Apple's new iPhone 4 commercial focuses on... the battery

Apple is continuing their series of feature-focus iPhone 4 commercials, following up FaceTime and Retina Display with... the lithium polymer battery. Sexy.

It's broken up into work longer (Mail), play longer (a hockey game), laugh longer (Pixar's Monsters Inc. movie), listen longer (iPod), shoot (Camera), edit (iMovie), share (MMS), update (Facebook), download (App Store), read (iBooks), write (SMS), and even FaceTime longer.

They also make a point of saying iPhone 4 is "the world's thinnest smartphone".

Again, with the competition catching up on apps, Apple has switched from "app for that"-based commercials to their current competitive advantage -- killer battery life. Apple has invested heavily in battery technology for everything from the MacBooks to the iPhone and while it doesn't have the visuals that FaceTime or Retina Display do, it's what literally lets them happen.

Still, I wonder if it makes for as compelling a commercial?

(We'll update with Apple's official YouTube video as soon as they post it.)

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Reader comments

Apple's new iPhone 4 commercial focuses on... the battery


I'd like to see an Apple commercial that features their horrendous new SMS tones. That, or they could just allow us to make custom SMS tones.

the iphone battery life is what made me choose an iphone over an incredible. my friend with his incredible goes thru 2-3 batteries a day and i only go thru one full charge. we use our phone approx the same amount through out the day too.

The battery life sucks? Maybe for a flip phone, but have you ever used any other smartphone?

i sometimes get carzy insane battery drain on the 4 than i never got on the 3G ..
but it must be the settings .. something .. because other than those crazy insane 70% of battery draining in a couple hours situations the battery life is incredible.
i can read backlogged feeds in byline for an hour and only put a 10% dent in the battery life. superb.

@ Tristan and Mattyfresh
Yess the iPhone is the world's thinnest smartphone.
Android: Galaxy S- 9.9mm
Nokia: E55- 9.9mm
RIM: Curve 8900- 13.5mm
Apple: IPhone 4- 9.33mm
Thinnest smartphone... I think so!

They need a good battery because you can't easily replace it. Oh as for Thinnest smartphone title, that belongs to Nokia E55 but then again Nokia is always overlooked :O

Yes, the battery is amazing. I can get about two days out of mine—twice what I've gotten from any other smartphone, including the 3GS. I think it's wise to advertise that. Many people do care about battery life. It's kind of ironic, though, that when they finally went to a replaceable battery, the need for it is moot.

The thinness is also great. Of course, if you stick it in something like an Otterbox you lose that.

Battery life on this phone is awesome. Friend has the 4g phone and she can't even use it because she says eat eats up her battery life. What a joke of a phone.

Ok, I love my iPhone mostly and am an Apple fan. However, seeing that Apple has made a commercial bragging about its design Achilles heel is like hearing fingernails on a a chalk board. Like every other smartphone I have had if you play around with it all day you have to plug in at night or it'll be near or completely dead by morning. Period.
UNLIKE EVERY OTHER PHONE IN THE WORLD you can't just swap out the battery with your fully charged spare. All other phones I've owned I've had a spare battery and use it when your out on the ski slope, airplane, or any other number of places where you can't just plug in. Yes they make external battery chargers and cases (I own the Mophie case). But these all add bulk to your phone. The far more elegant solution is to have a changeable battery.
So why doesn't Apple do this? Greed and hubris, pure and simple. Not having a replaceable battery is Apples way of saying "Why should we, your gonna buy it anyway."
Steve Jobs, I fart in your general direction.

I want one!! I don't mind if it's not the thinnest. I want it as long as gives the best features a smart phone can give ever! :)
- Omni 420 iphone app user

Could this actually be a response to the Windows 7 phone ads? The ones that brag about getting in and getting out quickly? Bragging about how little time you'll want to spend with the phone is not how you sell a billion phones. People like to spend longer with their iPhones becasue the content is there, it looks spectacular, and it's fun to use.
Microsoft's motto may as well be: "Windows 7 Phone - Nothing To See Here."

I did have better battery life till 4.1 and gamecenter. I don't even use game center and it still drains quicker. But I can go 2 days on one charge. My usage is less but my pages load quicker. I've Been to the end of the world wide web 36 times.

@foxy banjo
The design of the phone gets serverely compromised with a detachable back for battery swapping. If you carry an external battery that connects to your port @ the bottom, you're good to go.
The days of a cellphone falling onto the floor and having the battery and black fly to the other side of the room are over. I'll take the sexiness of a design in my iPhone4 instead, thanks!

Longer battery life means longer playlists, which means longer parties! WOOOOO take your shirts off everybody! It's a party!

Samsung Focus is thinner. The iP4 is a solid phone with good battery life, but they probably should have made the focus on touchscreen smart phones and even then, it has serious challenge from the Torch in terms of battery life...

What the hell is a Samsung Focus? I've heard of a Ford Focus. Let me see... iPhone 4...Samsung Focus...hmmm...yeah I'll take the iPhone 4

This has been addressed, but I, too, would prefer a replaceable battery. There are those times when the battery dies, there is no charging option available, and you need your phone. It doesn't matter how rare this is because when it happens, it is all that matters.
A long-lasting battery IS the next best thing, though. Good for you guys.

How about a REPLACEABLE battery!! Like every other phone in the world!!
A little slot for a microSD card wouldn't hurt either!

I love how they talk about the lithium polymer battery as though it is "revolutionary" and its battery still sucks compared to my expo which for the record has a "revolutionary" lithium polymer battery as did my e71x that I had a year and a half ago, and as for the thinnest claim, great but in my opinion that just makes it harder to grip

The iphone is not the world thinnest smartphone and the ability of changing batteries trumps slightly longer battery life. When/if my battery runs out I just change it. What does the iphone user do? They have no choice but to plug in to a socket lol

Lol well the battery should work better since it is working off the 3g network. Once they upgrade to H+ network and if they had flash browsing, plus video chat anywhere it would be a different story.

Both my parents have the iphone 4 and the first thing I noticed was how thick it looked. I really question the dimensions on this phone. It seems a lot thicker than the galaxy s.

Apparently the only thing you can not do longer with this phone is make a frikkin phone call!! I can't believe they don't mention TALK LONGER.