AT&T posts data plans and upgrades video for iPhone 4

AT&T data plans and upgrades for iPhone customers

AT&T had posted a of YouTube video to help customers transition to Apple's new iPhone 4 titled AT&T data plans and upgrades for iPhone customers* Both videos after the break. Check them out and let us know if they answered all your questions, and if not, what questions you have left?

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AT&T posts data plans and upgrades video for iPhone 4


I was holding out for 3 things and this phone has them, plus so much more. I wanted a flash on my camera, integrated mail boxes, and push notification. I'm sold and switching to apple. These next two weeks are going to DRAG!

I stopped by my AT&T store already and I am eligible. After I have my preorder, I'll sell my 3GS and get the new iPhone 4 with an extra $50 in my pocket.

Havok, you'll sell your 3GS, buy IPhone 4, and make $50 profit? Haha! I think your economics acumen is a bit fuzzy. Your 3GS is now a paper weight, sports fan. I'd love to see you explain how it's possible.

Omar Little - Actually you are a bit mistaken my good friend. I just sold my 8gig 3G for $175.00. Here is the secret, just remember this, and iPhone without a contract is worth more than a new iPhone with a contract.

I have sold my previous 3G and 2G on eBay for $300 or so, usually to international buyers (which can be a pain for s&h and not all countries allow phones thru customs). You had good luck with Craigslist? How long did it take to sell and was it local only or did you ship it? Thanks.

are current iphones only eligible? i have a bb bold, my contract ends this year, but i wonder if i'll be able to upgrade for the iphone 4

Sweet I'm in..
@Omar MY brother in law is buying my 16gb 3GS for $300. A former droid owner I might add.

Update. After playing with my 3GS for 10 minutes my brother in law made up his mind never to use iPhone anymore. Guess he is still a droid user :(

Does this mean i get a New customer price or discounted price??? "As a valued customer, we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee."

My 3gs is less than a month old 3 weeks ago I went to apple and exchange mine to a new one... How much will I get for this one?

Whoa wait a minute, are you serious? I have a 16 gig 3GS and am getting Iphone 4. How are people getting that much dough with AT&T handing out upgrades like candy? My 3GS is jailbroken. My apologies for the earlier post, I'll have to look into this so I can too make a profit.

I upgraded to 3GS in November, so I am not eligible for a full upgrade, and according to AT&T's website, I am not even eligible yet for the slightly discounted "early upgrade." Some are saying that all current iPhone customers will at least be eligible for the early upgrade pricing ($399/$499), but I have not seen this verified. Anybody know anything about this?

So the video said any current smartphone customer can keep their unlimited data plan. Does that mean I can keep my unlimited data plan even though I'm switching from a Bold? He didn't say only iPhone users. And I would like to keep unlimited in the beginning while I download a bunch of apps and see how much I'm going to use it.

What a fantastic way to discourage new AT&T subscribers. These new data plans are a joke. The iPhones are data intensive devices, in fact Apple boasts that the web browsing experience on the iphone is unbeatable. These new tiered data plans are going to be the demise of at&t's iphone monopoly. 'nough said....

Thank the lord you don't have to switch plans. I'm using a medianet $10 plan on AT&T and it's been working for me for a year! I'm going to use my dads eligible upgrade to get the iPhone 4 (he already has $30 plan so they won't change it) and then I'll get me a microsim programmed and pop it in. I hope my $10 plan works. Sounds like a plan....

O.K. Back to the question at the end of the blog is the transfer of phone number going to work going from the full size SIM (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS) to the mini SIM card? Moving from the 3G to the 3GS, I was able to simply transfer the SIM card. Will we have to wait on a phone with an AT&T representative, will the mini SIM cards come pre-loaded (doubt this), or will there be another process?

i checked expecting it to tell me i am only able to do the "early upgrade" pricing i was surprised. I am able to get the full discounted price on the new phone! I am going 32GB black Iphone 4 now for sure.

Omar Little - You're very incorrect. I personally have upgraded my iPhone every single year & never sold my previous phone for less than $300. In fact, I got $425 for my first iPhone when the second one came out.
The key: SIM Unlock it first then eBay it. It's worth a lot more to people who want to use it with GSM anywhere around the world that can't get it in the store.
Unlocking it is much easier than you may think. Google it. Youtube videos can teach a monkey to do it.

Oh yes, and AT&T are straight up a bunch of crooks for imposing these new plans. Mainly because they're grabbing you by the marbles if you want to use the long awaited Tethering feature.
So brilliantly criminal. They'll strip you of your Unlimited Data, PLUS charge you another $20 to use the same limited 2GB you're already paying for.
People are really sheep. It's sad. They just do whatever they're told.

I sold my 16 GB 3Gs the other day for $300. So I can get the 16 GB iPhone 4 and still have $100 left over. Or just buy the 32 GB and break even.
I posted it for $350 and told myself if anyone offered $300 or more I would take it. Sucks because about 30 minutes after I sold it someone offered the $350 I was asking for. But I made $175 since I bought it from a friend for $125.

yea craigslist has treated me pretty well. I was about to give up on it since I posted my phone on there over a week ago and no one really seemed interested, but I got a random call at 11 at night from a guy that wanted it asap. It was a local guy that wanted it. I would have probably turned it down if I would have had to ship just because I don't trust everyone on craigslist.

Question for anyone...
Previously when I sold my 3G & 2G on eBay, I took out the SIM before shipping it since I needed that SIM for my new iPhone. Now that it's using miniSIM, should I just destroy my old SIM? Not sure what type of info is stored on there.

@ Dominiko Good call. All of this, "I walked away with 50 dollars in my pocket." stuff sound like the bleating of sheep. The financial contract incured is servitude. These two corporations would have zero challenge in convincing their serfs of anything: tune in to iWash for your nightly programming, your non-apple friends are bad for your salvation, and my personal favorite technology that 'just works' is the privilege of the upper class. Beware of shiny things.

I bought my 3GS on launch day. I phoned *639# as shown in the YT video and got the same message that was in the video. I'm assuming that I can get the 32g iPhone 4 for $299 as a result. Is this correct?

Jonathan says:
June 11, 2010 at 8:45 pm
are current iphones only eligible? i have a bb bold, my contract ends this year, but i wonder if i’ll be able to upgrade for the iphone 4

AT&T told me that I am eligible for a 2 yr upgrade so $299+18 upgrade fee for a 32GB 4G iPhone(I think they bumped me up). However, like many other people on here I want to sell my 3GS before the 4G comes out but the rep told me that if I get rid of my iPhone then I am not eligible to upgrade because it won't be an iphone line or something? Is this true? I'd hate to sell my phone and then find out I can't get 2 yr pricing.

Question i have a family plan since 2009 and I can add 2 more lines. If I get the new iPhone adding a line to my plan do I get unlimited data or the worthless bs of plans they r imposing?

If you add a line, you get the new data plans. FYI, you can sell your 3GS to Radio Shack the day you buy your 4. For 16GB, they are offering $200. Not sure for 32GB, but at least it is one stop and no need to worry about deactivation for upgrade pricing.

I am curious about the current $45 Enterprise plan. I can't find any mention of whether any of the new plans will offer the same features the Enterprise plan offers. I believe such things as VPN are supposed to be available only through the enterprise plan vs the $30 plan.
I can see where it would not be wise to switch from the $30 unlimited plan to the $25 2GB plan just to save $5. However, it would be a $20 saving to switch from the old Enterprise plan to the 2GB plan if I get the same features, albeit with the limitation on data.

@ Dominiko I have read your post that you posted on June 12, 2010 at 1:59 am. And I have to say that your information is kinda skewed. If you look at the video (which I am guessing you haven't) the At&t Blogger Seth states that if you are already a current smartphone user and you have a unlimited data plan you are not required to give up that data plan for the 2 new plans. Those are only enforced onto those who are buying a new Iphone and do not currently have unlimited. The two new plan probably do save you a small amount of money in the end but it is supposed to be for those who do not use there data plan very much. Now don't get me wrong I believe that the two new plans are not the best and they will probably not help those who are very data taxing like myself but that is why I will upgrade but not change my data plan. Because if you listen closely Seth states that you are not required to change unlimited data plans but you can choose to. I just wanted to clarify some of the things you have stated for some of the passing readers so they do not get the wrong idea and believe that they must relinquish there unlimited data plan for one that has less incentive to use. In addition, I would have to say that the statement where you state that people are sheep is highly incorrect since if people were truly sheep then there would be less crime in the world since everyone would be doing what they were told so I think that statement is also very incorrect. Well I hope I was able to correct some of the confusion you may have or may have caused with that post and I hope that by me correcting you that you do not take offense to this. well now that is clear I have one thing to say and that is that the Iphone 4 will be great I have plans to reserve one and I believe that it will be great . Also I think it is kinda funny how people believed that the iphone was coming to Verizon. That is just funny lol.