Best of iMore: 6 months later!

Best of iMore: 6 months later!

Every week at iMore we publish more breaking news, in-depth reviews, helpful how-tos, and editorial views than you can shake an apple at. While we're waiting for the week that will be to begin, here's a look back at the week that was, and at the very best iPhone, iPad, Mac, app, and accessory coverage we brought you! This week I review iOS 7.1, my mom reviews the iPhone 5c, Apple brings back the iPad 4,

Special coverage

  • iOS 7.1 review: Apple's update, 6-months in the making. But what does it really add and more importantly, what does it really fix?
  • iPhone 5c review: 6-months later: My mom was kind enough to write this review for us, give it a read!
  • iPad buyers guide: Updates for spring 2014 and Apple's re-introduction of the iPad 4.
  • Best iPhone carrier in 2014: A lot has changed since the iPhone 5s launched, so given the new early upgrade and family sharing plans, what's the best deal now?
  • GDC 2014: Simon Sage and Mark Guim went all the way to San Francisco to bring you sneak previews of the hottest games you'll be playing this year!

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Your most important story of the week?

That's just some of what we published last week. What do you consider the most important story? Did we list it or did we miss it? Let me know!

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Rene Ritchie

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Best of iMore: 6 months later!


Hit the nail on the head.

iOS 8 and Healthbook leaks, I think, are the most important news-wise. It gives insight into Apples 2014 focus, the iPhone-next especially, and hope for the long-rumored iWatch. It's hard to imagine Apple releasing iOS 8 in all it's health & fitness glory without their (allegedly) health and fitness inspired iWatch. I'm so excited for iPhone 6 and iOS 8. I think it will be their biggest leap forward in both hardware, and functionality - with it's one year head start in 64-bit processing. By far the most exciting year for Apple since the introduction of the iPad, in my opinion.

Wow, just look at that screenshot. So much wasted real estate. Whatever happened to the full-screen, fully detailed images of my contacts I spent so much time tweaking? It's shrunken down to a tiny circle no bigger than the text it's sitting next to.

iOS 7 has a lot of great advancements, but they were just not thinking about this when they redid the Phone app's UI.

Hehe you should see me try to play soccer.
It's my twitter handle also, you don't follow me do you?!

Great article Rene