Findme: LoJack for your iPhone

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Erica Sadun has done it again, creating a great app for the iPhone called "findme." What it does is constantly track your iPhone's location and sends it via SMS to Twitter. The idea is that if your iPhone is stolen or you want to enable your stalkers to keep track of you constantly, you can set this up and you'll automatically have a private Twitter page that shows the iPhone's approximate longitude and latitude.

It takes a bit of know-how to get it running (it's command line. If "curl" and "daemon" mean nothing do you, you might want to move along). If nothing else, it shows that I wasn't kidding when I said yesterday that developers will always find a way to do cool stuff with native apps.

findme [via TUAW]

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Findme: LoJack for your iPhone

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I've spent the last 2 days figuring all this out. Since, everything else i found online is outdated/doesn't work. Here's how you can track you're iphone 3G online with gps. (1.) you have to jailbreak your phone here's a good tutorial on how to do that: and it works for the 3g with 2.1 firmware. (2.) After this is done, install backgrounder which you can find on cydia. (3.) Install gps tracker which is available for free in the apple app store and setup an account with them. Also, you will need to set it to run in the background you do this by holding the home button for 3 seconds(note this only happens if you've already installed backgrounder). (4) If you're like me and don't want to password protect the whole phone. you can download lockdown from the apple app store also for free and install it to lock down individual apps such gps tracker and anything else you don't want messed with if someone gets a hold of your phone.