Flattened, not stirred: Designing Vesper

Flattened, not stirred: Designing Vesper

Dave Wiskus has posted a in-depth look at the design process behind Vesper, the list-taking, note-making, tag-shaking project he's just launched with Brent Simmons and John Gruber. Here's the lede from the Vesper blog

Vesper is opinionated software. Every interaction, pixel, and line of code was carefully considered, and no work was too precious to throw away. I’d like to share some history of how Vesper came to look and feel the way it does.

Dave shares a ton of early designs, the thought process behind the evolution, and the moment when they decided to rip it down and build back only what they felt was truly essential. Or, in other words, "make it flat".

Opinionated software by its very nature is divisive, but anyone interested in design should find this fascinating. Check it out.

Source: Vesper blog

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Reader comments

Flattened, not stirred: Designing Vesper


Brent Simmons' talk on coding Vesper at AltWWDC was awesome.
To paraphrase Kat Von D:
"It takes a lot of complexity to look this simple."

I'm surprised this app gets the great pub that it's getting. Maybe it's the good ole boy network at play but for a featureless app in an otherwise feature flooded market of note taking apps, the price is hefty.

**Edit - And I'm not saying $5 is crazy, it's just expensive for that app.

Of course it's getting pub. No disrespect to any of the developers but they have done a good job of leveraging their "friend" network to hype Vesper (which i'm sure is a well done app). I've noticed a lot of cliques within the community and at times you have to run a filter on some of the reviews and read a bit through the lines.

At least until it syncs, its not worth much...

but yea, nice to have friends with a forum to promote your product...

Is that cynicism unfounded then? Gruber is linking to Richie's stuff all the time, praising his editorials, and Richie et al. are returning the favour. That is how cliques work.

Not sure why iMore thinks this App is so great. Then again, I don't see the usefulness of Launch Center Pro either! To each his/her own I guess,

"every layer of the Big Mac has been excruciatingly examined, each ingredient given an inordinate amount of consideration"

-it's easy to make anything sound like it's more important than it is, sheesh!