FaceTime between iPhone 4 and Mac [Video]

Right after Apple released FaceTime for Mac beta, Dieter grabbed his iPhone 4 and called me up on my MacBook. The video above shows the results. It worked well and looked good.

FaceTime for Mac is incredibly barebones right now, almost no UI chrome or options but we'll see what happens come release. The ability to stay in contact, visually, from any iOS or Mac OS device is compelling, but it would be even better if Apple released a Windows version. Let's hope that's coming soon.

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FaceTime between iPhone 4 and Mac [Video]


I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to start a FaceTime on one device and AirPlay the incoming video to another device. Like incoming on the big screen with my Apple TV or on the iPad and outgoing off the iPhone (or Mac now)!

Why not simply add facetime as an iChat feature? That would further expand iChat's usage. Not to mention adding windows support or even releasing an official iChat app for iOS!

I'm trying to check this out using my iMac and my iPhone 4. But when I try to call from the iMac, I get "Jason needs to update to the latest version of FaceTime". My iPhone 4 is jailbroken and running 4.0.1. I assume that's the problem. Can anyone confirm that?
How does one call an email address from an iPhone 4? When I try, it only seems to allow me to FaceTime phone numbers.

How, how, how did you do it???? What "number" did the iPhone call?? I need to know 'cause I couldn't make it work. Is it only over wi-fi at both ends?

Hello can anybody plz tell me step by step how to FaceTime from my iPhone to my Mac my grandmother is in the hospital and she has my MacBook and I would love to check up on her by FaceTime to see how she's doing plz help! Thanks

Facetime over Mac has potential, but still very weak. Still doesn't work to 3G/3GS phones. Requires the phone to be upgraded to 4.1 (I believe - my JB 4.0 iPhone cannot receive calls for some reason. I haven't taken the time to upgrade it to 4.1.
Want a better solution?
Check out Yahoo Messenger.
Free on iPhone. Free on PC. Works flawlessly. I tested it by calling a friend of mine who had Yahoo and we were both amazed that video popped up on both ends. Works on 3G/3GS phones and works on wifi and 3G (little choppy, but audio good).
They need to integrate iChat into Facetime to make it real.

I am trying to connect from mac iphone 4 but no reaction on both sides, I am using his phone number and he is using my apple account info. Looks like the connection needs to be a min of mb to work.

Hey guys, several people have asked this and you have not responded: How do you place a call from an iPhone to a Mac? Since the title of your blog is "FaceTime between iPhone 4 and Mac", one would expect to find this info. If you're going to report something (I take it you are journalists), it migth be nice to also follow up a bit with your readers questions.

I did some searching on Apple's site and came up with the following:
To place a FT call from iPhone to Mac,
Contacts: Tap the FaceTime icon to place a FaceTime call to the contact you are viewing. [Note, the Facetime button is near the bottom of the contact window, when you hit it it gives a list of phone and e-mail addresses.]
Plus, I suspect it's mandatory for the Mac being called to have the Facetime beta installed on it.
Hope that helps.

One final note related to 19 &20 above. The Facetime beta app not only needs to be installed on the Mac, but it needs to be open and running to even know that you are receiving a call. When it has been set up on a Mac correctly, you will see a little icon next to the associated e-mail address in your iPhone contacts—both next to the Facetime button near the bottom, and with the e-mail address on the following screen.
Both calls I made to my own computer only lasted about 15 seconds before dropping the connection. A work in progress?

John, this is not true. The Facetime App does not need to be open for you to receive a call. It will automatically open even when closed. Furthermore if you miss a call it will leave a notification symbol over the Facetime logo to let you know.

To add to John's post, you have to be on iOS software version 4.1 for it to work. If you aren't you will not have the option to choose the email address to start a FaceTime call with from your iPhone. And on the Mac side of things you will get that a message stating that the user needs to update their FaceTime client.