AT&T temporarily suspends iPhone 4 pre-orders

ATT Suspends iphone 4 orders

After what can only be called a complete clusterfrak of an iPhone 4 pre-order day, where systems went up and down and eager customers spent hours, if not dozens of hours, just trying to get a confirmed order, AT&T has shut down the system -- hopefully to reboot into a kinder, better Matrix.

Apple still seems to be taking pre-orders, though the initial batch has sold out and the next one is only guaranteed for delivery on July 2.

And yes, we're still exhausted too.


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AT&T temporarily suspends iPhone 4 pre-orders


I don't understand why Apple continues to put up with less than perfect service from AT&T. Steve Jobs is a perfectionist with himself and his product. Why he would continue to do business with AT&T is beyond me.

I find all this hilarious...I think every system used was a clusterfrak....I tried apple before I left my house and the system didn't allow me to get thru, I tried multiple times. I tried at&t and the mean time I opened a bank account and the lady there said she tried to get one through at&t and couldn't. Then in a stretch radioshack had told me they could reserve one for me. So I go there they take my information, they say "okay, we will call you when its reserved." I say "Oh, no I'm staying till I see it for myself." The radioshack employee tried 180 times finally got thru, confirmed receipt and everything. I was the first person who reserved one at that store...I'm not sure if anyone else did.
Goes to show the upgrade dates shouldn't have been moved up. And at that how could all of these places not know the magnitude that they were going to sell. I'm actually eligible for an upgrade and didn't buy the 3gs because I didn't feel it was a big enough change to spend 300 more dollars on my phone...little did I realize I could have sold my 3G to make a profit from it.

The UK Apple store is available for pre-order but O2 don't have a clue. When I phoned to ask if they were taking pre-orders I was told to ring back next week (which is when the phone is coming out. Why can't they get their act together, surely they should have learned from previous experiences.

Smart on AT&T part personally I'm glad I was able to get through and maybe they can iron out their issues on the site

Should say guaranteed for SHIPMENT by July 2. The delivery date on my pre-order is July 6-8.

@HungWell: Because they still sellout all available iPhones in the US with just one carrier.
Apple is making iPhones as quick as they can so moving to other networks wouldn't make any difference to sales in the US. Hence they don't have any motivation to negotiate deals with other networks and also incur the expense of designing, testing, and manufacturing a separate line of CDMA iPhones.
A little tweak to the hardware to make it work with T-Mobile US's unique AWS 3G would be nice though. But considering Sprint's systems struggled to register just 65,000 EVO users I doubt any US network would be able to cope with this level of demand for just a couple of days out of the whole year.

AT&T now stating they pre-sold 10 times more iPhone 4's yesterday than 3GSs on pre-order day last year. They could have sold more if all those who gave up trying could have gotten through.

@Mike: How could they have sold more if they sold all the phones that will have been manufactured and made available at launch?

their facebook also states that they suspended further iphone pre orders so they can process all the orders they have received for the phone. If you got a confirmation number or confirmation email it says your all set.

@MrC, they already sold more than what's available at launch yesterday as evidence by the many who had July 2nd ship dates later in the day. If more people could have gotten through, they would have sold more, further out into July.

@Mike: yes but I doubt there is any danger of supply outstripping demand anytime soon and they have to draw a line somewhere for ending preorders. But preorders or no preorders they will probably be sold out for about a month and will struggle to keep up with demand for several months after that so it's not like they're going to lose sales.

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