AT&T iPhone 4 pre-orders sold out

Well it's official - according to BGR AT&T is sold out of their complete stock of iPhone 4 pre-orders. If you were one of the lucky ones to actually be able to place your order prior to 1:30PM Pacific Time, congratulations! For those of you who were not so lucky, you will not be getting an iPhone 4 on June 24th according to what Engadget has learned via AT&T - unless you can land one in your local store on launch day.

"Because of the incredible interest in iPhone 4, today was the busiest online sales day in AT&T history. As of Tuesday afternoon, customers who preorder iPhone 4 moving forward will receive their device on June 25 or later, depending on when the order is placed. We'll email customers with confirmation once their order is placed, and again when it ships. In addition, we will have devices available on a first-come, first-serve basis in our stores beginning on June 24."

So there you have it folks, were you able to get your order in today? Sound off in the comments!

[Engadget via BGR]

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Reader comments

AT&T iPhone 4 pre-orders sold out


been trying all day and have not been able to preorder,how the hell is this possible.

I hate AT&T. This company has problems all the time. If not phone service then internet problems always something. Can somebody please tell Verizon to buy AT&T already i was trying to order all day and nothing because the problems i wanted to get in at apple store but I cant because it shows the price of $599 and I know i can buy it for $199. In my opinion who ever is responsible for this crash should lose their jobs.

Is this just ordered through AT&T, or ordered through Apple as well? I still can't place an order through Apple for the 32GB phone.

I'm like hundreds of others who have been trying all day to order just to get some type of error message. This is crazy, not sure what is worse standing in line for 10 hours or trying for 18 hours to place an online order. Guess it was not meant to be....

Because of all the problems all day with the websites, I finally made it to the ATT store and my receipt says 17:09. They better get me one on the 24th!

OMG I went to the AT&T store and my receipt says 16:20 EST ... 10 minutes before the "sell out"! PHEW! I better get it!

Got mine at 630 this morning EST took a minute on my 3gs. And was emailed confirmation of the 24th right away. But only till the apple store closes that day so I guess those unlucky people need to hope for alot of car wrecks on the 24 th

My sympathies go out to the in-store reps at AT&T and Apple. They are going to be the ones that have to deal with angry customers and its totally out of their control.

Went to the local AT&T store around 4:00pm eastern. They said mine is reserved but now I wonder. AT&T is a joke, I left verizon for the Iphone. The phone is second to none but AT&T is crap. The sales guy said they won't even begin 4G until 2011 or 2012. When the Iphone goes to Verizon AT&T will go under.

I reserved mine via the Apple Store app on the iPhone at about 1 PM eastern. Took two minutes, easy peasy, no problems. Will be at my local Apple store on the 24th.

Our system has been down all day. But that statement is not true. We get our iPhone stock from apple

I tried many times and various times throughout the day, including at 4 a.m. sharp, but to no avail. What a complete joke.

I ordered mine this morning at 5:30 AM Central time on the AT&T site through my 3G iPhone and it went through fine - have confirmation number and email that deliver should be on the 24th. I am having it shipped to my house - we'll see if it actually works out that way!!

After trying throughout the day, I finally got an on line order through at ATT, but the system did not indicate sold out. I may just need to escalate this one for help.

I initially used the Apple Store App, but you couldn't have it actually shipped to your house. Instead, you would get in-store pickup and a "reservation." After reading the confirmation email, my roommate and I both noticed it says in the fine print that stated, "Pre-authorization does not guarantee iPhone availability at an Apple Retail Store. iPhone is sold on a first-come, first-served basis."
Dealing with epically long lines didn't seem like my idea of a good time, especially if I'm not actually guaranteed a phone (read some message boards that said Apple Stores sometimes stop holding the "reserved" phones on release dates around 3 or 4PM).
I ended up getting through on AT&T and ordering one shipped around 3:10 CST, but I still haven't received a confirmation email. With all the system problems, I guess I'm not surprised. We will see what happens.

I've been on the fence about ordering all day and ultimately held off because I wanted to get a white one. I'm pretty disappointed with Apple in not having the white one available at launch. I'm actually considering going back to Sprint and getting the 4G phone though I like my 3GS.

Looks like I was one of the last ones!!! Just pre-ordered mine and I can now go on with my day................
I'm so excited!

EVERYONE DOES REALIZE THAT COME ACTIVATION DAY, no one will b able to activate their phone. It happened last year and previous years. It will happen even faster this year

I got tired of trying online and went to my local Kalamazoo mi store and there was nobody in the store @ 9am. Ordered in and out in 15 min!!

Unbelievable. Have been trying all day, and my pre-order finally just went through at the Apple store. No confirmation e-mail though yet. Now we'll see if it's actually delivered on June 24.

I was able to get two from ATT at 1am with no prob, and you know what the charges are already showed up on my card o.0 WOW ATT don't mess around LOL

I was 4th in the store in miami at 9am and was preordered by 930am. My confirmation email says it will ship on june 24th or later. How do I know I will recieve it on the 24th?

I just got through on the Apple website...pre-ordered the 16GB and it went through!!!

While it's frustrating not being able to get a new iPhone pre ordered, I have to ask what would have AT&T (& Apple do)? If you were in charge of either one would you spend the large amount it would cost to build the server farm for a once a year need?

I wonder if that applies to people who got it at Best Buy? I heard they take the iphone orders then send in a batch at the end of the day. I went to Best Buy at 11 to preorder. Oh no.

I was lucky enough to get my order off. BUT I used Apple's new store app. Sorry to everyone who now has to wait. I honestly was expecting this phone to be THAT big of a deal...guess I was wrong. 32GB black iPhone 4, you shall be mine June 24th @ 7am!!! :-)

I tried for 10+ hrs to order mine through both the Apple and AT&T site and was never able to. I finally just downloaded the Apple Store app and had it reserved in less than 2 minutes. I'll be there at 7 a.m. to pick up the phone (or actually, my husband will be). LOL.

not true, i just literally pre-ordered off apples website, with absolutely no problems after a frustrating day.
got an order number and everything.

Ordered 32gb black at nearby ATT store. There were about 10 people in line at opening, and they were really slow processing customers. Waited for 25 minutes for my turn, took about 20 minutes at the register, much of which was waiting on their slow system. Everyone was polite. Opted to pick mine up in the store, and they told me it would be there on the 25th. Why a day later than the release date they couldn't explain, but not a problem for long as it actually does show up on the 25th.

I'm happy to sit back and watch all the launch month glitchy goodness. Today's events are surely a precursor to even bigger/better AT&T slapstick ahead.
Once the dust settles and the bogged down network complaints have calmed down, I'll walk into the store and buy one.
Good luck to all the early entries, and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!

I went the iphone app route and was able to order immediately. I saw the "pre-authorization does not guarantee iPhone availability" clause, but I think that is just a CYA in case somebody doesn't show up within the alloted time to pick it up and then tries to sue because that person came in on the next day to pick it up?? I'm holding out hope that I can pick it up on the 24th but plan on getting there at about 6:30 as well...

Look at all you people! Desperate to spend $300+ on some electronic device. You are all addicted to Steve's crack.

Piper...I expected Apple to up their game for this and spend a little money and have reliable service today. They could have at least made it a little less painful to order. If they were that concerned about their bottom line, maybe they should have upped the price of the phone by $25 and spent that money on infrastructure. I'm sure many of the folks posting here and elsewhere would have gladly paid that extra $$ if it meant not spending hours trying to order.

OK obviously the Apple Store, online or using the app, if finally processing orders. Only took them about 16 hours.

Just ordered 32 gb from, confirmed delivery on the 24th (or at least as confirmed as any of their orders ever are -- and still waiting for email confirmation). Now trying to order my wife's 16 GB, but back to trial and re-trial method. Have gotten as far as selecting data plans (existing ATT, but not iPhone) but not yet Add to Cart.

finally! was able to get through on the apple site once AT&T sold out. I guess it really was AT&T that caused the delays on the apple site... Hope I really do get it on the 24th.

My order went in quick and easy this morning at 6am EST :) I feel bad for those who been trying all day... ohh wait no I don't! I'm getting one and you're not! nah nah nah

I ordered mine around 8:30am eastern time on AT&T store online and had no problems at all. I suppose I should feel lucky!

I got one 6:30 via Apple site, but still dont have any confirmation email or anything(printed the receipt though) that bad?

I ordered two 16GB models this morning at 1:02 am, right after the Apple store came back online. While most were sleeping, I was obtaining iPhone 4's!!

The pre-orders are definitely not sold out, I just pre-ordered mine at 8:07 for pick up on the 24th!

Got to the ATT store at 4:50 and was too late. The guy said mine would arrive between 6/25 and 7/5.
Clusterfocker for sure!

Ordered mine from Best Buy about an hour ago after THE SHACK "lost" my order even though I was there at 1pm on the dot to order. How the F*** are you the first customer at THE SHACK and they lose your order? BULLSH*T!!! Anyways, the guy at Best Buy told me they weren't sure how many they were getting so I may or may not get one on the 25th. WTF?

Ordered a 32 and 16 at about 7:00am central through AT&T site. Got email confirmation for 6/24 delivery.

I ordered mine online about 6:30pm. I checked the receipt and it says delivery June 24th.

Finally ordered 2 of the 16GB on the Apple site. I was waiting for all the trouble to be fixed so I could order it on Apple's site. I never intended to buy from AT&T's site. I did the same last year and ordered the 3GS a few days after the pre order started and received it on the release day.

BTW I was on the Apple site. I haven't gotten confirmation email though, I printed the web page ...

keep trying to order greg, looks like you connect to a ssl page of some kind and looks like some are up and some are down. If its going to work it will move pretty fast. So if it starts hanging up just quit it out and retry. I was able to order 2 iphones from the same IP iphonebuy page. Luck of the draw it seems

I am more angry than I thought I would be about this. I set my alarm for 2:45 so I could preorder at 3:00 CST. After getting timed out, errored out or just dropped approximatley 40 time, I went back to bed at 4:15. Got up at 6 and worked at trying to order again - going back and forth between Apple and AT&T. At that point, still not getting an order through, I went to my local AT&T store at 7:30 to await their 10:00 am. opening, where I was customer no. 2 in line. There they had problems with the address going through. The decision by the manager was to take our credit card info and give us a handwritten receipt for our order. They said they would enter the info in when the system was up again. When I started to hear the rumors of AT&T pushing the delivery date after 4:30 and I had gotten no e-mail confirmation, I decided to call and after several attempts, finally got an employee to answer the phone. He told me some of the orders were going through, but when I questioned him, it sounded like they were taking the customers as they came in and those of us who received the handwritten receipts had not been entered into the system. I should never have left the store until the order went through.
To make matters worse, I sold my 3GS today on ebay and was planning to be without a phone for "a day or two". Now, who knows when I will get my phone.
I am so frustrated ! Sorry, I just needed to vent somewhere and AT&T is not answering their phones.

I'm sorry that all happened to you...
You know what sucks? I think all of the problems in the morning can LITERALLY be attributed to ONE person, an employee at ATT who leaked out security information to Gizmodo.
that's why ATT had to bring their servers down.

I got my order for Iphone 4 32GB around 8:45 pm EDT from ATT online store. Nowhere said "Sold Out", BUT my order says "Pre-orders for iPhone® 4 and iPhone 3GS 8 GB will be processed to arrive as early as June 24, 2010, if submitted by 2 p.m. ET, June 22, 2010". I wonder if this is accurate, based on the latest "Sold Out" news.

Yes, they would have kept their servers up if it weren't for those keeling kids, because we all know if you close your eyes to problems, they go away.
You can't get stung by that bee in the room if you pretend it's not there.
You can't get a computer virus if you don't know it is there.
And Apple and AT&T would have had nor privacy flaws in their server software whatsoever had nobody pointed at it.

As to why I sold my phone today, I decided I wanted to make sure I got enough to cover the purchase of the new phone and I thought when the 24th comes around, the selling of iphone 3Gs and 3GS' will be fierce. I was watching the prices and they dropped the day the iphone 4 was announced. Today, I also checked Craig's List in my area - over 1,000 iphones for sale. I figured I could do without a smart phone for a day or two, but I don't want it to be weeks!
My venting here led me to go back to the AT&T store where I talked to the manager. He doesn't think there is a problem because they have always gotten more phones than they ordered. When I went in tonight, my salesman told me "he was just entering my phone in". That's when I began talking to the store manager. He also told me that the stores get first priority if there is a shortage so any he orders will be filled before online orders because they are "face to face". I then asked if on the 25th my phone had not arrived, he would honor my "paper" order so I could get my phone that day and he said "that wouldn't be fair, its first come, first serve" which of course made me really have to hold my temper. I told him "I was first come!"

This has been handled bad. I have a family plan and I was not able to successfully upgrade the 2nd line...I got a message that said to go the store...I don't think it recognized the 2nd line due that the summary screen was quoting 69.99 plan when it should have said 9.99 as it is a 2nd line. I bet that is why it error out....Oh least I haven't sold my iPhone :) sorry guys.

I was able to get mine ordered at around 1:30 PM Eastern via Cannot remember what time I was able to get my parents phones ordered via AT&Ts website, but I am thinking it was around 3:30, which would place it before 1:30PM Pacific

actually, this is funny. The order confirmation page I printed when I ordered my iPhone 4 did not have a timestamp at the top of the printout. I had to look on my SMS app to see when I told my gf that I got the phone ordered.
The pages I printed for my parents order DOES have the timestamp. 3:55PM Eastern, which would be 12:55PM Pacific. Definitely before the 1:30PM time that is being passed around

I reserved mine today about 5pm central at The AT&T store. They told me it would be shipped to my home between the dates of June 24th and July 5th so I guess I should be expecting it around CHRISTmas. Hurray

Got to my AT&T store 10 minutes before the 9am openning...was about 15th in line. They had 6 people handling orders. All went very smoothly at first. Then about 9:30 AT&T's system groaned under the load and crashed...of course right as my data was going in. Hung out, watched World Cup via their satellite, someone suggested we bring in some food...and then the system came back to life. Completed my order and was out the door by 10:30 with emailed confirmation coming a couple hours later.

Just got my 32GB iPhone 4 ordered on the AT&T website at 10:08 PM CT!! I got the message that they were sold out, so I tried again and they were magically in stock again!

Haha I just went to best buy around 4:30 EST and I was only the 6th person to pre order there. So I will be getting an iPhone 4 on launch day.

I don't understand why everyone blames AT&T for this pre order mess. What did everyone expect? It's a process, and even if the iPhone was on verizon, they'd still have deplete there resources. With the manufacturing, they're only able to supply so many. There's well over 20 million units being released that day. No crap it was going to run out. Tsk tsk smh at people who aren't understanding. It's apples fault not AT&T.

They better have stock when my family goes to upgrade next month. Anyone know which day of the week AT&T stores get new stock?

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