Phil Schiller confirms that the white iPhone is coming in spring, but is it the iPhone 4?

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Philip Schiller has confirmed via his twitter account, that the white iPhone is still coming and will be available in spring 2011.

The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).

This could be a cryptic message and it may not even refer to the white iPhone 4 as there is no mention of a specific model in his tweet. Schiller may even be referring to a white iPhone 5 which could appear before the end of spring. If we take June 21st as the start of summer and mix that with the likelihood that iPhone 5 will be announced at WWDC at the beginning of June. It may be possible to have it released before June 21st. This could then still be classed as spring. Of course this is pure speculation on our part but it would make much more sense than just releasing a white iPhone 4 at this late stage.

What do you think? Is Phil Schiller still talking about the iPhone 4 in white or could it be the iPhone 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[Twitter via Engadget]

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Reader comments

Phil Schiller confirms that the white iPhone is coming in spring, but is it the iPhone 4?


Makes no sense to release a different color that late. Who in their right mind would buy it... everybody and their mothers know new iphones hit june.
Heck even verizon customers are mostly holding out for 5.

My bet will be that it refers to both the iphone 4 and 5. Since the 4 will become the 'cheaper' option it would make sense to still spend time developing the White sections. The new iPhone "5" will obviously still have the option of both black and White. Well that would be my 2 pennies worth!

Why wouldn't a white iPhone 4 make sense? I mean Apple will likely sell the iPhone 4 another 15 months (out of 24 overall). Just because there will be an iPhone 5 in 3 months doesn't mean that there won't be people who will be perfectly happy with a white $99 iPhone 4.

Of course it's the iPhone 4. iPhone 5 is summer.
Why do so many people not notice that the 3GS is still being sold, as the 3G was last year? Now... just apply that same principle to iPhone 4 this year (but, also in white).
See how easy that was?

Because it's two completely different issues. The 3GS and 3G were current colorways with back-stock sold, keeping it as the "entry-level" or budget model for the iPhone user. The white iPhone 4 would be introducing a completely different colorway of an existing model that's been in heated sales for a period of 9+ months. It would honestly be foolish and wouldn't fit Apple's historical timeline to produce and market a white iPhone 4 so close to release time for their new product a month or two later. It would harm both the white iPhone 4's sales as well as slightly dent the iPhone 5's initial sales, which Apple loves to make headlines with.
Putting "Sigh..." in a post just shows what a shallow valley girl you are.

Iphone launch is usually late spring/early summer(summer doesnt start until june 20th or 21st). 3GS was released in the spring (june 19)and the iphone 4 was released in the first few days of summer (june 24) so its not hard to believe that they may decide to wait until 5 to release a white model.

Same difference. The iPhone 5 is probably going to be the same form factor as the iPhone 4. Don't be all surprised when the iPhone 5 looks identical to the iPhone 4. I'm guessing it'll be more like an iPhone 4S with a larger screen like in those renderings. I will still get one though, hahaha!

Honestly, if they don't fix the attenuation issues, I'm not buying it. I have had a lot of issues with it, and yes, I do have a case on my phone. It still happens.

I don't think most people care about that, after all iPhone 4 still a quality product, antenna issues and all, people will still buy it, and if it is a lowered price device it would be a plus for most potential buyers.

Sometimes a white iPhone is just a white iPhone. Sometimes a Twitter post is just a Twitter post. It isn't always a Machiavellian riddle.

You guys are too conspiratorial. It's a white iPhone 4. A tiny, but nice, pick me up for iPhone sales in calendar Q2.

Exactly. Just one more opportunity for them to suck the last bit of blood out of this stone before they move on to the next.

I think that because it's so late, the "white" iPhone he's talking about is probably the iPhone 5. I doubt anyone is still waiting for a white iPhone 4. Plus, because we all know how Apple releases products, summer for iPhone's, we can feel confidently that this white iPhone is the next gen. Also, he didn't specify that the white iPhone was the iPhone 4 too!

Humm. Who would buy it??? Let me put it this way. My aunt just bought a brand new shiny iPhone 3GS for $49 from AT&T. I was stunned. I found out about 4 days after I sold the a 3G and 3GS on craigslist that I had laying around my house.
My mouth dropped open. She was so happy with it. I loved my 3GS before I upgraded to my iPhone 4 (bought on Craigslist). Those AT&T sales people really sold her. She just signed a 2 year contract on a phone that is about to be 2 grades old. Im not talking about age. I loved my 3GS and it is worth way more than $49 and it will hold up fine. Sold mine for $295. It's just that apple dumbs down the
software upgrades. My 3GS was a little leggy which is why I bought a 4. I didn't have the heart to tell her.
That's the kind if person that will buy a white iPhone 4 in the spring.

Not everyone needs the latest and I think for many people the 3GS is a fine phone. I want the latest and greatest, but I have had little reason to get the I still have my 3GS...if they had 64GB in the 4, I would've done it.

As I's not about the bells and whistles. The 3GS is a great phone. It's about the upgraded software. For some reason perhaps intentional software upgrades seem to 'dumb' down the performance of of previous models. I noticed performance issues in each upgrade with my previous iPhones. Lags etc not to mention some goodies. Example: my revolutionary iPad 1 does not run iMovie. Oh, but the hacks show the unit is capable!
Just my experience. I do think the 3GS is a great phone. I may suggest she skip the software updates.

I can't believe the white iPhone gets this much press. Who cares? Are we that shallow a culture...? Oh yeah, we are...

you guys are thinking too hard. Apple doesn't care. They know theycan release anything and Apple Heads will gobble it up

I'm thinking you're just reading way too much into this. Looking for any piece of information you can, taking anything that Steve, Phil, or anyone from Apple says and looking for hidden meaning... It's like they are Gods or something, and whatever they say is our new scripture.

Just like the Verizon iPhone 4, the white iphone will be a flop. People have been anticipating and discussing this for too long, and when it comes out, they will all realize how much better the black iPhone looks, with the screen blending with the bezel.

Or this could also mean a white iPhone4 for both AT&T and VZ to justify holding out to release the iPhone5 until the fall/3rd quarter of 2011. This is a possibility especially if VZ hasn't sold most of their iPhone4 stock.

It's plausible that it may be iPhone 4 - as Apple have stated that it would ship in both black and white when it was announced last summer. I think they intend to follow through -- even if it is this late in the game. It is beyond obvious that we will see white on the iPhone 5 as it appears Apple have reached a solution regarding the white paint as evidenced in the iPad 2. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the white iPhone 4 could be announced during the iOS 5 preview event that is rumored to happen at the beginning of next month (April).

I don't think they have proved anything yet with the white iPad give it some time if people don't say it's changing color on them then they have proved something.

I have a goofy idea which is what eye4Desyn said
when developer event in April for iOS 5 steve will announce White iPhone 4..I know lame because in June iPhone 5..But the same thing with VZ who wants a phone this late into the product life. I don't expect that apple made that much nor will be major popular but to hook people before new product that's apple.
Also side note iPhone 5 seems to be like 3GS a small upgrade and iPhone 6 now seems to be the major game changer with NFC and other things..Also with the problems in Japan I see the tech industry slowing to a crawl and economy not getting back to almost normal in 2012 like original thoughts.

Spring hasn't even started yet. They have plenty of time to sell a white iPhone 4, if they choose. Also, as others have pointed out, it will sell all next year as well. It's not like a whole re-design, they just substitute a few parts in a different color.

White iPhone 5. He wouldnt be talking about how much of a beauty it is if we have already seen it.