phones with enough to be able to suppy them because although they have sold 4 million since june 24th, this just upsets people who seem to wait wait and wait!!!!!!

You know somethin, this this ridiculous these people deserve their Iphone 4!!! They did their part and paid the money apple needs to get on the ball and do theres. And I bet half or MOST of these people were told they were gonna get it within 7-14 business days which is a lie im not sure if the AT&T rep that sold it to them including me just wanted to make their store total or some extra commission. You cannot lie to society promising them something and not having your word to back it up!! That does not make AT&T look good at all Im not gonna exclude myself to make me any better than these people with their long dates EVERYONE SHOULD GET THEIR IPHONE IN THE TIME THEY WERE TOLD! DONT TELL A CUSTOMER 7-14 business days and it ends up being 25 Im just sayin.

Definitely ridiculous when you have to wait for a phone!! I just don't like the fact that they ask for the money up-front instead of paying when you actually get the phone.

Not yet, still waiting.......... but i called at&t and they said should be shipped out no later than friday....Originally the rep told me 3-5 business day when trying to sell me the phone...