Best Sleeves for MacBook Air iMore 2021

One of the best things about the MacBook Air is how light and portable it is, making it perfect to take with you to the coffee shop when you want to study or work. Of course, carrying your best MacBook around with you everywhere does mean it's more prone to getting dinged or scratched — that's why you need one of the best MacBook Air sleeves to protect it. You don't need to get a big bulky case to protect your MacBook Air if you don't want to, the best MacBook Air sleeves offer a great way to keep your Macbook Air looking pristine while you move around. These sleeves will let you carry your MacBook around in style, without having to worry about attaching a clunky case to your new thin Mac laptop.

Mujjo Leather Sleeve

Professional style: Mujjo Leather sleeve

Staff Favorite

If you're looking to impress, but want to keep things classy, Mujjo's sleeve will likely catch your eye. It's made from thick wool felt and has a vegetable-tanned flap to accent the overall look. It comes in black or tan.

$86 at Amazon
Apple Leather Sleeve

Apple brand: Apple Leather Sleeve

If you want to be all-Apple, all the time, the Apple Leather Sleeve is your ticket to ride. It's made from handcrafted European leather and has a thin microfiber lining. It comes in saddle brown, midnight blue, and black.

$179 at Apple
tomtoc sleeve

Popular pick: tomtoc Laptop Sleeve

This standard 13.3-inch laptop sleeve is a popular choice for its quality and price. It's got a protective flap that zips up tight so your MacBook Air doesn't fall out. It's also got a soft fleece interior to protect from scratches and scuffs.

$15 at Amazon
Logic Case sleeve

Colorful choice: Case Logic sleeve

Case Logic's form-fitting sleeve is the perfect outer protection for the colorful types. It has an interior made from impact-resistant foam and woven webbing for added accents. It comes in dark blue, tannin, red, and pink.

$17 at Amazon
Mosiso Shock Resistant sleeve

Rugged but thin: Mosiso Shock Resistant sleeve

This tri-level thick case is perfect for those that take their MacBook Air outdoors a lot. It's got an internal soft foam cushion, a shockproof sponge layer, and a spill-resistant outer layer. The diamond pattern helps absorb impact and protect from drops. It's remarkably slim for having such rugged protection. It also comes in a variety of colors and includes a matching cable storage case.

$15 at Amazon
Amazon Basics sleeve

Budget option: Amazon Basics sleeve

If you just want something simple, secure, and low-cost, Amazon Basics has you covered. The 13.3-inch laptop sleeve has a form-fitting design with a zipper top. It's got a nylon woven trim for additional weight protection. Plus it has a small front pocket perfect for carrying any dongles or cables you need.

$16 at Amazon
GMYLE MacBook Air bundle

The whole package: GMYLE Macbook Air sleeve bundle

For less than $40, you can invest in not only a padded sleeve for your MacBook Air (with a front pocket!), but also get a hard case, privacy webcam cover, screen protector, and keyboard cover. It's five very useful accessories any MacBook owner would love, but at a very reasonable price.

$30 at Amazon
Picaso Lab black and red leather sleeve

Premium Leather: Picaso Lab leather sleeve

Picaso Lab's lineup of luxurious leather sleeves aren't just great to look at and hold, but can also be personalized with free engraving up to 15 characters. There are several different colors to choose from, and all feature high-contrast stitching and a soft felt interior.

From $68 at Picaso Lab

Luxury pick: Woolnut Leather Sleeve

The Woolnut Leather Sleeve is a sleek and luxurious leather sleeve for your MacBook Air that's bound to turn heads with its stylish and simple design. It's made from full-grain leather, while the inside is made out of a super soft natural gray wool felt. It comes in black and cognac color options.

$93 at Woolnut

Find the perfect sleeve for your brand new MacBook Air

This collection of MacBook Air sleeves has some of the best in the business, offering stylish looks while keeping your MacBook safe and secure on the go. We mention just how beautifully designed this Mac laptop is in our MacBook Air with M1 review, so you're going to want the best MacBook Air sleeves to make sure you keep your laptop in pristine condition.

Our personal favorite is Mujjo's Leather Sleeve. We love that thick wool felt look and the classy leather flap, making it both sleek and stylish and super practical.

The GMYLE's bundle is an incredibly great bargain for all you get, giving you and your MacBook Air the most bang for your buck. Between its padded sleeve, hard case with webcam cover, and screen protector, and keyboard cover, it's a total protection package.

When it comes to getting something simple that does the job, I can think of no better option than the tomtoc Laptop Sleeve. Its top zipper is not flimsy so it stays in place when your MacBook Air is in transit, and the extra flap of protection in the interior is a nice added touch.

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