Apple Card and Apple Cash can now share data with budgeting apps in iOS 17.4 — Here are the apps that support it so far

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If you’re tired of checking multiple apps to keep an eye on your budget, iOS 17.4 has just solved your problem. 

Now, Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Apple Savings data can all be accessed through budgeting apps, though many apps haven’t integrated it just yet. Before now, the ability to integrate savings with budgeting apps was exclusive to Mint but, with that closing down in January, customers were left without the option. 

Given the three Apple banking services will be part of many customers' day-to-day spending, any apps without the ability to carry over data may be left behind. Luckily, there are three viable options right now, with more likely to come in the future. 

Which apps support Apple Card integration? 

You Need a Budget, a paid-only budgeting app announced it was available. In a statement on X, it said “YNAB is proud to be one of the first apps to offer direct import with Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings with Apple Card”

CoPilot, another paid service also announced: “Starting today, Copilot can keep track of your Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings accounts.” Where YNAB is a more structured experience where you have to account for each dollar in advance, CoPilot is a bit more flexible, with AI-based insights. 

Finally, a third budgeting service called Monarch announced that “In direct collaboration with Apple, Monarch is one of the first to offer full Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings support with iOS 17.4.” Monarch, as well as having all the standard functions of a budgeting app, is good for entire families and has a focus on saving, as opposed to day-to-day spending. It is also paid, like the previous two. 

As of right now, there are no free budgeting apps that offer Apple Card integration, though they are likely to come further down the line. Given the three above managed to get updates out in the launch window of iOS 17.4, this gives the apps an upper hand on the competition. If you lament Mint shutting down, you might find a good alternative here and the selection is only likely to get bigger with time. 

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