Want a Free iPhone and $10,000 Prize? Pwn2Own it!

Pwn2Own is a hacking contest which in previous years demanded OS exploits on day one, allowed browser vectors on day two (how OS X was compromised last year -- thanks Safari!), and opened the floodgates with 3rd party bugware on day three. First person to successfully hack a machine won it as a prize, along with a nice cash bounty for their troubles.

This year, Ars Technica says Pwn2Own is doing something a little different: they're bringing in the mobiles!

Apple's iPhone is front and center on their target list, along with the Google Android G1, and devices from the BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Phone families. Pwn the mobile and you not only win it, but $10,000 to boot!

Not a lot of solid info on the rules yet, but we'll keep a look out. Any white hats out there eager to try their luck?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Want a Free iPhone and $10,000 Prize? Pwn2Own it!


Hate this kind of thing. Yes they are clever to be able to hack these things but how long will it be before some **** releases some malicious code (which could easily be stmbled upon using google) and bam one screwed iphone

I believe the concept is to expose security risks so that everyone knows about them, and the manufacturer or developer can fix the hole or risk they found that they otherwise wouldn't have known about. Making it public provides the developer the information needed to remedy the problem, so I'm all for this, find the risks...and fix them.

Yes, this is supposed to be white hat (i.e. good guy/security researcher) hacking, done to expose flaws that are then quietly reported directly to the manufacturer so they can be fixed.
(i.e. I don't think the methodology for the exploit is made public, just that an exploit has been done).

hay my name is manpreet singh and i am here to win the iphone.i think its really cool that you are doing this and there are other websites too that i have tried but failed.there are thousands off people out there that want the iphone so bad and then one lucky person gets it.thats awsame but i just want to say i want the iphone real bad and if i do win i woud be astounded so i just hope i do win and get some feed back from you.hope to here from you soon