Full for iPhone is a beautiful and simplistic way to track and maintain personal goals

Full for iPhone is a beautiful way to track goals and live life to the fullest

Full for iPhone is a goal tracking app that lets you enter goals and then track how often you hit them each month. WIth a gorgeous gesture driven interface, adding goals and tracking them is simple, intuitive, and a lot of fun.

After you add goals to Full, you can see them in the main goal view. Swipe your finger across a goal to the right to add one to the count. Swipe to the left to remove one from the count. Swiping all the way to the right also brings up quick edit mode so you can change a goal title or setting.

As you complete goals, the badge indicator will change from red to yellow to green. This representation shows you how close you are to meeting each goal in your list with one quick glance.

Goals are a personal thing and when managing and tracking them is half the task of actually completing them, it can become discouraging and easy to fall off track. Whether you have little goals or big ones in mind, Full for iPhone will make for a great way to track them.

You can pick up Full at 50% off right now for the introductory sale. If you happen to check it out, let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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Full for iPhone is a beautiful and simplistic way to track and maintain personal goals


The "goals" shown in the above screen shots, to me, seem more like a daily to-do list. Is there more to this app? I may be interested if it helps track progress on "larger", or maybe I should call them "longer term" goals. I have enough to-do type apps, but one that helps lay out and plan big goals, and assists with the associated finances of achieving that goal, I'd be all for it.

If Full doesn't do this, maybe someone knows of an app that does? If so please share. Thanks.

If you want a goal tracking app and NOT a task list, then check out our app WorkOnIT. It is truly about making goals and we have 100s of premade goals, most with coaching advice to help you get started, plus you can just make your own. We have our own social sharing system that keeps your goals only between those that you choose to follow you and not just posted to social media sites. Privacy, messaging, coaching - all a built in part of our app. Soon we will also launch online courses for goals to help you achieve more with our app. For iOS, Android and Windows Phone - http://workonit.coachbyapp.com/ also a corporate version - http://mobilelearning.coachbyapp.com/