Apple's iPhone 4 leads the pack in smartphone customer satisfaction

Apple leads the industry in customer satisfaction

Apple's iPhone 4 topped the charts in customer satisfaction again with 8 out of 10 users being very satisfied with their smartphone device. From ChangeWave:

As we’ve consistently seen in our consumer smart phone demand surveys, the Apple iPhone continues to outperform the industry in terms of customer satisfaction.

If you compare Apple's customer satisfaction ratings to specific competing smartphones such as RIM's Blackberry Torch (64%) or the Motorola Droid X (71%), you can clearly see that the iPhone 4 is winning the race by continuing Apple's goal in delivering only the highest quality devices to its users. In addition to RIM and Motorola, Samsung's new Galaxy S Android smartphone failed to reach Apple's level and only saw 55% of its users to be satisfied with the device.

Something else we found interesting was that a full 1/3 of smartphone owners would have chosen the iPhone if it were available on their carrier. With the Verizon iPhone just around the corner, could this spells trouble for other high-end smartphone makers trying to compete with the iPhone?


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Reader comments

Apple's iPhone 4 leads the pack in smartphone customer satisfaction


As a new convert to an iPhone I will never buy any other brand phone again. The iPhone is a life changer for me.

No it doesn't "spells" trouble for the other manufacturers. They are competing (mostly against each other) in a different space, at the low end. There will always be a larger market for cheap phones, even if those are now becoming cheap smartphones.

One big problem with 'smart' phones is that they're not very good PHONES. My personal dislike of Apple iPhones stems from a lack of a 2.5mm headSET Jack. The other thing I've noticed about 'smartphone' users, regardless of brand, is that they're difficult to get a hold of. Whether the handset problem is bad RF or a bad UI, it's just a bad PHONE. Period.

IPhone4 is my first apple product and it has lived up to my expectations. The next survey would add WP7 and Dell to the mix although they may not get to the chart yet!

At keyser, 3.5mm is standard on all smartphones I know of. And your second part makes no sense, go get a track phone and be happy troll.

"As a new convert to an iPhone I will never buy any other brand phone again. The iPhone is a life changer for me."
Same here. And I say this as a generally Apple-phobic person who would never really even consider buying a Mac. I do wish it was a little more customizable and open, but that's part of the price to pay for its overwhelmingly positive user experience. I don't know that I've ever been as satisfied with the usability, design, and easy functionality of another CE device.

yeah i'd agree. it's a missunderstanding to think the only success is to topple the iphone. Companies like motorola and samsung can make profits off of doing just what they are doing. selling phones with out dominating. As long as it's profitable they'll keep doing what they are doing. Especially companies like samsung that are massive and have many many many other revenue streams other then just phones. like building giant ships and buildings and appliances and tvs etc.

I had a first gen 8gb skipped the 3G then got a 3GS. Decided to pass on the iPhone 4 and got a Dell streak was too big and glitchy returned it for what I know and what just works. A 32gb iPhone 4 and couldn't be happier :).

iPhone 4 is a gourmet "smart phone"
Android units are plastic clunky units, running an OS that's as close a copy of Apples IOS that will just keep them out of the cross hairs of Apples legal department.

You sound very dumb. Like you've never touched Android, but just go by what random folks say.
Example: Nexus One, Acer Metal, Droid...metal. not plastic.
And please explain how an OS with Widgets, drawers, menus, etc is even a close copy of iOS...simply an app launcher.

When you look at those results you have to wonder...who paid off Consumer Reports to keep the iPhone 4 off the recommended list?