Best Buy offering iPhone 5c for $50

Best Buy offering iPhone 5c for $50... kinda

UPDATE: Looks like you can apply the card to the iPhone in-store, which makes it $49 clear. Convoluted, but cost-saving!

Best Buy is the latest to offer customers an extra incentives if they buy a new iPhone 5c - a $50 gift certificate. Sure, that's not the same as a real sale, but if you're happy returning that money to Best Buy at a later date, it reduces the on-contract price of a 16GB iPhone 5c to $49. Joanna Stern, ABC News:

Just two weeks after hitting the market, Best Buy will begin offering a discount on Apple's iPhone 5c. From today, Oct. 3, to Monday, Oct. 7, the iPhone 5c will be available for $50.

It's not the first or the best deal we've seen - Sprint did $99 off at launch - but it's certainly one of the best. If you've had your eye on the 5c, and Best Buy is your preferred retailer, get yourself over there this weekend. You won't get anywhere nearly as good - or as much - service as you would from an Apple Store, but if that's not important to you, or there isn't one nearby, you'll save yourself some money.

Anyone rushing over?

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c
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Best Buy offering iPhone 5c for $50


I wish my wife had a case for her 5C. She already cracked her screen from an 8-inch drop!

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Yikes! That sounds more like bad luck then anything else. My wife's dropped her from higher up and it's still in one piece looking brand new.

onto what?? I've dropped my phone from much higher heights than that and left with barely a scratch... especially on the Gorilla Glass screen...

"Get the iPhone 5c 16GB for $49.99 after $50 gift card is applied."

This is exactly what separates bloggers from journalists. Journalists present facts based on research, Bloggers take other peoples work copy and make it their own by layering in snarky comments with no accountability or effort. There's no "kinda" about it, buy a 5c in-store and it's $49.99. It says so right on the ad and in Joanna's article that this was lifted from.

(BTW. I'll be taking my twin aunts to buy two of these and finally dump their flip phones. Solid phone, Significant sale price, high availability and 5% back on Citibank Rewards this month.)

Best Buy knows as much about electronics as a dolphin does about driving a car. They are the wrose place to shop at, all the employees are idiots. That so-called "Geek Squad" is useless, and I wouldn't be caught dead going back into that poor excuse of a store.

Bitter, table for 1. Way to generalize every employee at every Best Buy ever. I've run into a few that obviously aren't techies, but are just people holding down a job, and I've also run into others who clearly know their products. Just depends on who you get and where. I just take everything I hear from any sales person with a grain of salt, as I've likely already done a ton of research before I even go to the store. But, congrats on not ever going back. I'm sure they aren't going to miss your "I'm smarter than all of you" attitude too.

If you go into an electronics store needing in depth answers to tech questions you bear most of the blame. You shouldn't expect in depth knowledge by largely teens and college students working part time for minimum wage. And with the internet you can readily inform yourselves about product specs and abilities well before you even walk into a store. They are "useless?" EVERYBODY already knows that and adjusts their expectations. All they need to do is point you to a product and ring you up at the register.

It's normal. What this does is bring in more traffic to the stores. More opportunities to sell accessories, etc. It's kind of like when a restaurant hands out "buy one get one free" coupons. You may never step foot into the restaurant that often, but it got you into the door for another chance for them to win you over and make you a new frequent customer.

Yeah, typically sales mean you're not doing so hot. Clearly the iPhone is selling (no clue yet whether it is the S or C making up all those sales) but Best Buy might not be doing so great in that category?

Odd this comment notification email just came through today and was sent twice? iMore issues?

Unfortunately, i'd say to take the promo at Walmart with some caution. Walmart is notorious for working with the manufacturer to find ways to make the product they sell in their stores cheaper (use plastic instead of metal or glass for a section of the product, leave a particular piece if software out, etc.) hence they are able to make the product cheaper for the store. (Example: if one reads the ingredients for am Crest tube of toothpaste in Walmart and then read the ingredients for the same product in say a CVS or a Walgreens, you'll see what they removed from the Walmart version in order to make it cheaper to sell.) If one wants a cheap phone be warned.

Just picked one up at Best Buy for my mother's birthday tomorrow. Funny thing is, I dropped my brother off at a corporate Verizon Wireless store so he could upgrade his daughters phone to a 4S, and then drove over to Best Buy to pick up the 5C. No lie, I was in and out of Best Buy in 10 minutes! When I went back to Verizon to pick up my brother, I had to wait another 20 minutes for him to finish up.

Granted, I was going to get the 5C for the birthday gift anyway.....but that $50 promo certainly sweetened the pot!