Handbrake updated, adds support for iPhone 4, iPad, and AppleTV 2nd Gen

Handbrake 0.9.5 adds support for the iPhone 4, iPad, and 2nd generation AppleTV (2010). It's also added support for BluRay as well (note this is only structure support, not decryption). This is great news for a lot of us that want to re-encode our media for use on new AppleTVs and iPhone 4s. Handbrake just got a rather large update that includes several new features that should make Handbrake fans jump for joy. For those of you not familiar, Handbrake is a freeware application that allows you to transcode video. I use Handbrake religiously in order to put my hard copy DVDs in my iTunes library for playback on my iOS devices. This release version is numbered at 0.9.5. They're also only offering support for Intel-based Macs going forward.

Click through for a full list of feature changes from Handbrake's release notes.

List of changes in Handbrake version 0.9.5 are as follows -

Core Library
-BluRay disc structure support. (No decryption support)
-Updated Libraries (x264, ffmpeg)
-SSA Subtitle support. (Including burn-in)
-MP3 audio now supported in MP4 files (Note: Limited Player compatibility)
-VOBSUB subtitle now supported in MP4 files (Note: Limited Player compatibility)
-Updated Presets for newer devices and better quality
-AC3 encoding support.
-Many Bug Fixes and other small improvements
-Improved DVD Main Feature detection (when using dvdnav)
-Universal audio downmix support (all audio types can be downmixed)
-PointtoPoint encoding (second or frame start and end times)
-Peak framerate option (Capped VFR)

All GUIs
-Updated x264 Advanced Panel
-Video Quality Slider drops % value and only shows RF for x264
-Batch Scan (Scan Multiple files at once. N.B: Does not include multiple VIDEO_TS folders / Image files)
-Many Bug fixes
-Many Tweaks to improve usability.
-Ability to edit queue jobs

-New Audio Panel supporting >4 Audio Tracks
-VLC detection in /Applications and ~/Applications
-Multiple instance support

Windows GUI
-Encode Status in GUI. (CLI window is now always hidden)
-Improved Auto-Naming for Destination file name.
-Drag / Drop Video onto Main Window to scan.

Linux GUI
-Multiple instance support (run multiple copies of ghb at once)
-Many Bug fixes and UI improvements.

Notices -Power PC (PPC) is no longer officially supported. Given limited resources and time, it simply isn’t feasible for this project to support minority platforms. For those of you still using older hardware, we recommend you stick with 0.9.4.


[via MacWorld]

Allyson Kazmucha

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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

Brian Tufo says:

I just used it for the iPhone 4 preset last night as I'm traveling home today and it looks great! Great update to a great tool!

Rene Ritchie says:

Please. I'm begging them. Please copy the Apple TV "go nuts" pre-set from Visual Hub. PLEASE!

iphone4idiots says:

I haven't opened Handbreak in many many months. There were/are too many boxes to have to choose a setting from. Between the bitrate, framerate, codex etc. I never seemed to get a great output. I prefer the idiot proof freeware like iSquint or Any Video Recorder.
Is there now a iPhone 4 & iPad preset?? Something where I just choose it from one dropdown box and everything else is filled in? If not can someone suggest the proper settings for iPhone and iPad. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

Christian Oliff says:

Yes, there is a 'default' setting which works on iphone, ipad, ps3, appletv etc. You literally just press 'go' now and it works out of the box. It's been like that since 0.9.4.

Playing Catchup says:

This is tremendous. I have been playing around with the settings in handbrake for my iPad for so long, but can never get it exactly right. This should do the trick. Also look forward to seeing how Bluray files end up (hopefully keep high quality but not huge file size). Great job, Handbrake!

Playing Catchup says:

This is tremendous. I have been playing around with the settings in handbrake for my iPad for so long, but can never get it exactly right. This should do the trick. Also look forward to seeing how Bluray files end up (hopefully keep high quality but not huge file size). Great job, Handbrake!

jasondeno says:

@iPhone4idiots- I never had that problem. I just select a file or dvd, hit the AppleTV preset and away I go. I assume it'll be the same in the new one, just better output. :)

Frank says:

I just opened Handbrake and clicked Check for Updates and it came back with an "all set" message, but it says I'm at 0.9.4.

Brian says:

Go to handbrake website and download the update from there. I try to do a check for update for both Mac and pc and it doesnt detect latest version.

Brian Tufo says:

@iPhone4idiots there is a toggle presets window that allows you to simply choose a device and it has everything setup perfectly for that device.

human1ess says:

i have 0.9.4, and use it on a regular basis to conniver netflix DVDs to MP4s for my computer. My version is saying it is the latest version and there are no updates.

Limegrntaln says:

Allyson, you should download and learn how to use meta-x it allows you to tag the ripped videos so you get all of the information just like you get on the iPad. It's amazing. I've done all of my movies like this. They are all properly tagged and with synopses and cast. Then of course add it to this thread so everyone knows about it!

DubbDee says:

Here's a question for everyone: Should I rerip my DVDs? Will it make a difference in the image quality when viewing on my iPhone 4?

Limegrntaln says:

I haven't used this new version. But if you rip it correctly with the old software it looks DVD quality to me. And the fact that ironman 2 is 1.8gigs ripped says it's good quality. If you are less that about 1.3gb I can't imagine the quality is at it's best setting.

bobco says:

cool, I love this application. And i also love the DVD iPad video converters from iPadinTouch. Their recommended programs convert protected DVD and have the option to trim or merge multiple videos.

GeoffreyDean says:

I converted an HD movie I shot and edited in Vegas 10, converted it using the new Handbrake iPad template, but I can't get the movie from the Library Movie folder to the iPad in Itunes. Does this indicate something is wrong with the video file?