Apple will reportedly repair your smashed iPhone 5c screen starting next week

Some 4 months after launch, reports suggest that Apple is now ready to begin replacing damaged iPhone 5c displays at its retail stores. The expected cost is likely to be $149 for out of warranty repairs, as detailed by 9to5Mac:

We’ve gotten word from multiple sources that Apple will begin repairing/replacing broken iPhone 5c displays in its retail stores next week. The current plan is to begin offering replacements on Monday, January 20th.

The global roll out will apparently exclude Hong Kong and Canada at this time, but for anyone else needing a quick repair on an iPhone 5c it could be just the ticket. Anyone out there with a smashed screen to replace? And will you be taking it to Apple?

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Apple will reportedly repair your smashed iPhone 5c screen starting next week


My brother broke his 5S's screen a few weeks ago, and they said they don't do screen repairs for it, so they charged him more and they replaced the whole phone, with AppleCare+ of course. Will screen repairs come to the 5S too?

My wife smashed hers a week or two after getting it. We've been waiting for this!!!

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Or just make a claim against your device protection plan (Assurion) and get a brand new device for the same price?

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I am hoping they get the 5S screens but I think the reason the 5S screens have been authorized to do in the store is because the extra components of touch id. Probably still trying to figure out how to repair that with a cracked display. But excited about the 5C.

Plus don't ever do your own repair on your iPhone. That will void your warranty and even service on the device. Just take it in and ask for options.

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