Cut the Rope Holiday Gift coming in time for Christmas!

Good news for all of you Cut the Rope fans out there as Zepto Lab and Chillingo are getting ready to release an all new holiday gift version in time for Christmas. Many games such as Doodle Jump and Angry Birds have started the trend of releasing holiday game versions. I'm glad to see Cut the Rope is going to follow that trend.

Cut the Rope's most recent update added UI enhancements and an all new Cosmic Box world. I just beat it yesterday by collecting all 3 stars in every level. I'm personally really looking forward to the Christmas release. Just as the Angry Birds holiday version was a separate app, Cut the Rope is going to follow with that trend. Don't get upset yet though. They'll be offering the Holiday Gift version of their app for free!

Anyone else excited to see On Nom wear some reindeer antlers?

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Allyson Kazmucha

Senior editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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Reader comments

Cut the Rope Holiday Gift coming in time for Christmas!


I wonder which "holiday" it is. Easter, Labor Day, Halloween?
Maybe it is Christmas! Maybe that is what Ally should call it.

@Ally - Good to see that you monitor your posts. I think some others post and run and never return to look at comments, good or bad.

As much as it bugs me that companies say holiday more than what it really is Christmas don't blame Ally because she called it by what it's named. I'm sure if they had named it Christmas gift she would have called it that. Either way I can't wait for this to release! Good post by the way!

A gift? Will it be free? Otherwise, how does a pay-for-purchase new game qualify as a 'gift'?

@Drew I think they call it "holiday" because app store restrictions are a pain and Apple doesn't like to let devs rename their products, so like angry birds seasons, they'll probably just update this version to other seasons as well, so I'm assuming "holiday" would allow them to encompass all holidays.
hope this helps :)
@JamesT I can't say I'm the greatest at always reading comments but I try as time and work allows :)

JamesT. Quit worrying that their is some sort of WAR on your precious, highly obnoxious, commercially exploited and 100% most widely recognized and celebrated holiday of the year. Thanks.

How about they fix the basic app so that achievements like avoid 200 spiders and pop 100 bubbles can be met? These are still bugged in the most recent version.

@FL - War against Christmas? The "war" is against political correctness and people being too sensitive to others. I'm just waiting for the PC cops to turn 'Snowman' to 'Snowperson'.
Rene is the wrost of them all. He is a great writer but he will allow a PC statement to mess up the whole story.
PS - If Christmas bothers you, I'm sure there are many other places you can move where December 25th is just another day...

JamesT I couldn't agree with you more about the word Crhistmas. It losses me off to no end some of the buerocracy and red tape this country goes through. But I do understand, in this particular case here, that people from many different countries read this blog. If it was only available to the US then I would rag it out, but I can understand this blog is actually physically read outside our country. And people have their own rights having read it from their computer which in their house. In their own country.

This is great news. I just beat the bonus box last week(3 stars) and Ally can confirm that some of the stars were almost impossible.
Looking forward to this update. Keep up the good work. I wish more developers would games as addicting as this game & Angry Birds :twisted:

Here's a thought, release that version AND add the same stuff to the normal version for those of us with mild OCD and not wanting a separate app or the same thing

So the bubbles achievement is bugged??? Ughhh, I sat there for 15 min just popping bubbles trying to get it. No wonder... How lame!

It is Christmas, but it is also a lot of other holidays, even IN the US. If someone wants to encompass them all, that's their right and nothing to get your panties in a bunch about. Sheesh.