Dear Santa Jobs: All We Want for iPhone 4.0 is...


Dear Santa Jobs, all we want for Christmas iPhone 4.0 is... Well, grab your cocoa (touch) and take a long sip, because just like our buddy Derek, we've a bit of a list this year.

Don't get us wrong, you revolutionized a lazy, arrogant smartphone industry with your UI in 2007, shook up mobile app delivery with your store in 2008, and re-defined the "budget" $99 price point in 2009, all the while pushing software updates and evolving hardware that forced your competitors to catch up or re-invent themselves completely. But if the merry little elves of the Round Robin have shown us anything, it's that catch up they have. And more than that, even though we got stockings chock full of iPhone 3.0 cut-and-paste, stereo Bluetooth, MMS, and other goodies last year, there's still some minor little things we'd love you to resolve in 2010.

(And yes, we're aware almost all of these suggestions are straight out of Cydia and already available for Jailbroken iPhones. That's not coal worthy, it's a holiday miracle!)

Comfy? Good, because here's the naughty and nice of it...


ProSwitcher multitask UI for iPhoneYou worry about us, we get that. You don't want to bother us with nasty little task managers like Windows Phone, or no helplessness in the face of crash dialogs like Android. But Palm webOS took a play from your own MobileSafari Pages and showed that background app managements can be handled elegantly. Sure, they have issues with lag, but they can choose to open or close their cards, and we'd like our iPhones to give us that option as well. Heck (can we say heck to Santa?), ProSwitcher and Backgrounder have done it for you on Jailbreak.

Limit it if you're really worried. 8 Safari pages are it, maybe 2-4 background apps are more than enough for most people, especially as the iPhone 3GS is 2x as fast, and presumably the 4th generation iPhone will be yet more capable still. Push Notification is working great for many things, multitasking Pages would fill that final gap.

Notification System

GriP Growl for iPhoneSpeaking of Push Notifications. Gifting us with that service in 3.0 was right jolly indeed. Binding it up in old-school 1.x model dialogs was pure bah, humbug. Why force us to deal with something immediately or lose it forever, and why have a new notification obliterate one that came in half a second earlier? Android hinted at how to handle this better in 2008 and Palm upped the ante in 2009. They both queue notifications without locking up the system, and both let you go back and see what you've been notified about later. You've got them, you've got Apps like Boxcar that place notifications into a list view, and you've got several Jailbreak options, including GriP that's similar to Mac OS X's Growl (which we're still not certain why you haven't bought out and integrated yourselves).

Full on Android or webOS-style services would be fantastic, but at this point we'd even settle for a Notifications App that we could go to and see all our alerts, like our missed phone calls, stored and ready for access when we want to access them.

Widget-ized Lock/Home Screen

Jailbreak Sense UI for iPhoneAll our friends over on Nokia and HTC (that's who's basically taking over Windows Phone and Android) all got these things called Widgets now, which we really thought we'd have gotten too, given you're the same Santa Jobs who gave us Dashboard and Dashcode. But those Widgets are Apps on our iPhone, like Weather and Stocks, and instead of being glance-able they're only launch-able.

And see, we've got this lovely large screen here that when it's locked just stares at us anemically with the time and date and nothing else but boring, static wallpaper. Look at that lovelier, larger HTC HD2 screen and its animated weather. Look at the Nokia N97 (or even MotoBlur, if you can without turning to stone) and its Twitter and Facebook status bites. We know you could give us this too. You have the technology. And yes, Jailbreak has been doing this for a while as well. (Our friend James basically Jailbroke the equivalent of Sense UI onto his iPhone. Don't give him coal!)

You could also do it with a Home Screen or several. We can already swipe left to get to Spotlight. Make widgets the default screen and let us swipe right to get to all the apps. It's do-able. Do it.

Instant Access to Settings

sbsettings1-266x400The iPhone is wonderful for multi-touch. Everywhere except for the bar across the top. Sure, we can tap on it to scroll all the way up (and wonder why there's no equivalent to scroll all the way down), but when we tap on the 3G or WiFi icon, we get nothing. Zero. Zilch. Certainly not a quick and easy way to toggle Airplane Mode, WiFi or Bluetooth on and off, or anything else. Palm webOS does have that. SBSettings for Jailbreak too. We bet you could figure it out. We'd bet milk and cookies on it!


225To be honest with you, theming is not really our thing, but what's even less our thing is theming not being available for those who for whom theming is their thing. (And they shouldn't have to resort to WinterBoard or put up with obtuse Verizon commercials either).

Maybe the mere thought that someone outside Apple might change the "look" of your beautiful dock, but de-harshen that mellow. Let it go. Figure out some awesome theming system, elegantly package it and make it ready for developers to sell in packs on the App Store for the 30/70 split good of all.

Pull Down to Refresh

tweetie_refreshWith Tweetie 2, that Spirit of UI Future that is Atebits introduced a "pull down to refresh" action that's just so intuitive we end up trying to do it in Mail, in Safari, in every application that pulls and presents net-based content. And it doesn't work. Fix that, would you?


Right now most apps implement a soft "back" button, but it's not consistent across all apps and it's not that intuitive. Other platforms have a hardware "back" button. We know you probably think the iPhone has too many of those already, and we don't want another one anyway. Still, you could better use the one "home" button you have. Holding it down activates Voice Over on the 3GS and Triple-tap can turn on Accessibility. Those are fantastic services for iPhone users who need them. For those who don't, how about letting us customize what those controls do? For example, let us click "home" to go back, and double-click to go to the Home Screen SpringBoard proper. Or hold down. Whatever. You're Apple, you can figure out how to give us "back".

Palm even has a "back" gesture below the screen. Gesture areas are the new black (slab). They stole your rubber-banding. Steal their gesture area. We'd be fine with that. You could use it right-to-left for "back", left-to-right for "forward" (hey, doesn't the Magic Mouse do something like that already?), and maybe down-to-up for that notification service we asked for earlier?

Landscape Lock

It took you until 3.0 to give us pervasive landscape mode, and we're grateful, really, even when we lie down to read and the screen flips back and forth like it's dancing to Randy Newman. Actually, not really then. Then we really wish you'd stick a little toggle in preferences that let us lock the keyboard to portrait or landscape more. Sure it's not dynamic. If that's your concern though, think up a gesture for it. We'll wait, honest. Even until 4.0.

Turn off Alerts

Last year the neighbor boy, CrackBerry Kevin asked you to let him turn off incoming email alerts while he was talking on his seldom-charged iPhone. You gave him coal instead and fair enough. This year, what with Push Notifications and everything, it's gone from beep and buzz to worse. Now we can't even hang up before dealing with dialogs.

Resolution Independence

Okay, we're trying to sneak that in again, but you must be disassembling Droids and Nexus Ones and HD2s in the dungeons of Cupertino, so we know that you know that we want something BIG, something iPhone HD-esque next June/July. Sure, that's way after Christmas, but we'll wait. Promise.

Check it Twice

Okay Santa Jobs, that's it for our list, but we've brought all these TiPb readers with us and they might just have a demandment or ten of their own to hit you up for on the holidays. It could include Google Latitude baked into the Maps app, podcast subscriptions, those nifty iTunes LP and iTunes Extras Apple TV keeps talking about, real, honest-to-Rudolph push Gmail via IMAP IDLE, 720p (or 1080p) video out, working AVRCP for our little Bluetooth stereos, Lala streaming iTunes, and Chad still has a huge list that just says Mobile iChat over and over and over again!

If there's anything we missed, or anything we didn't ask for strongly enough, we're sure they'll sort you out.

Happy holidays!

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Reader comments

Dear Santa Jobs: All We Want for iPhone 4.0 is...


I already have most of those with jailbreak and love them, but I'm sick of managing all of it. It'd be great to have all of that stock so I don't have to be bothered fixing everything every time there's an Apple update.
Another thing I've been wanting since the beginning, is for the Ringer Switch to behave as an ALL SILENT switch (with options to choose from in Settings). This way, we can kill all sounds if we want, or keep it the way it currently is.

A Finder! Be able to download a document with Mail, open it in a 3rd party app (Doc's to Go), save it and send it back.

Well, I really hope Apple can (or better, want) to deliver those features. I've been a big fan of iPhone since beginning, but after the episode of A2DP where Apple decided to not give it because of battery to later give on 3.0 shows me clearly that they will deliver things only if there is too much pressure (ie: others have a2dp a long time why not iPhone?) ( copy paste anyone?) I don't want to wait a whole year to have a feature my hardware phone does but Apple doesn't want it to do it. ( fm radio?). Others are doing many interesting things and they will keep doing it ahead from what apple "thinks" is better to its product. That's why I decided to leave iPhone and I'm looking forward N900, nexus one and droid. Thanks for attention.

Absolutely inconsistent list of useless features. Author clearly doesn't understand Apple's basic UI concepts.
The only one point I could probably agree with is the Landscape mode lock.

And what about Flash support? Doesn't matter what technology they'd use, Javascript support would improve the web surfing experiance a lot. (I know flash would be a danger for gaming apps (and therefore app store) because of capability to play online games, but still want it!!!)

I agree with Magomanderos..this is a weak list...we need camera flash, front facing camera, catagories or folders or vertical scrolling on springboard, adobe flash and google turn by turn...many others as well but these would be on top

As an owner of a 3G, I'd love Santa Jobs to deliver a few things:

  1. The ability to record video w/o using USTREAM or any other app besides one that resembles a native Apple app.
  2. The ability to use my Moto BT headphones and actually cycle through the songs w/ the controls. I think that's A2DP or something like that, but I might be wrong.
  3. Flash support.

Merry Christmas!

An LED on the front that flashes at different colours/speeds for different things. So for example, if a new email comes in, make it flash fast green until I've unlocked the iPhone.

Please please please NO flash support!!!
I do not want ads or harmful poorly coded flash garbage on my phone.
Those that want flash, just go to webkins on your desktop.
I only want the notification settings/list/ability to hang up a call. The rest is just silly. Widgets would be cool but could be poorly implemented.

I would definitely like to see the multitasking feature so I can listen to Pandora or while checking my social networks or looking at the stock market. It would also shut up my Droid-toting friends.
Themes would also be cool. I saw something about a theme for a jailbroken iPhone that looks like the Star Trek console. That would be too cool!

I'm pretty sure this is a software wishlist. Why are you asking for a front facing camera and LED flash?

You forgot my most important wish. The ability to customize all sounds . Text, email, mms. And the ability to customize them for each contact. Android can do it WTF. And i wanna do it without the iTunes..

My list:
-Sbsettings - easy access to settings
-bluetooth keyboard support
-Native rich text editing capability
-finder or at least documents folder where you can open any file with any app you want and ability to transfer files between apps

Allow syncing third part app data between iPhone and desktop through iTunes like in Windows Mobile(Active Sync) or Blackberry

How about quick compose and quick reply? Kind of ties in with the notifications, but that is something that would make the next iPhone a winner (my opinion).

Let's not forget a better battery. Please incorporate the MacBook Pro battery technology into the next iPhone. Charging my phone 3X a day for 2 hour intervals is just unacceptable.

here's an idea: two-cameras side-by-side that could take 3D pictures. sounds stupid at first, but consider that with a feature like this and some smart software you could probably get the phone to gauge distances to objects which could be very handy, indeed. all the rumors about apple buying 5 million 5mp cameras makes me wonder if there won't be 2 cams/phone in the future....

I honestly don't have much hope for most of that stuff, but at least for the love of God fix that notification system. I'm not exactly thrilled with everything else, but I can live with it.
Besides, there's always jailbreaking.

Agree with everything mentioned so far in this article. Few things missing though....

  1. Every smart phone needs a spell checker built in, where's the iPhones? A solution similar to Inspell from cydia is needed.
  2. Quick Scroll from cydia is a very good solution for scrolling on the iPhone. I'm tired of having to flick up and down pages all the time.
  3. Action menu once again from cydia brings added functionality to the iPhones cut n paste ui.
  4. My number one wish is iChat though, I would love to have a messaging service similar to those of the blackberry. That's the only thing that gives me blackberry envy.

Add these to the features in this article, and the iPhones complete.

I so agree. Especially the theme thing. I actually sent them a request to allow developers to distribute themes in the app store.
Turning off alerts during YouTube videos , movies .. Anything video would be excellent.
Me and my friend had a. " ah ha " momment when we both agreed on a back button. I agree with what was said in this blog but also Mail Needs a in-app safari for links because leaving the mail to look at one link to have to return back to he mail app to read the rest of the message is annoying.
Notifications needs more to be modified to a great deal.

And a finder. I've been screaming for a finder since I had this iPhone.
Finder would work well for the mail app and other apps like docstogo that would benefit from having access to files without needing wifi to transfer files.
A finder is necessary.
Also I want a repeat and shuffle toggle on the iPod shortcut
search for text messages
also a search history in spotlight
Add images from a new a new email , as opposed to starting from the photo app.
Copy Info from the app store
tweet app store / iTunes store links
modify the Dictionary
- song/ artist / album / app / bookmarked website names. Should automatically added to it.

Don't get excited they'll put maybe 2-3 of these features, hype them up, and then save everything else to make you look forward to the next model. Stupid apple, I'm going to android.

Dual camera upgrade (even my kids' DSi have front & back).
Rear camera with a flash (as I no longer even try to take a night pic).
Play apps like Pandora in the background.
Dashboard info prior to first swipe.
Build-in cork screw, bottle opener, & a lighter.

I agree with the requests and second the desire to be able to load and view documents on the phone. The 3rd party solutions and iDisk are OK, but why not allow this from iTunes, or saving attachments from e-mail? That way we could save stuff to review on an airplane or in the basement.
Also, a unified inbox or at least access to inboxes from the top level of e-mail would be great. I have 3 accounts (intramural, extramural, and social). I am not asking for Synergy, just a couple fewer taps.
I, for one, would really appreciate native task (to-do) support. I use this function on Outlook, and my prior Windows Mobile phone would alert me when a task is do. Again, Toodledo and push notifications serves this purpose, but native support would be great!
One thing I think they (or Palm..?) could implement would be iTunes sync over WiFi. I would not be surprised if Jobs implements this because it would be one less cable, although then they would get less revenue from licensing their proprietary connector.
One last thing - my Windows Mobile phone would start to suggest words after typing a few characters, the number of which and characters typed both being user-selectable. This was great for a small physical keyboard but would be even better for the virtual keyboard.
I would hate myself for getting such a trendy phone if it did not work so well, and so much better than the alternatives. I really wanted to like the Palm Pre but its software is still immature in some areas. I think they could catch up to Apple (except in number of apps) which would be great for competition.
Merry You-Know-Who-mas,

Pretty good list. However, I think when you combine all these it could get pretty messy, but I'd still like to see them implemented. And for those who want a radio app try FStream - it's in the app store and its free. I use it and can stream pretty much any radio station that streams on the web.

Yes, please give us the ability to "poof" apps to make them visible or hidden. I don't need apple weather when I use app. And CATAGORIES PLEASE! If I have 15 games why can't I put them in a game folder? I thought Apple was into consolidation.

The next feature upgrade I'm waiting for is for Apple to open up the calendar API. The current functionality of the calendar App is rudimentary at best, and pales in comparison to numerous Palm Apps I used before switching to the iPhone. I'd like to see more advanced view options and integrated contact and task management.

What happened to the ALL APP LIST. I shouldn't have to use the entire alphabet on the search screen to find my apps. We either need unlimited app pages or an entire app list to scroll through.

The more I use my iPhone (I bought the 3G the day it launched, and upgraded to the 3GS two weeks ago), the more I desperately want easier access to settings, specifically, I'd like profile settings, so that when I want to go into energy-saving mode without Airplane Mode I could do that without going to each extraneous radio and setting individually.
Multitasking, themes, better notifications, and lock screen widgets would all be nice, but none of those would make my experience better than simply having better settings management.

I'd like it if, in the mail accounts list, an indicator would show next to each account as it is being checked, like in Why in the world don't I have this yet?

If you want an Android phone, just buy one. And with Android, you can get the one iPhone feature that every USA iPhone owner really wants and somehow is missing from your list: a carrier other than AT&T!

1) Show character count when u write SMS.
2) Save SMS in sim memory & able to transfer to iPhone memory and vice-versa.
3) Delete individual recent call.
4) Manage ur playlist songs as in iTunes (sort as last played, etc..)
5) And other software lists u all mention. :D

All well and good. I like the lock screen widget idea. Multitasking at least 2 to 3 apps would be suffient. Let me play music through Pandora and do other things please. Being able to read a text without having to leave my current app would be a MASSIVE improvement. The other stuff though I think could start to get messy. What I love about the 3GS is it's speed. It's fast, clean and simple. I played on a buddy of mines Android. It challenges the iPhone but falls on it's face in the attempt. It was clunky, choppy, touch elements were rigid and lacked the organic feel of the touch interaction on iPhone. I like the physical navigation button which would help with gaming and that the iPhone lacks. Other than that, no thank you. Also, AT&T is great in my view. I have been with them since 2000. I went with AT&T because they offered service in the desert in eastern Oregon. I have traveled all over Washington, Oregon and California and coverage has always been great. Some areas fall to Edge but that dosnt bother me.

-a native to do app that syncs via mobile me with mail
-same for notes
-landscape calendar
-shuffle button on iPod shortcut
-add caldav events to calender without active directory

Santa Jobs?????
Will you guys stop kissing Mr Jobs' A**. Stop calling him God. :-X
Anyway list is good.

Apple doesn't allow theming for the same reason Facebook doesn't allow it — they don't want their product looking trashy (like Winterboard and MySpace).
I think they may eventually offer different 'color and style themes' (that go together well throughout the system), but they'll still prohibit users' atrocious design skills (as seen above) from making the iPhone look like azz.

I agree with one of the above commenters, the one feature that I badly want (that isn't an easy jailbreak fix) is the ability to set custom tones/sounds for sms and different alerts. (I know its possible now but it's really a pain in the a** to do it that way.)

I wish for...
1. Better Outlook integration: Sync Notes and Tasks, Contact category support, no fear management of meetings via iPhone
2. Settings Shortcuts, especially for Network toggling
3. Select default nav app for all apps dependent on location services i.e. when I lookup business in Yellow Pages and request driving directions it should default to TomTom app not Google maps.

To add to stacylou's last one... the message that pops up, asking if you want the app to use location services, should have a button right there to turn it on — instead of a Settings button taking you on a joy ride through Settings H∑ll.

they definitely need better notifications at least. that and let other programs run in the background (pandora...)

Love the Lock idea for Landscape, but I don't care about the rest...One idea i've heard on here that scares the crap outta me? People want to make the iphone into other phones (how many of these ideas are from other phones? All of them!) I bought an iPhone with the epectation of something head of the pack awesome- and that's what I got. I don't want Apple to take ideas from others, because I expect better.
(Side note....Apple, Please, please PLEASE don't mess with the settings menu! I work tech support for Rogers cell phones and that includes the iPhone. Walking through that menu is a BILLION times easier then any Nokia or Motorola, so Please leave it be!)

Speaking of widget screens, how about a diagonal swipe to access it? That would give us the potential for 4 different widget screens, save us any additional left or right swipes and also allow us to access any of the 4 widget screens from and page!
Sounds like a plan to me! P

•Shortcut to the settings is essential for me. Along with a free memory option.
•Also if apple don't want people adding their own themes, how about giving us 20 or so preset themes of their own? Then release additional themes for purchase on the AppStore. Anything other than that boring black background!!!
These are the 2 main reasons I jailbroke my itouch.
Hope apple give us what we want. Other than that, thanx for a truely fantastic piece of technology! Couldn't live without it.

Santa Jobs,
I want a new iPhone HD with
1GHz Snapdragon CPU
Wi-Fi drafts a/b/g/n
4" screen that's 800x480 WVGA res.
Front Facing Camera
Multitasking with atleast 4 apps at the same time
5MP camera with LED flash
Glowing apple logo like Apple laptops
Multiple Colors & front outside of screen also same color as back of iPhone
A iPhone HD Pro version w/side slide out qwerty keyboard
plus Pro version with electric shock if stolen
Also a new feature hb actually making phone calls haha

I want a way to shut OFF GPS and associated Location Services completely. There should be NO backdoor access to turn them on either -- apparently this also needs to be said.

  • Multitasking. 3 apps at a time is NOT enough. I want a number of background tasks to respond to incoming data (NOT "Push" which is a hack) AND a non-iPod music player AND Safari at all times. Then I want to be able to run a couple other foreground UI apps at the same time.
  • Notifications need a lot of work. It's way too easy to lose important data at the lock screen.
  • More notification options (eg, vibrate only even when ringer on). Assign any ringtone to any notification.
  • Mail (Exchange server): You should be able to move/delete messages when offline
  • Calendar: Snooze alerts
  • Calendar: Edit recurring appointments

Almost all this stuff was there in my circa 2005 Treo and the Blackberries that I've used.

Please please please add the ability to do meeting invitations from the Calendar app. The iPhone outstrips the blackberry that my employer makes me use in almost every way imaginable, except that I can't @#$@*! invite attendees to a meeting or accept an invitation from someone else! Please help!

I invite and receive invitations on my iPhone all the time. It only works with Exchange, mind you, but if you have an Exchange account, the "invite" button magically appears when you create a new meeting and you can add all the invitations you want.

I'm very surprised at the list made by TiPb because with all the things listed, it will all be pointless with out a better battery!! IPhones alone have battery issues but jailbroken iPhones multitasking are even worse. Above all the iPhone needs a HUGE power boost. Time to do away with these wimpy 1400 mAh batteries. The iPhone 4G needs at least a 1800 - 2000 mAh battery.

I would like the ability to reply to SMS from any application such as when you get a notification of a new SMS, MMS or infact even email there are opens that say Close and View as usual but then a button that says reply clickthat and your message conversation would come up along with a keyboard to type your message and once you click Send, the Conversion will close allowing you to get straight back to what you were doing. This sort of goes under the category of multitasking. I know there is a Jailbreak app for this but I don't want to Jailbreak my new 3GS. I would also like more applications in landscape and the homescreen in landscape too where the icons will pivete 90 degres to look great with landscape.

Can anybody tell me why Apple's thinking has been the way it is? And if there is anyone available in the world if we want to ask these questions to?

What new idea did Apple come up with?
Everything the iPhone has already existed somewhere else, they just put it all together in a nice package.
Everybody steals and improves on each others ideas.

Wishful thinking. Apple moves incrementally in its process. That's why they make so much money. I would say there is no way we'll see background apps as they have invested heavily in their own system. Mostly people want to stream internet radio, uh so you're asking Apple to allow you to use a competing platform like Pandora or Slacker to run on their system? no way. At least not now. Not to say that everything in your list is right on the mark, but that's not how Apple runs.
What I think we will see is a new home screen with widgets. I think it will be gesture dependent as well. E.G. Two finger and three finger swipes etc. And I think that they will fix the push notifiers to be more intuitive. Their current system is just so far behind what others are doing and I believe that is an indicator that they are working on it.

A way to alter the vibration setting would be great. I never hear the damn thing when it's on silent and end up missing my texts. I barely hear it when it's in my pocket either. And since untethered 3gs isn't available yet, Im SOL til they make this update.

@Gonkutron3000 umm...iPhone 4.0 refers to the SOFTWARE, how would you propose Apple getting a flash and front facing camera through software?

Sounds like what you really want... is a Palm Pre. Now that it's coming to Verizon, you can have a great phone and a great network.

Character count for text messaging.
Cancel button for texts.
Ability to play flash.
Xenon camera flash.
Other than that (and a few suggestions above), this phone is almost perfect

great article, my 2 cents :
A led for visual notification like BB or backlighted touch gesture for visual notification like Palm pre plus/ pixi.
Way to delete one or multiple recents calls.
Way to delete or mark multiple mails as read.
Way to program auto on/off airplane/wifi/bluetooth/3g mode at a given hour Of the day and gps location.
Find, upload, download features in Mobile safari.
More than 8 tabs in safari and a notification before closing any tab when you try to open a ninth tab.
Make Copy an paste available in any apps like the YouTube one.
Better call management :
more accurate call duration.
Smarter recent calls list.
Increase recent calls list limit.
Way to record calls.
Way to undo text cleared when you try to put the cursor on the end of your text to modify it and the phone register it as a touch on the little "x" on the right end, and clear all your text. You can't undo that. (search bar for example)
Custom EQ for iPod.
Eq directly accessible in iPod. Go all the way in system to change EQ preset is non intuitive at all.
Way to block ads in safari.
Better SMS / mms app : SMS word count, ability to add audio / video/ picture directly in mms app.
Give us a full functional Bluetooth so that we can pair anything we want we the iPhone or touch and be able to sync via Bluetooth.
Wifi sync.
Infrared. So that we can use the touch or iPhone or upad as a remote.
better PIM
better Calendar
ability to create pictures album/ folder on the device; put screnshots in a separate folder like on the palm pre/pixi
better camera app: zoom, black/white, sepia ...
Flash for the camera
better contact management : ability to assign a main phone number for a contact so that this number can be selected by default when you want to send SMS for exple.
Etc. Not finish but that's all I can remember right now.

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