BodyGuardz Dry Apply for iPhone 4 give-away!

You know we love BodyGuardz here at TiPb, and the great folks at NLU love the TiPb nation as well -- so much so they're letting giving away three (3) of their brand new BodyGuardz Dry Apply for iPhone 4!

Specially designed to maintain optical clarity and durability without interfering with touch-screen functionality, BodyGuardz Dry Apply is essential for the iPhone 4, which features a fresh, flatter design, and a glass back, increasing the need for full-body protection that doesn’t mask its sleek look. The patent-pending application process features the use of and adhesive that uses an anti-microbial mold inhibitor and anti-corrosion compound that is mixed directly into the product formula, providing easy-to-apply, instantly clear, scratch-proof device protection. As with all BodyGuardz products, BodyGuardz Dry Apply are made from the highest quality material

Want a BodyGuardz Dry Apply for your iPhone -- or brand new Verizon iPhone? Just leave a comment below and tell us what you most want to protect your iPhone from! (Make sure you leave a valid email address, we won't make it public but we will use it to contact you if you get one of the give aways!)



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Spraynard says:

The bill and Melinda gates foundation.

Ken Boyer says:

I most want to protect my iPhone from scratches. I am going with a pouch made by Krusell as my case and had pretty much decided the Bodyguardz would be my screen protector of choice. Now I have a chance to win one. Awesome!!

ChrisLopez says:

I would love a BodyGuardz Dry Apply for my new Verizon Iphone. I'm the first person in my family with one, and I think the BodyGuardz will help protect my phone from my families drool and nasty fingerprints as I dangle it in front of their whiny faces. I often throw my phone into my pocket with my keys and I would love to test this products ability to protect my phone from the oft dreaded etching of a screen or casing.

RobertoN says:

I would protect it from my little brother who drops it almost everyday

ed says: tears of joy when i win the BodyGuardz Dry Apply.

ArleneN says:

I've got 2 rugrats who are eagerly wanting to play with Mommy's new I want to protect my new toy from their abuse and scratches!

sherlock says:

I work in agriculture and do a good bit of field work. You can imagine I have to take steps to protect my iPhone from wind, dust, rain and most other elements except the dark of night.

Chazz says:

Interested to know if it really protects the phone well, and a Verizon iPhone can't hurt.

Hattie Petty says:

I want to protect from scratches on the screen and damages to the important areaslike the corners.

Roger De Luna III says:

I want to protect my iPhone from other iPhones. Unprotected iPhone sex is the leading cause of early iPhone death. True story.

Steve Olson says:

My 2.5 year old and my 1 year old LOVE playing with my phone - although sometimes "playing" means tossing it, scraping toys against it, eating it, etc. I would love to have just an extra layer of protection for when my kids go all rambo on my phone

Max in Houston says:

I’d love to put the BodyGuards Dry apply on my new iPhone 4. I just recently got mine (AT&T) after waiting for upgrade date. What a beautiful phone it is, and to cover it with a case to protect the back and front, would really be a shame. I see that these protectors are the same quality of what is used on those invisible shields that they use on the front of cars, and that says a lot. I constantly take my phone from my pocket, to my desk top at work, to my holder in my car. After research of this product, I have to think to myself….what a perfect way to protect my iPhone and show it’s natural beauty, without having to be concerned that it will scratch! I want one!!!

BBCurve9300 says:

I'd like to protect my iPhone from everything, like dust and scartches but most of all protect it from Lenna and Chad...#TeamJailbreak

Chief203 says:

I would to love this for my Verizon iPhone. I'm a firefighter and need to protect it from the day to day around the fire station.

GrandmaBetty says:

I want a BodyGuardz because I am sick of my wavy screen Invisible Sheild.

Jordan Taylor says:

I want to protect my iPhone 4 from drowning in various bodies of water!!

Carlito says:

Pick me im rocking a crappy eBay shield and I'm in desperate need

Lucas Kexby says:

I would like to get one to protect my 1st iPhone.

BigMACattack says:

Need the dry apply to help from all the sand that gets in my pockets from running on the beaches in San Diego!

Stef says:

I would want the BodyGuardz to protect it against Murphy's law and the absolute probability that as soon as my screen is unprotected, I'll most likely scratch the screen unwillingly...

cheerleadingchizzy says:

Want a BodyGuardz Dry Apply for your iPhone — or brand new Verizon iPhone? Just leave a comment below and tell us what you most want to protect your iPhone from!
I would be the happiest person ever to win a BodyGuardz Dry Apply :) I definitely want to get a protective cover for my new iphone that I hopefully will be getting ASAP because I'm eligible to upgrade. I am scared to death of getting any scratches or nicks on my future iphone because it's so beautiful (and expensive!)and I don't think I could live with having an iphone looking less than perfect, because we all know, the iphone is perfection... well mostly, I ignore the flaws ;) Please let me win one of these!!!

cheerleadingchizzy says:

Oopssss I forgot to erase the beginning part, my bad!! :)

Mike H says:

Protection from my kids :)

miloszz#AC says:

I would like BodyGuardz to protect my iphone from... ME! ;)

munguirick says:

I Want the BodyGuardz Dry to protect my iPhone when I am playing soccer

Fernando says:

I want to protect my new Verizon iPhone and at the same time show it off cause it's a lovely looking phone. Hook me up

Darin says:

I want to protect my iPhone from falling from my crotch. When sitting, I don't like having my phone in my pocket, where it's hard to retrieve as well as hard to hear if it rings. I place it in my crotch so it's both easy to get, as well as in my peripheral vision if it lights up or vibrates. I often forget it's there when I stand up, and it drops to the floor, making me freeze and cringe every time.

Tim S says:

I want to protect it from anything that may happen to it while at a emergency scene. firetrucks and phones don't like each other.

Matthew G. says:

I want it for when my phone slides off my lap. It's very slippery because of the glass.

Shawn Lane says:

I want to protect my iPhone 4 when my 3 year gets my phone!!!

Amy Niedergerke says:

I use my iPhone to keep score at my son's ballgames. I need a really great case to protect against all the dirt flying around at the ballpark...and from all the rugrats flying around at the ballpark!

Sidberto says:

I need to protect it from my little brother. Even though he's 24, I don't trust him with nice things.

Todd Sullivan says:

I want it to protect if from my kids dirty fingers.

Dave H says:

I want to protect my iPhone from my car keys and coins.

bebass says:

Just got my Verizon iPhone - I'd love BodyGuardz Dry Apply to protect it - thanks for the contest.

Kylealanr says:

I need to protect my phone from the army of droids growing over at androidcentral!!!

Tom Henry says:

My two hobbies are farming, and scuba instructing, both of which are brutally harsh environments. I have tried the otterbox, but still seem to get a lot of dust in the case. I would love to try the "dry" bodyguardz, especially if it would fit inside the otterbox. Thanks, Tom

SteveC says:

I want to protect my iPhone from myself - I am my own worst enemy!!!!! ;)

mels531 says:

I want to protect it for when I drop it in the driveway and from all the accident prone things I end up doing with my cell phone.

Jen says:

I'd like to protect my iphone 4 from my grubby kids prints and scratches. :)

Bazsiphone says:

I hate scratches. I need that:)

the dude says:

zagg shields suck. i want to try this one!

Andy says:

I Work with fish so it would be lovely to protect my precious i4 from all the cludge that dealing with live fish all day brings with it!! :D

J says:

I want it to protect it from the new kitty X_X

Timm says:

I need to protect it from my kids! They think it's a toy!

cyruss612 says:

I would love to protect my phone from scratches and the occasional drop. =) These are great looking cases.

icebox93 says:

I'm worried about protecting it from keys and change in my pocket pens and clips in my briefcase, and from messes in the kitchen when I read recipies off the phone.

Ferro says:

My iphone is naked it needs Protection against the devastating elements within my pocket.

George H says:

I definitely need to protect my iPhone from my kid! He loves it so much (just like his dad). But, sometimes he's a little rough. Thanks!

Cleet1s says:

you gotta wrap that thing.
i'm just sayin'

Diegomorales25 says:

I have tried the invisible shield and it is always comes off. Need one that will stay on.

Gaston says:

I want to protect it from the tiny scratches. I am so careful with my phone...and those are what will annoy you until the end!

cevmkv says:

i need a dry apply cause i wear pants that are so tight that cant fit my phone in my pocket with a case on!

Raskal says:

I have a dog. He's big, brown, and he drools. He drools a lot. He also hates phone cases as evidenced by the teeth marks on some cases I have. Yet, he doesn't seem to mind the phone itself, so naked is good.
But, naked is also bad for the phone. I'm hoping this will fool him.

Eric says:

It's like jeggings for my phone...Who wouldn't need that!!!!!

MfS says:

I'd love to use a BodyGuardz Dry Apply for iPhone 4 to protect my iP4 from my 5.5-year-old son! I happily share my iPhone with him off & on, but sometimes I cringe when I see him running down our hallway with it in his hands to hand it to me...usually after eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.
I had a BodyGuardz on my iPhone 3GS & loved it. Would love one for the iP4.

Ralph says:

I want to protect mt iPhone 4 from my friends, since my phone is just a gaming system to them! It would also help protect it from the two kids I babysit since I use my phone to entertain them a lot!
I had one on my iPhone 3G, but I gave that to my sister because she wanted it :)

Taylor Bussell says:

I have always used BodyGuardz for all of my devices. My iPad, iPod Touch, and old phones all have BodyGuardz on them. I order from BodyGuardz and follow and I think I should win this screen protector! This is the best Screen protector that is offered by the best blog! My new iPhone 4 would be protected from everything!!!! Thanks

Tkraft82 says:

i need to protect it from this stupid snow!!

kmiahali says:

It would come in handy to protect against the many objects in my bag that are lethal to the iPhone ( my keys, pens, and water bottle). Besides, how else would I send in tips to TiPb as soon as news breaks if my iPhone was not protected? :)

hugecanoli says:

Going bareback in NJ is never a good idea. I need protection!!

Michael says:

I need protection for my iphone from EVERYTHING! the phone is too good looking to put in a case so I always just carry it around as is and need the bodyguardz to keep it from getting dinged up. gimme! gimme! gimme!

flashgordy says:

I want to protect my iPhone 4 from the hordes of angry birds constantly trying to destroy it. If the birds don't get it, the death worms are sure to wreak havoc on my poor, unprotected iPhone. I love BodyGuardz and know they can keep my iDevices safe!

DamnSkippy says:

My keys! I always put them in the same pocket as my phone without thinking.

applefanboi says:

I'm surprised my iPhone has lasted as long as it has! I would use the case to protect it from the damage it would receive from being dropped almost constantly at times... poor thing... also, like DoubleAron, I put my keys in the same pocket as my phone as well.

peruboy63 says:

From nasty Android fingers lol

BigLarr2121 says:

I want to protect it from everything.

Lai saelee says:

Went through 3 different screens hopefully this will be my last, protect against clamidia?

Thorasgar says:

Keys in pocket and of course my kids

Chris says:

I would love to have one of these as up to this point I have refused buying a shield so that I can preserve the clarity of the retina display. This has come at a small cost as I now have 2 very tiny scratches on the front of the phone. Please save my screen from further torture.
broke (hopefully not too much longer) college kid.

alexander__ekin says:

I hate scratch on my lovely iphone 4 and i need awesome full body protector like BODYGUARDZ, thanks

Colin says:

i really need to protect my iphone from asteroid-shower outbreaks! they're a common occurrence where i'm from!

Vicious_Cid says:

I need BodyGuardz skin to keep it caseless :D

Tyler says:

Gotta protect it from my kids and their peanut butter hands.

Javier says:

I tried another cases but my Iphone's immune system rejects them.
It demands the finest of the finest. Only.

Wes B says:

I've got an extremely active 2 year old, a couple of dogs and myself to protect my new iPhone from. Full coverage BodyGuardz would come in handy.

Tom says:

Protect it from motor oil, grease, dust and abrasive chemicals. Yes, I work at an auto shop.

OrionAntares#CB says:

I would want to protect the glass surfaces from particulates getting into a case and causing scratching.

erik s says:

Looks like a great product. would love to win it

61Butte says:

I thought the video was going to show the "dry apply" process!

Hakala says:

I would use bodyguardz to protect my iPhone from paint! I use spraypaints very frequently, and the aerosol lingers in the air, so believe it or not, the colors stick to my iPhone when it gets pulled out. I've gotten it cleaned, carefully, but very tediously.

DoctorK says:

I have never used a screen protector before. In fact, on my previous blackberries, I never used a case at all! But with my new Verizon iPhone 4, I have a case to protect against accidental drops that would shatter the screen.
A screen protector would help save me from the panic sweats I get upon realizing I almost put my iPhone in the same coat pocket as my keys. I've only had the phone for about three days and my nerves are beyond frayed!

logantx says:

To protect from the grimy hands of my kids.

Chad says:

I just got my brand new Verizon iPhone and do not have any accessories for it! I would love to be able to protect it from a drop or anything else that may harm this beautiful iPhone!

ReeseyKups says:

Wrap it before you tap it ;). The iPhone I mean :0

BillR says:

Living in the desert in California subjects my iPhone to constant blowing sand which is very abrasive.

ABQMD says:

I plan on carrying my new iPhone naked, so one of these would be great to try!

SvedishChef says:

I have a Verizon iPhone and would love to win this. THANKS!

pbertling says:

BodyGuardz are, by far, the superior invisible protection for iPhone. To be nice, I am selling my AT&T iphone with one on and throwing in the second to the new owner. But now Daddy's new Verizon iPhone needs a new suit. So please think of me when giving them away. Thank you.

Eduardo a says:

That protection would be awsome, tho my 3gs is all scrached up already, tho my ipad is in perfect shape, maybe if i win i cna exchange it for an ipads and finally break it free from the outside cover :)

Steven Castle says:

I work in a very dusty, dirty environment and could really use one for my new Verizon iPhone. Please.

Mark Bowsher says:

I need it to protect my iPhone from my survival compartment AKA my pocket, at which in any given time is filled with keys, coins,knife,lighter and other objects of destruction.

Alli says:

I believe in protection! And I really dislike keeping a case on now. The iP4 is too beautimous to cover up.

Darrell Green says:

Im impressed. Can I have one?

KekoaLani says:

Aloha. My old iPhone 3Gs had a Flip cover case and I was able to keep it in perfect condition so I was able to trade it in for $189. Then I bought my iPhone 4 for $150. Now I have a great battery case and my screen is naked. I need the BodyGuardz to protect my phone as I use with a student I tutor and it could get attacked by objects in my briefcase. It is important to keep my phone pristine when I want to trade it in, in the future. Mahalo for the chance to win!

mozyme says:

Everything! (except me)

Bird_Flu says:

My pocket and my 2 year old.

Lindsey says:

My butterfingers, but more so those of my coworkers, who knock it off the counter or stuff it into a drawer constantly.

markmoore910 says:

I want to protect my iPhone from just everyday wear and tear. Minor bumps and scratches.

Christian says:

Everyday atrocities that can damage,srape,scratch,even smear such a beautiful intelligent device. Oh and the fact that every time i have pizza the grease that gets in my hands makes it hard to pick up the phone really fast and in most ends up flying across the room and hitting the face... sorry grandma. (Just once)

Crypton says:

From other cases!
I always use a case, but either the case scratches the back of my iPhone (3GS) or the edges get scrachty over time...
(My wife has an iPhone 4, btw)

WaterMan says:

I install water treatment equipment in closets, basements, garages and crawl spaces.
I go upstairs, downstairs, and through trap doors in floors.
I use pipes and torches and walk on front porches.
I need protection for my iPhone's affection.

Ben says:

I go through about 1 screen protector every 2 months. Due to my travel schedule (moving between Spain and Africa), pocket contents, keys, other crappy phone, different currencies and of course my work in the workshop. If I get this and it survives more than a few weeks without being scratched, it will be proven as the best in the market.

Brandon says:

From anything and everything that can hurt my baby!

Rafael says:

There's so much to protect my iPhone from. Probably first is the tennis court, where I cracked my first one.

Schuthrax says:

One of my cats likes to chew on my iPhone, I would think one of these would help keep it safe!

dunn.brian says:

I just received my new iPhone 4 and I love it. However, I am scared of getting scratches on it and scoffs from minor drops.
I'd love to throw my name into the hat! Thank you for all of the competitions, TiPb is number 1.

Baldwin says:

I would keep it away from everyone.......i wouldnt allow anyone to come near it.....i would protect it with my life

Cindy Mason says:

I'm not sure which one is worse... my long nail or the contents in my purse.

Melvyn says:

Three male offspring who love my tech and hate being careful.

Jesse says:

I want to protect my iPhone from velocirators!

Braun00 says:

I want to protect my iPhone from just everyday wear and tear. Minor bumps and scratches.

Sean says:

I took my iPhone mountain biking today -- inside a sandwich bag. Lame and not great protection, considering we bombed down some pretty serious stuff. Two weeks ago, I tried to shoot some video with it snowboarding, and the sandwich bag sucked for that too. I could really use BodyGuardz!

Mel says:

I think everyone has said it all. We desire a protective screen to screen away any and all environmental elements our piece of art will be exposed too!

Cyndi says:

I need it to protect my new iPhone screen from my nail polish. There is something about the screen if you accidentally rub your fingernail across it you leave some polish behind. GRRR!@

Bob Moreno says:

Send me one to protect my iPhone 4 from the splatter of paint at my work.

Simon Emmerson says:

Well, I always keep my wallet and my keys in my pocket, and whenever I put anything else in either pocket, it gets scratched. So yeah, I want to protect my Iphone 4 from... my pockets...

Mike LeFever says:

to protect it from me haha ive been through at least 25 phones in the past two years im now on my third iPhone 4

Chandara says:

I would love to protect my iphone from all my junk in my backpack (keys,pencils,cosmetic bag,textbooks,wallet,laptop charger, etc)! Scratches are the WORST!

Thomas says:

I want to protect my iPhone from my sister mostly :P and dust and all that because I don't like scratches at all
Thanks :)