Best sleeves for MacBook Air 2022

One of the best things about the MacBook Air is that it's light and portable, making it perfect to take with you to a coffee shop, lecture hall, library or anywhere else you want to study or work. 

However, carrying your MacBook Air around with you everywhere does mean it's more prone to getting scratched or even dropped — that's why you need one of the best MacBook Air sleeves to protect it.

It's a great time of year to upgrade your MacBook Air with some new accessories, like one of the best cases of sleeves, because Black Friday deals are already beginning to roll in. The big day of sales is officially on November 25, but keep your eyes peeled for discounts before then. 

The best cases and sleeves to keep your MacBook Air safe

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How to find the perfect sleeve for your MacBook Air

You don't need to get a big bulky case to protect your MacBook Air if you don't want to; the best MacBook Air sleeves offer a great way to keep your MacBook Air looking pristine while you move around. This collection of MacBook Air sleeves has some of the best in the business, offering stylish looks while keeping your best MacBook safe and secure on the go. We mention just how beautifully designed this Mac laptop is in our MacBook Air with M1 review, so you're going to want the best MacBook Air sleeves to make sure you keep your laptop in pristine condition.

Our personal favorite is Mosiso Shock Resistant Sleeve. The diamond pattern serves to give a fun look but also provides extra padding, making both protective and attractive. For a great price point, you're getting a handy accessory bag with it as well.

When it comes to getting something simple that does the job, I can think of no better option than the tomtoc Laptop Sleeve. Its top zipper is not flimsy, so it stays in place when your MacBook Air is in transit, and the extra flap of protection in the interior is a nice added touch.

Keep in mind you'll want to double-check if these sleeves fit the latest MacBook Air with M2 if you've purchased Apple's newest addition to the lineup.