Will the next generation iPod touch have 3G data connectivity?

An interesting iPod touch screen shot has been uncovered from the just released iOS 5 beta 4. The screen shot shows a toggle switch for cellular connectivity. Could this mean that the iPod touch will be getting a 3G data option when it is refreshed later this year?

The iPod touch would benefit hugely from data connectivity, especially with the introduction of iMessage in iOS 5. An always on messaging device, without the need for a costly voice and text plan would definitely be a hit for parents with younger children.

Personally I think this is just some code left over from the iPhone version of the beta and nothing more than that. However it would make a lot of sense for Apple to offer it as an option!

[9to5 Mac]


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Will the next generation iPod touch have 3G data connectivity?


Adding 3G connectivity will greatly reduce the space inside the iPod. Unless Apple does some serious internal restructuring iPod touch + 3G will be thicker and more expensive (due to flash memory being reduced to one slot)

An iPod with 3G connectivity is then a cellular device. An iPhone without an ear-speaker and mouth-microphone. A crippled cell phone. What a brilliant idea.
And I think a parent that has the cash to buy their child an iPod touch with 3G connectivity would rather just buy them an iPhone 3GS, or something.
Apple wouldn't do this.

I really really really hope so. Cellular data is a huge feature and capability missing from the iPod touch. Whether you guys call it a contract-free iPhone "lite" or an iPod touch w/3G, doesn't matter that much to me.

I couldn't see this happening at all. I, too, think it's just code from the iPhone version. An iPod touch with a 3G connection is nothing more than an iPhone without the "Phone" app installed.