Golla vs. Otterbox Defender in iPhone 4 BJJ Death Match

If you had to go into a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu death match with your precious iPhone 4, which case would you be better off taking with you -- the Golla Stunt Pouch or Otterbox Defender? Soft, plush fabric with the security of a magnetic flap and belt loop, or hard plastic beneath flexible silicone in a easy on, easy off holster? That's the challenge they put to me and my husband, Antony in the debut episode of TiPb's Amazing Case, our hardcore, case vs case tests of strength, durability, and performance.

We figure if either -- or both -- of these cases can survive being slammed to the mats, rolled on and over, pinned and punished, then they can survive pretty much whatever normal, day-to-day use throws at them.

Follow on after the jump for the tale of the tape, and the give-away!

Golla Stunt Case for iPhone 4

Golla Stunt is perfectly named for the stunts we're pulling in TiPb's Amazing Case. It's a side-loader and claims durable fabric and a magnetic flap that'll keep your iPhone 4 secure and scratch-free. The belt loop, while harder to take on and off, also means it'll stay on until it's ripped off. There's also a zippered pocket inside for your credit cards, ID, cash, gym membership, or hospital card (depending how the stunt ends!). And if the dark tones of the Stunt don't knock you out, there are a ton of other colors and styles to choose from.

  • Soft materials
  • Fun and trendy patterns and colors
  • Large belt loop
  • Magnetic closure

Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4

The Otterbox Defender is rugged in the rock-em-sock-em tradition, and promises protection from drops, bumps, dust, and shock. The screen is covered, the casing is covered, even the buttons and ports are covered. The silicone outer skin and the hard plastic shell are a one-two punch of protection, and notched inside its holster, it clips, it swivels, and it secures your iPhone to your belt yet lets you snap it off in an instant when needed.

  • Layer 1: Thermal formed protective clear membrane. Protects keypad against scratching, as well as dust intrusion (layer optional depending on the level of protection desired)
  • Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell for an added guard against drops and shocks
  • Layer 3: High quality silicone skin to absorb bump and shock
  • Full access to all keys, ports and functions

Fight! (And give-away!)

Check out the video above to see the results of our Golla Stunt Pouch and Otterbox Defender Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu death-match, then head on over to the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store, find your favorite Golla bag (they've got tons of styles) and paste the link in the comments below. We'll pick a couple of you and send you Golla bags of your very own. (Make sure you leave a valid email address so we can contact you if you win). US mailing address required.

Are you ready? (Are you ready?) Bring it!


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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pnut78 says:

Golla Gavin Phone Wallet looks like JUST what I've been looking for!! Even has a real cool style:

Patrick says:

http://store.tipb.com/golla-gavin-phone-wallet/4A193A6818.htm this one seems cool, the side loader seem to be dying off with these cases

Claudine Perez says:

Part# A6809
Mnf# G735
In Stock

dave k says:

i would give this to my wife. she getting a new iphone and i pray that nothing happens to it, she is pretty rough with her phones and really needs a good tough case. thanks!

Mercer says:

I like this one, need it.

Ben Grimm says:

http://store.tipb.com/golla-stunt-pouch/4A193A5342.htm Got to be sheek when I am doing my stunt on my bike with the sweet pegs , lucky .

Jeremy F says:

Looks great for throwing on a backpack and hitting the trail.

iphone4idiots says:

BTW, you should put a Nutshell case into this match. Any company with website called tuff-as-nuts with a testimonial from a motorcycle rider who slid across asphalt while his case protected a very important piece of anatomy deserves a shot at the champ! BTW, you guys do the best giveaways :)

J.S. says:

Georgia looks great I must say. I'm assuming she's not part of the giveaway. :)

Daisy Dee says:

I would like to have a Golla bag...all look awesome, but I would chose the Golla Gavin Phone wallet
Thanks for the opportunity to win a Golla Case/bag!!!!

Ord says:

If these cases can survive Georgia & Antony they'll still be here after the sun goes nova!

Euge says:

Great video! Yay giveaways are awesome! If I win I'd like this case:

Steven says:

Forget the cases. Im impressed with the talent she has. Good arm bars

JennDillman says:

My husband used the Defender case on his last iphone because of work. His new phone doesn't need that but he does need something like the Golla bag with his new job!

ihighlander says:

Always looking forward to your news... Specially the ones from Puerto Rico ;) Hey we are part of the US and this story made apple restore our orders!
Take care

Zach says:

This video is great, especially what happened between 2:00 -2:03. Looks like the guy was totally unprepared for that.
http://store.tipb.com/golla-gavin-phone-wallet/4A193A6818.htm This seems very nice to me, thanks.

James T. Kirk says:

I hate to troll, if that's what this is. But seriously....

Cobra5mil says:

Another vote for the Golla Gavin. I like the horizontal layout and the interesting design on the front.

Raphael Salgado says:

I'm really liking the style on this top-loader.
Good luck to everyone!

nick r says:

I'm glad there is a quality case that doesn't scratch your iPhone itself.http://store.tipb.com/golla-gavin-phone-wallet/4A193A6818.htm

PaulCostello says:

Took a while to get through traffic, hopefully worth the wait :)

Branden Flasch says:

Terrible comparison, not very funny. Already have an OtterBox on it's way to me, so I'll have this one:http://store.tipb.com/golla-ray-slim-mobile-bag/4A193A6827.htm

Manuel says:

Hey, Georgia was awesome and if I win I want this case.http://store.tipb.com/golla-sabine-smart-bag/4A193A6808.htm
She rocks all the videos!!! She hilarious!!!!

bradley says:

I like this one. Thanks for the chane to win something, and also thanks for all of the great information you provide me with. :]

BillyB4 says:

Like the vid. I totally disagree with Anthony and anyone else. The Otterbox case is a great looking case. So what, it's a little bulky. But it's still thinner than the previous one made for 3G. Otterbox is a very stylish case that was very well done.

Justin says:

It kind of reminds me of a black kevlar jacket and might match a couple of black shirts I own!
Thanks TiPb!

Alexander says:

Hmmmm... why are you wrestling in bathrobes? A little strange, no? :-)
Anyway, I'll take whatever. As long as Georgia can personally deliver. In that bathrobe. Sorry Rene.

Koot says:

Hope I win =] this will look good with my shiny iPhone 4 =]

Alex says:

Wow great video guys!!

Paul says:

I like this one: http://store.tipb.com/golla-link-smart-bag/4A193A7029.htm This will work perfect with my full body invisishield. This will be great to take my iphone with me on my runs without being too preoccupied with getting sweat on the phone or dropping it! I can cary a key and ID with me too.

TJ says:

I need this one !! I already cracked the screen on my first iPhone 4. Paying $600.00 for a new one sucked !!!! http://store.tipb.com/otterbox-defender-series-case/4A104A7227.htm

DJYoungDirty says:

Here's My Phone... I'm Currently Using an Otterbox, which is cool sometimes... but def not as comfy.

Dave C. says:

My fav of the lot: http://store.tipb.com/golla-blaze-smart-bag/4A193A6815.htm
Quality stuff it looks like from these guys.

schmooie says:

If I win, I'll take the Defender by OtterBox! It served me well with my 3GS, it'll do it again.

Tonya says:

Awesome video, girls kick a$$! I want a pretty blue Golla bag:http://store.tipb.com/golla-sabine-smart-bag/4A193A6808.htm
This is my fave iPhone site, you guys rock!

Mrjr says:

These are different from what I normally carry, and look really nice.

Raphaela G. says:

http://store.tipb.com/golla-sabine-smart-bag/4A193A6808.htm This is perfect for when I'm on the run on campus, won't have to worry about my iPhone falling out my pocket. Ideal!

schmooie says:

If I read right, you're only giving away the Golla pouches, so I want this one! Stylish! :)

Jcal08 says:

http://store.tipb.com/golla-gavin-phone-wallet/4A193A6818.htm --- When you gave away bumpers I was at work :-( pick me please?

Zombie_Mac says:

Was this shot on your iPhone 4? Cool vid, music was LOL! just watched karate kid last week!!
Thanks TIPB!

Thamer says:

That would look awesome on my dear iPhone! Maybe even better than the bumper.

Tx390kwt says:

I'm here every day, you're the first with news and you're giving away Golla's to boot. I know why I keep coming back. thanks TiPb

seb_or_sam says:

Love it. Great video Georgia and Rene and Anthony! Entertaining and awesome :D

Dave01568 says:

I want the stunt case thanks

Wildblue says:

I'm currently US military in Iraq, (with a US Postal address) and scrounging for iPhone 4 protection.
I'd have to go with Stunt Pouch:http://store.tipb.com/golla-stunt-pouch/4A193A5342.htm?utmsource=tipb&utmmedium=review&utmterm=iphone-4-cases&utmcontent=amazing-case

RichD says:

I think this one would be the most comfortable to wear around:http://store.tipb.com/golla-gavin-phone-wallet/4A193A6818.htm

JB says:

I do disaster relief work and need a good case with a belt loop. This looks like a good solution.

kmiahali says:

I've been trying to win some iPhone 4 cases here on TiPb but so far no luck. I hope I win this one. :) http://store.tipb.com/golla-catch-phone-pocket/4A193A7033.htm

Kate says:

I would love to see a full review of the otterbox case.

BjjBB says:

Georgia how long have you been training?

Otis Lokke says:

I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this site. Keep up the wonderful work.

Carlotta Brieno says:

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