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What you need to know

  • Nudget is a simple budgeting app.
  • It calculates your daily budget based on monthly net income, housing, spending, and savings amounts.
  • There is support for other recurring expenses.
  • You get powerful insights on your spending over time.
  • Your data is kept private.

Unless you're a millionaire, watching our finances is an important task that we should all be doing, and one thing that helps is having a budget. However, budgeting isn't always easy — fortunately, there are apps that can help you out with that. A new one that hit the block recently is Nudget by Sawyer Blatz. Nudget is an app that focuses on quick and simple recording and tracking of your money.

When you first launch Nudget, it will ask you for your monthly income (after taxes and deductions). The number that you provide becomes the base of your budget, and then it will ask you for your housing expense, spending money, and amount to save each month. If you have other recurring expenses, you can add them in after the initial setup.

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Once you have all of your expenses in Nudget, the app calculates how much money you have available to spend each day — this is your budget. I know for some people, like me, it is hard to figure out how much you are allowed to, or should be, spending every day if you want to have some savings. Nudget does the legwork for you.

If you never know how much money to put in each "bucket" of spending, like most other budgeting apps require, Nudget is the app for you. Nudget never asks you to allocate funds to a certain category of spending. Instead, Nudget works by analyzing your "spending money" expenses, comparing them against each other, and putting you in control of your spending.

For some, budgeting is done by analyzing every dollar and creating spreadsheets to figure out where each penny went. But let's face it — that's not the most fun, or simple way to go about it. Nudget's clean and seamless interface makes it easy to input the numbers and figure out how much you can be spending every day, without the hassle.

Understanding your spending habits shouldn't require you to learn a bunch of spreadsheet software or make complex charts. That's why Nudget analyzes your spending for you in the Insights tab. Insights take all the guesswork out of where your money is going and lets you know if your spending is off track.

As you continue to use Nudget, the app will learn about your spending habits and be able to provide you with Insights. That's where you can see where the most of your money goes, how much you're above or below budget, where spikes are, and more. It gives you a better understanding of where your money is going each month.

Nudget is a very simple approach to budgeting, and could be worth taking a look at if you often struggle with tracking your expenses.

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Nudget brings a simple and seamless approach to monthly budgeting.

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