Best personal finance apps for iPhone: BillGuard, myFICO, BUDGT, and more!

Best iPhone apps to help you take control of your personal finances: BillGuard, myFICO, BUDGT, and more!

The best personal finance apps for iPhone to help you monitor your credit, track your purchases, and save money faster!

Everyone wants to get a better handle on their personal finances. Whether it's remembering to pay bills on time or working on improving a credit score, iPhone apps are a secure, convenient way both to get started and to stay serious. No matter what your personal finance goals are, the App Store has lots of iPhone apps that can help you meet them. So, which are the absolute best ones?


Best iPhone apps to help you take control of your personal finances: BillGuard

BillGuard lets you track all your credit cards and monitor all activity on them in once place. It's even got Passbook support built right in so you can view where all your accounts stand at a glance. Since BillGuard is crowd sourced data, it's always up to date. Clear transactions you know are safe and flag ones you didn't authorize. BillGuard can even contact the merchant on your behalf. Aside from monitoring, BillGuard can also show you where your money's going and where you can save.

If you want the best credit card monitoring service available, look no further than BillGuard.


Best iPhone apps to help you take control of your personal finances: MyFICO

FICO is a subscription credit monitoring service that keeps you up to date on your credit score and report. Any changes to it and you are automatically notified. The myFICO app for iPhone is a great way to stay on top of your score on the go. You are alerted via push notification to any change in your score and you can view your current score in one tap. You can password protect the app as well so no unauthorized users can view your credit info.

If you want to keep an iron grip on your credit report and score, myFICO is where it's at.


Best iPhone apps to help you take control of your personal finances: BUDGT

No one likes budgeting their money but some people have to, or they'll never save anything. I've found BUDGT to be the most painless budgeting app I've ever used. Not only is it drop dead simple to use, the interface is beautiful and just makes sense. Simply set a budget for different categories and then track expenses as you incur them. BUDGT takes care of the rest and lets you know at a glance where you need to scale back and where you've still got room to breathe.

If you're trying to spend less and save more, BUDGT can help you get back on track.


Best iPhone apps to help you take control of your personal finances: Check

Check, formerly known as Pageonce, is a great tool for managing bills and making sure everything is paid on time. At a quick glance Check can tell you what bills you have coming due soon and remind you of approaching due dates via push notifications. If you choose to, Check can even pay your bills on your behalf. Check has lots of other useful features too and can manage and monitor as much or as little as you want to let it.

If you have trouble keeping up with due dates or want to avoid late fees, Check is a must have.


Best iPhone apps to help you take control of your personal finances: Splitwise

Splitwise is a handy app that lets you choose to split any kind of bill you need to whether it's a meal or groceries. It also lets you track money that you loan out to others. Going on a vacation with a group of friends? You can even enter expenses for a trip and then split them how you'd like.

If you want to track who owes you money and split expenses easily between multiple people, get Splitwise.

Your picks?

These are what I currently consider to b the best apps to stay on top of my personal finances. Did I miss one of your favorites? Anything you're using that we should know about?

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Best personal finance apps for iPhone: BillGuard, myFICO, BUDGT, and more!


I am a big fan of Mint. I set everything up on their website and then use the iOS app on both my phone and ipad. It handles budgets, transactions, bill alerts and everything is brought in directly from your online accounts with your banks and credit card companies. Simple and Easy.

Came here to say the same thing. I find Mint is not only useful, but also very nice looking in terms of design and aesthetics

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We use Mint, too, and the only gripe I have is that it's tricky to set up savings envelopes to put money into every month. For example, my wife and I have our own "slush funds" that we put a regular amount of money into each month for our own discretionary expenses. It's not an actual separate bank accounts, just a portion of our savings that we track. Tricky to do stuff like this in Mint. We managed a way to make it work, but it could be more straightforward.

I use a "one-two punch" system. I use to have a nice top-down view of my finances and I use for my budget needs. This combo is as powerful as they come. I dare you to find something better.

Another vote for YNAB. Has change my family's life for the better. Anyone have any recommendations for investment account tracking apps? I would love something that pulls all the information about which investments your accounts are currently holding and how they are diversified.

I use Mint for my budgets, Quicken 2014 to enter my transactions, and Credit Karma to track my credit

Too busy / lazy to enter these info by hand ... so have been using Over the years, it has been improved .... A LOT! So, I'm happy with it.

myFICO? It's not available to us in Canada! No surprise. I have online subscription to both Equifax and TransUnion .... which both SUCK! Trust me when I say they both suck and think their customers are like walking ATM machines and should not expect any service!

With that said, anything like myFICO in Canada?

EDIT: Sorry ... long day in my office! Thanks as always, Allyson. :)

Odd that Quicken is left out of the list -- while it does require Quicken Desktop, it's about as comprehensive as it gets when it comes to mobile financial management. Some of the other apps are OK, but an article on financial management without mentioning Quicken...?

I love the Dollarbird app. The calendar feature makes it really easy to see how much money you will have at a certain time in the future.

Thanks for the tip another good app for financing is Manilla. Great review of all the apps.

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BillMinder was the first app I bought in 2009 when I got my first iPhone, and it's the only non-OEM app that has lasted this long on my devices. Never failed me once, simple yet they keep adding new features. It's a miracle app. At a glance I can see all bills coming up, what I've paid, and where my $ is going. On payday I whip open the app (either on my iPad or iPhone and they sync perfectly), look at what's due the next few weeks, pay them, and I'm good to go. Saves me so much time and worry, and has everything I need without all kinds of bloat. Best. App. Ever. Don't know what I'd do without it.

The Famously Simple Budget App. Its a basic spend tracking utility with surprising flexibility in terms of changing budget period, adding categories, duplicating common expenses, etc. Really let's you get a handle on how your spending is going from check to check.

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I love Moni for keeping a track of my outgoings, and use Best Budget for a couple of budgets, mostly my food and petrol spending. And a good old spreadsheet for setting my budget/cash flow.

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I used BillMinder for a long time, very good. Now I use Bill Alert to make sure things get paid, and I use Simple Bank to manage cash flow and to save for short- medium-term goals, like buying a new Mac or iOS device.

I use Check, had it since my blackberry days and still use it up to this day.

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I use Check, had it since my blackberry days and still use it up to this day.

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I bet no has heard of Plot yet?
It's for the iPad (only, for now) and it's free.
We also just launched a week ago.
Its still in beta and there are more features to come before v1.0.

It's a little different from other PFM apps.
Watch the video on the site or YouTube

In a nutshell: Plot looks into your financial future instead of looking into your past.

I hope you like it.


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I love using Unsplurge to make saving money more fun. It's simple to log progress whenever I save towards my goal of creating an emergency fund, and I get lots of positive feedback from a community of other savers for my good behavior =). Seeing the progress add up is also extremely motivating.

Recommend everyone to check it out, it's awesome and it's free.

I just signed up with Credit Sesame to monitor & improve my credit. Really happy with their service so far! They also offer ID theft insurance & loan analysis - best part is it's all free.