Stream movies and TV at 30,000 feet with Fly Delta for iPhone and iPad

Stream movies on your iPad at 30,000 feet

Delta has just updated their Fly Delta iPhone and iPad apps to give passengers the ability to stream movies and TV shows through the app when connected to in-flight Wi-Fi. Streaming is done through the Delta Studio section of the apps.

Delta Studio lets travelers watch movies and TV, including live satellite TV, HBO, Showtime, and previously-run episodes from a number of networks. For instance, this month Delta will be showing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Vikings, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and more . Now, instead of watching through the screens built into the plane, you can watch all of these and more on your own device.

You can download Fly Delta for iPhone version 2.8 and Fly Delta for iPad 1.6 from the App Store right now.

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Stream movies and TV at 30,000 feet with Fly Delta for iPhone and iPad


Free wifi would be cool. The cheapest I've gotten on a flight was $9.99 plus tax for the duration of the flight. It cost another $9.99 for wifi on the connecting flight.
My most recent flight offered $14.99 for the duration of my flights that day, but I was on a direct non-stop flight to Vegas.

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