Dead Trigger 2 gets major update with new weapons, story content and more

dead trigger 2

Developer Madfinger Games has released a major new update to their free-to-play zombie first person shooter Dead Trigger 2 for the iPhone and iPad, adding in a ton of content such as new weapons, more of the game's story campaign and additional features.

The continuation of the story campaign takes place in Europe where the player will "continue the search of the Red One and the origins of the mutation." In addition, all of the older story campaigns are now open and available for replay. There's also a new Arena level called Purgatory, which contains "new bizarre traps like Impaling Spikes and Gallows Ropes." Madfinger Games will be organizing online tournaments every weekend for the Arena level.

Dead Trigger 2 also has two new weapons in this update, the Metal Gun and the Area 51 Gun, along with some new environments, improved visuals and more. You can download the game now in the App Store.

Download for free: Dead Trigger 2

Source: Madfinger Games

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Dead Trigger 2 gets major update with new weapons, story content and more


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