Developer builds Flappy Bird clone in Swift with 4 hours experience

Flappy Bird written in Swift

As part of its WWDC 2014 keynote address, Apple introduced Swift, their new programming language. Now one of the company's own programmers has created a clone of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird with Swift to show how easy it is to make a game with the language.

The programmer, Nate Murray, claims he had no prior experience in using Swift before Apple officially announced the language on Monday. He then starting working on the Flappy Bird clone, which he naturally calls FlappySwift, and said he was able to create a working version of the game in just four hours. He's released the source code for the game on the GitHub site.

Apple plans to release the final version of Swift sometime this fall, alongside the launch of OS X 10.10 and iOS 8. Murrary plans to offer an online Swift development course in the near future.

If you are a programmer, are you excited about the prospect of making applications via Swift for Apple's platforms?

Source: Hacker News via TechHive

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Reader comments

Developer builds Flappy Bird clone in Swift with 4 hours experience


He did not build Flappy Bird in 4 hours - he ported an existing ObjC version to Swift. That is not to pooh-pooh the work, just to correct peoples expectations as to how fast development in Swift will be, as porting is a different and more rote task than creating. It also tends to result in code flavored like the original language; what will be interesting, if he keeps the project active, is to see how the language (and experience with the language) might lead to different structures and design choices.

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It is still impressive, to port something so quickly and accurately - it shows that Swift can be worked into iOS development with very little fuss.

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The developer, Nate Murray, was also clear that it took him 9 hours (with supper and putting kids to bed) to write the program.
What he actually said was he wrote the program "with 4 hours of swift experience" not that it took him 4 hours to write the program.

Oh, No I know about that.

I was hoping for something along the lines of tutorials for beginners.

I'd love to learn how to create an iPhone app with their own programming language...

You might want to check out WWDC's video sessions.
There are some demonstrating and introducing Swift.