Gevey SIM unlocks iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3 with the latest baseband [video]

A SIM card hack known as Gevey has been released to unlock the iPhone 4 running the latest iOS 4.3 software and baseband. This is a hardware hack as opposed to a software hack like Ultrasn0w.

The hack involves a wafer thing SIM, that needs to be inserted in the SIM card tray along with the actual SIM card that you wish to use in your iPhone 4. You then have to follow a short procedure of dialling an emergency number, hanging up, then toggling flight mode on and off a few times. Then service with your chosen provider magically appears. It is a little convoluted and has to be repeated if you reset your iPhone 4 or run out of battery.

The Grevey SIM will cost in the region of $75 and supports iOS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.3 and baseband 1.59.00, 2.10.04, 3.10.01, 04.10.01. This is a costly solution if you are in need of a SIM unlock for your iPhone 4. It is currently the only one available; and you do not need to jailbreak! If you really need an unlock solution, it may be worth considering.

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Gevey SIM unlocks iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3 with the latest baseband [video]


Yeah but $75 is a bit steep, and the fact that you have to do it after every reboot is kind of cumbersome. I think I just invented the term "tethered unlock" wink wink.

This is a good thing. I'd like to see paid for jailbreaks too. Maybe they would come in a more timely fashion if there was some profit motive. I'd pay $75 for a year's subscription of jailbreaks as long as they were promised within a week of all iOS releases.

I'm with you. I've been preaching this message for some time. There are too many people on here that think this stuff should be free and still have the ability to submit support tickets and complaints.
I'd pay for a JB subscription. Per release or per year.

The jailbreakers do not like the system, whether it be capitalism or a monarchist company like apple. I doubt they will request payment, but they are always open to donations. If you line their work donate as I do. Real simple

Thats a great idea!!! But there are so many scammers that it would make it hard to know who is real and who is not. Plus I think that the Dev Team is all open source....

If I cared about unlocking, I'd pay $75 for this, but there are so many better solutions than using a foreign pre-paid SIM, for example. I think the whole unlock thing is often times about the ability of an increasing number of people who "work" the grey market and like to export iPhones for profit.
I hear you on the "inconsistent" release schedule of jailbreaks after each iOS update, but hats off to the Dev-Teams. Apple has been trying to beat them at their game and thus far, even with brand new devices and the occasional hardware updates, Apple has failed to even slow down the jailbreaking efforts with perhaps the one exception of getting from 4.1 to 4.2.1 last month, which was mainly a must-have release for iPads, though.

I do not like that you have to do it each time you restart, but I guess that is part of it.
It's about time they start charging for this stuff. This will keep many of you hungry complainers from getting involved. I'm all for a JB and love it but it's amazing how many people complain about a free service and think that it should stay free.
Get a job and pay for your own JB and unlock.

I don't recall when the last time I restart my iphone. Even if you have to redo the process, it's not a big deal - easily less than 3 minute.

It would be extremely useful to know if this works in North America since dialing emergency number 112 is a necesary step to unlock and as far as I knoe it is not a valid number here. If anybody has any info on that it could be very useful.

I think I read somewhere that dialing 112 from any GSM phone works regardless of country, because it's part of the GSM standard. (It just maps to the local number.)
The part where you have to dial an emergency number bothers me. If you're not fast enough and the call connects, you've just hang-up dialed 911, which is going to get you a call back asking for an explanation. If it happens a lot from the same number (every time you reboot), you could be fined, since abusing the 911 system is illegal.

You only dial 112 for two seconds and hang up right away. I don't think it's abusing the 911 system.

It may just be me but I don't trust that piece of crap!It probably installs a virus on your phone. Or some sort of spyware...

I remember doing something similar with the O.G. iPhone. You first had to slip the add-on chip into another phone w/ a valid AT&T SIM (like a v3), run a java app on that phone, then swap it into the iPhone, activate, & you would be set. Good time...

I remember that!!! It was like a hard boot for your sim card. I use to have to have 2 t-mobile phones at the time... I am so glad that we have moved on from that era!!!

The Gevey works perfectly here with Tmobile and Vodafone. 3G works fine, only downside is that you have to reactivate the unlock after a reboot.
I got the Gevey for $39 bucks, just google cheap Gevey
Btw you have to dail 112 to activate the unlock- I was a bit wary about that, but after all it's not a problem: you just dail 112 and hang up even before it starts to connect (Wich is not possible anyway since there is no network when you have to dail 112

Pascal, how did you get the 3G to work? I have an iPhone 4 and a T-Mobile SIM but all I can get is an E (Edge) network connection. My phone never says 3G. I've had T-Mobile with a T-Mobile phone so I know 3G and even 4G is in my area. Thanks in advance.

Gotcha. For some reason I don't get it even with data roaming on. Thanks for the follow up though.

i wish to take a business trip to Hong Kong and would want to know if it will be a waste of $829 for AT&T 3G 1pad2 64GB and begin to listen to craps again about solution for unlocking it like 1phon4. Apple are making jest of their customers by committing them AT&T and Verizon. too bad Stev Jobs, You have to put urself in our shoes and consider the troubles we experience in this unlocking stuffs. I am doing business abroad almost every 2-3 months. do i need to buy iphone4 any country i go for my business or Ipad2 3G if it tends to be unlocking stuff?

Please somebody give me accurate answer if i can use AT&T 3G 1pad2 abroad without unlock stories again. My iphone4 is useless when i go outside of U.S and is a waste of money for me. so i need to know if i can use this 1PAD2 3G outside U.S.

I just received my geveys for 2 locked ip4's on at&t originally.
Went through the steps and have phone and mms, but neither phone connects to the web. Keep getting cellular network navailable.
I'm on Rogers, and show 3G with cell data, and roaming on. If I shut off roaming I lose the 3G but cant access the web even though I have a data plan.
Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated. Can others using the gevey simm surfs on safari and google etc??
I also dont see anthing in the cellular data network window, apn, username, and password all blank..

I have read the instructions and watched the video on Gevey SIM and I'm wondering if there is a SIM card that has the exact dimension as the SIM tray so users don't have to do any snipping at all.

Hey I was wondering if anybody knew how To get the EDGE Internet working for my iphone4?? I installed the gevey sim card with my Tmobile sim card and under my data plan I brought the "web to go" data plan for internet and works perfectly fine for my old 3GS where I put the code in the APN but when I did the same for the iPhone 4, it did not work, please help!!!!! Thanks!!!

gevey is working great! iphone 4 os-4.1.1
bb 02.10.04 I want to upgrade my os so i can install youmail visual voicemail (requires os 4.2) im confused about preserving bb and also scared to upgrade os. fearing that the gevey hack will stop working. not sure what the current os or baseband are if i update... what do i need to do?

I have been using the Grevy SIM too but it is only good enough for using the phone services. I am unable to connect to the internet using the data plan from my service provider or 3g. The only way I am able to connect is wifi. I see there are a few other ppl that seem to have the same problem. Can anyone please help???

I'm using Gevey sim unlock with my iphone 4.2.1 for last 1 month,its working very nicely.All the functions r fine except BT.Now I like to upgrade my ios 4.2 to 4.3.Pls anyone help me to give the procedure,pls...pls

after doing all this steps there is a message appears (unable to load your network) so i don't know what's to do my iphone 4 with a version 4.3.3
i need you help guys please my e-mail
thanks any way

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