Apple now sold out of iPhone 4 as well? New orders (sometimes) pushed back to July 2

iPhone 4 orders pushed back to July 2

We tried to end the day, we really did, but the July 2 shipping date now being presented by Apple Online Store for iPhone 4 yanked us back up off the floor. We heard before AT&T was out of launch-day stock, could Apple be as well?

Looks that way, but sometimes when we refresh the site it's going back to June 24. Right now it's at July 2 again. Maybe they're having trouble coming to terms with it?

Either way, we're already trying to imagine the massive sales number Apple's post pre-order iPhone press release will read. (Can we call it an even applezillion sold?)

If you're still trying to order, let us know what date you're getting.

[Thanks Jeff for the tip!]

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Apple now sold out of iPhone 4 as well? New orders (sometimes) pushed back to July 2


Went through the entire order process, entire time it said June 24th, after paying though the ship date went to July 2nd, not happy. Woulda just rather stood in line, wtf.

just saw that as well. my order went through, sort of, about an hour ago. i was able to get to place your order but never got verification it went through. the odd thing is that my shopping cart is now empty but i can not access the order status to find out if it went through or not. i get an error message that they are having technical difficulty. my credit card has been charged $1 few hours before it went through. Again they can not tell me if that means that an order is coming through or apple was just verifying my credit card information. it has been a heck of a day. will see tomorrow.

I placed my order, when I first started, it said ships by june 24th. When I got to the total screen it said ships July 2nd. Very disappointing. BUt I don't want to risk not getting one at all.
Though, I must add, I am VERY peeved there is no white! Damn it. Worst iPhone buing experience ever.

so does this mean on launch day it wont be first come first serve or is this for the home delivery iPhones?

Apple is getting freaking rich man! The iPad got them plenty but now the iPhone! Dang!! Hey, Apple, could I have like at least 1% of your daily income?? Only like 3 million dollars!(Made that up btw :P)

What a joke both Apple and AT&T can't keep their web sites up and to run out on top of that? What kind of inventory control is that. Apple should have known.

Wait, just thought of something, maybe Apple isnt allowing White so that some people wont get one when every one does, so that the stampede at Apple stores are less lethal

I decided to give it one last try after getting bumped out at every attempt today throughout the day...and it finally worked! EXCEPT it had a ship date of July 2nd which could mean it wouldn't arrive until the 5th or 6th since it is a holiday weekend. They did give me the option to reserve it for pick up at the Apple Store. I guess I'll have to brave the crowds to pick up the phone I reserved at the Apple Store earlier today. Overall I think this whole day has been RIDICULOUS!

"tosadeac" just do wat im gonna do , wait till afternoon then go pick up phone, no lines , not bad atleast

Just ordered. Said June 24th till checkout then said ships July 2. Delivery July 6-8th!! WTF!! I'm so pissed. I've been trying to order since 3am!! I'm a loyal customer and they screwed me. Wonder if I can cancel order and just wait in line on the 24th. This is sooo messed up!!

For what its worth, I bought the 3GS last year a few days after the pre order date and at the time the ship date was for a week after the launch date, yet I received it on the launch date.

Kind of happy I decided to wait on my iPhone 4... I really wanted to preeorder it but financial situation doesnt allow me to have one until later... The upside to this being I guess I don't have to worry weather or not I am going to get mine the day it comes out... Can't believe how fast preorders went to the July 2nd date

Justin may be right with his "White conspiracy theory". I am indeed not trying to order today because I'm holding out for white. My 3G is white and so will my 4 be. I held out 3 months when buying my car to get it in white, eventually going so far as to have it shipped from 2 states away, so I believe I can hold out a month for a white iPhone. ;-)

I got screwed too. Started trying to order @ 5 AM pacific time. No luck getting through until about an hour ago. When I began pre order process it said ships June 24th but after checkout said ships July 2nd deliver July 6 to 8th. What BS is that. Fortunately I reserved one for pickup on the 24th earlier in the day. I will cancel pre order in the morning.

I think that it's a stunt to get more hype going about the phone. I can't see how with the servers being down so much that they really sold out. Remember that it was a issue like this when the 3g came out.

As soon as I clicked the final click I got a server not responding message, so I don't know who received my credit card info, but it wasn't AT&T.

It looks like apple is no longer doing in store reservations. It's now saying "first come first serve"

It said it would be delivered on the 24th the entire time and then on my confirmation page it said it would be delivered July 6-8th. I would have rather waited in line on the 24th.

I'm waiting to try it on the store and compare it to my 3G...(or maybe win the TiPb contest)...but I want a white one and I'll have to wait anyway.

You guys are all still bloody lucky, especially since it was only announced a short time ago. With the huge demand it will mean iphone4 won't get to our country until late August and that's if we are lucky!. Hell we still havnt got the ipad yet!!!

To all the people blaming Apple, it's not their fault AT&T's servers were down all day!!!! D@mn, I'm glad I took the easy way out and just reserved mine for pick up. It'll be the one day of the whole year I won't mind getting up at 4am and driving down to the Apple store to wait in line. Totally worth it in the end!

Any predictions out there for how many iphone 4s are going to be sold opening weekend??? Im guessing a new record for iphones, 4 to 5 million at least.

wondering whats going to happen to mine I pre ordered it at the AT&T store today they told me June 24 shipping date but hopefully after reading all these comments mine didnt get screwed over to July

After trying since 4am, I finally got to the end screen and got a confirmation number at 9pm. June 24 delivery date. But...STILL NO confirmation email! I am nervous. I wonder if its real or not....

Apple as in fact stopped preorders due after 7pm on launch day all preorders and phones left over will be first come, first serve. Most Apple associates will only do preorders through out the whole day and after 7pm will take other customers.

You know what's funny is that they probably have more on pre order than any other one phone has sold.

I got my email 2 hours after I ordered at 3am CST this morning, but I was able to just click a few times and my order was done. Now the question is how many cases/bumpers will Apple have for each store...probably not enough.

I'm wondering if people had an experience like mine. I was on the apple website reserving an iPhone 4 to be picked up at the store. My initial attempt ended with a screen that said, "See You At The Store". It didn't ask for my name but it did ask for my cell number and all that to verify eligibility and just said to bring an ID. Well something was fishy to me about that so I did it again. On the second attempt it asked for my cell and all that again but THIS time it asked for my Apple iTunes account info and then had a few extra screens. At the end it had an actual confirmation that I reserved an iPhone 4 for pickup at the store. I'm wondering if the first one actually went through or not and if I actually reserved 2. Also wondering how many others did the same thing?? This could be misleading the inventory bc I only need one. Hmmmm.....

i ordered mine on apples site and it was the 24th the whole time. its been about 90 minutes and no confirmation i am worried

Well i started at 530 this morning. I finally got thru at 8pm. My confermation email says the 24th however the bumper says 25-29. This will probably be the last iPhone I get. This has been a horrible experience.

I had been trying since 6am central time and all through the day. So when I got out of work at 4pm i rushed to apple store and there, what i had been trying for hrs... a rep got done in 3 minute. He asked me for my current iphone, installed the apple store app, and pre order my new iphone 4 for in-store pick-up, on the 24th. I also got an e-mail saying that it will be reserved until the end of the day on the 24th, does this mean i can walk in to the apple store after work and expect to have my iphone waiting for me?

I can't help but wonder why everyone is pissed... take into consideration that everyone all at once was trying to order at once... we only have three different things to blame... Apple and AT&T for not having a better action plan to prevent this and ourselves. I am picking mine up at the store, and I know its going to be some long day but it happens. I will continue to upgrade every year no matter how bad the experience is.

@Nuffsaid90 - Yes, that is what it means. There is no "in between the lines" there. I am sure you might have a small wait, but its part of it.

I finally got my order to go through tonight around 8pm EST but haven't gotten a confirmation email. Yet, they HAVE charged my credit card!

@Ben - thanks for the reply, reason i was asking is because last year AT&T sold the iphone 3gs I had pre-order and said i had till noon to pick it up, anyone who didn't, their iphone where sold, first come first serve. didn't get my 3gs till the next day

Apple will only service most of the days customers for preorders and take first come first serve people when there is down time (which will not be alot of) and seeing that Apple has promised all preorder store picks that their phones will be available until the end of business....first come first serve customers will probably be waiting until the next day. Who knows at this point, I am waiting to hear more details from a friend who is a store manager for an Apple store. I am in the southern part of the US and I will be at Apple at 3am to stand in line, I want to be done with it as quickly as possible, and then back to bed!

I completed my order on the Apple site and printed the confirmation receipt which said delivers on the 24th. Hours later I get an email saying it will not be shipped until July 2nd.... I really hope the media rips on Apple for having such poor service today, without even so much as a press release notifying people of a problem. Definitely will rethink my next Apple purchase.

It's hard to believe there can be this much frenzy over having a piece of tech hardware and precisely on the day it launches. I will own an iPhone 4 fairly soon but I am not frantically scratching and clawing to be one of the first to get one. We would be a much better planet if we applied even half this level of enthusiasm towards helping someone in need or getting a good education, etc. Our priorities are questionable, IMO. Anyone else think this is silly?

I am sure if he is picking it up at the store, its only a reserve, I didn't see an option to pay for the phone and pick it up at the store, only saw to pay for it and have it shipped to your location of choice.

Still no confirmation email! ?????
Ordered in AT&T Store at lunch (Paper and Pen).
The AT&T guy that took my wrote down my order earlier, called about 4:00PM CST with an "Order ID Number" confirming that my order was now in the system.
After work, I stopped by the AT&T Store and picked up a paper receipt that was about 3 feet long.
To check Order Status the receipt says go to:
No Luck! With Order Number or Cell Number
"OS001: We're sorry but the information you entered was not recognized by our systems."
Now I am fricking out!

did anybody try best buy? I walked right in with my brother and we were the only people in the mobile phone section, paid 50 bucks to reserve the phone and well be able to pick it up on the 24th. I'd suggest that to you lot!

@Lance - I would be too honestly, especially seeing when I clicked that url you typed into your comment didn't even bring up a webpage for me. I would go into AT&T tomorrow and ask to speak to a manager just to make sure that your order is placed.

Well, just go in and speak with a manager tomorrow, and when they look it up, ask to see the screen and explain it.

(Updated Repost, had bad URL)
Still no confirmation email! ?????
Ordered in AT&T Store at lunch (Paper and Pen).
The AT&T guy that took my wrote down my order earlier, called about 4:00PM CST with an “Order ID Number” confirming that my order was now in the system.
After work, I stopped by the AT&T Store and picked up a paper receipt that was about 3 feet long.
To check Order Status the receipt says go to:
But it does not really tell me anything.
Status: In Progress

Are you picking it up in the store, or did you tell him to have it shipped to your location of choice? I am sure if an AT&T rep called you back with information and you returned to the store and got some kind of paper work, you will get the device you ordered. The question is, are you picking it up or having it mailed?

@Dyvim - The question is have you received your conformation email and if so did your shipping dates change?

@Lance - Did you pay for it up front or only pay part of it and the rest will come off a credit card on next Thursday?

Relax... and don't forget to breathe;-) You will all get it. So will I - as soon as the bloody thing comes to Denmark!!!

I tried at least 80 times over the last 15 hours finally got through paid shipping july 2 hopefully sooner but whatevet

You can complain all you want but it's not like Japan where you do the whole application procedural and you can be rejected by their "credit check" for being non-Japanese or not using a credit card while all the Japanese are using their bank
accounts as is normal here

...July 2nd ship with a July 6-8 delivery! What a disaster!! I tried ordering this awesome cutting edge piece of equipment only to be foiled by one of the worst cell phone service providers in the world! Way to screw the pooch AT&T Wireless! So much for getting my new iPhone 4 on my birthday! Happy dang birthday to me!

I'm just gonna walk in and get it when I'm ready. Most likely when I procrastinate i eventually won't get it. Oh well.

I was able to 'reserve' on, out-of-contract, for the full non-subsidized price, but couldn't get on for the 2 year contract extended one. I did, and then checked with the Apple Store -- they said when I pick it up it'll be easy to convert it to an 2-year contract purchase :)

I got mine in my card has already been charged in the order status it says Custom configured
Anybody know what that means? Says jun 24 delivery

This is too funny, AT&T gets the blame for apple doing a worldwide rollout of preorders for a cell-phone. I am sure that they went thru an action plan for the system and if anything, you got bumped to the next level of orders. You might still get the device early. Did not getting it on the 24th also keep you from Heaven? I wish people had this same fire for helping orphans or stopping jobs from being moved ovrseas...

this is what i got in the email "Thank you for your purchase from the AT&T Premier Online Store. We're pleased with your choice of AT&T as your wireless service provider.
Pre-orders will be fulfilled beginning June 24, 2010. Orders will ship on a first-come, first-served basis. We will notify you by email when your order ships. Your order may be subject to AT&T eligibility and credit requirements. If we have any questions about your eligibility or your order, we will contact you via email.
Note: Do not attempt to active your device until you have received it.
You can view the status of your order ( in AT&T Premier Online Store at any time." does that means i am getting the 24th or are they shipping it the 24th?

My email confirmation from att stated the same thing. We will receieve ours on the 24th from what I understand. It will free overnight ship on the 23rd for us to have on the 24th. Or latest 25th. I'm just pleased I have an unlimited data for iphone plan.

Wow that's nuts. Just shows how much Apple needed to improve their hardware and the 'it' status of their brand. Im iPhone'd out, I enjoy my evo much more. Good luck to you all who decides to wait, and I thought my 4 hour wait on my evo was long.

Got my order in yesterday, confirmation email today. Looks like delivery is July 6-9? Wow.

I wonder about the other retailers that were preordering: Bestbuy, Radio Shack, Walmart???? They are theirs party does that mean they will get theirs last??

I told everyone here that they were sold out way before the sites were updated. My buddy works for AT&T. Everyone here thought I was trolling. Glad I got mine coming June 24th and have a backup reservation at Apple store, I'll sell it for 2x cost.

I wonder how many unites walmart will get and if they will start selling at 12:01am. Any way they do it, I can imagine tons of people that didn't get their pre-orders in lining up at walmarts only to find out they only received like 10 unites or something. June 24th is going to be EPIC! lol

Somehow I ended up with 4 even though I only need 1! I never got to the confirmation screen, so I kept trying until it went all the way through. I finally got the confirmation emails this morning and canceled 3 of them, so if that happened to other folks, hopefully there will be more stock available?

Anyone who ordered on after about 2pm ET yesterday will NOT - I repeat NOT - get the phone until July 5-9. Confirmation email or not. They will change it in order status. This is an APPLE production problem. NOT AT&T.
AT&T orders made yesterday will arrive June 24 or June 25.
Apple has sucked everyone in and screwed about 75% of you.

No problem. But Apple's bait & switch being blamed on AT&T is absurd. Sucking people in with a June 24 date and then in a follow up email saying now its July 5-9 (and who knows if that will hold) is bad business. They know how the die hard techies feel about getting their device on launch day. Personally, I dont care if I wait an extra week hence I'll be glad to sell my 2 units well above cost should someone be that desperate to own one June 24.

Will have to cancel my order for 2 phones, when I ordered date was June 24, now order status says July 2 and we will be out of town that whole week. Now I get to deal with cancelling an order I would not have made if I had known the real date.

From AT&T senior VP. AT&T contractually has a certain allotment for June 24 shipments and in store.

I was able to get the 24th, but a buddy of mine who pre ordered a few hours after me got July 2nd..

@6- I did get my confirmation email later in the evening and it confirms a June 24th delivery date. Yes!

Couldn't pre-order online, finally had to reserve my phone and pick-up at the Apple Store. My date said June 24th, if I go there (it's about 30 min away and I'm taking the day off of work) and they don't have it I'm going to be very upset. Especially when I wanted the white one!

hang in there Dan. 2 million iphones will be sold in first 2 weeks. You are sure to be one of them. Apple wants your $300.
Just annoys me that two companies of this size cannot anticipate demand from an IT and production standpoint

@Andy. You're a vault of info, many thanks.
Would've loved for supply to meet demand...especially since preorder day was such a disaster. I know some people who sat at their desk, refreshing the page from 6:00am (EST) - 9:00pm...stopping only to play kickball and get a sandwich...only to be refused a phone on launch day. Not saying it was me (It was) but I know somebody out there must've done that...

I did not get involved in the mess, since my last foray into it left a very bad taste in my mouth. When the 3G came out, I went to ATT's site and ordered my phone, and was given a ship date. The very next day I received an email telling me it was back ordered, and no date was given. After my original date came and went, with no new info forthcoming from ATT, I went to the store to see what they could find. I was told by an Asst manager the my phone would be delivered on Saturday. Fine, went back Saturday, only to be told by another worked that they do not get deliveries on Saturday. Another week, and still no phone / delivery date. By now, the phones were on sale at the stores, so I asked about canceling my order and buying one outright. I was told I would have to pay a cancelation fee if I did, so I offered to buy a phone and just let them keep my phone when it came in. No dice. After 3 1/2 WEEKS, and after they had been on sale for almost a week in the stores, my phone showed up. Seems after all the problems yesterday, no lesons were learned. To all of you that got a delivery date of the 24th, don't beleive it until that little box shows up.

Apple said that customers placed more than 600,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4 on Tuesday, the first day pre-ordering for the device was available. Apple said it was "the largest number of pre-orders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions."
Yeah, that's an understatement!

I did get through and completed preorder approx 7:00 CDT.
Got an "order acknowledgement" email about an hour later.
Has a "deliver Jun 24" on it. We'll see if it actually happens that day. To tell you the truth, I'm afraid to activate it that day. May wait a day or two to try that part of it.