Happy Birthday iPhone 3.0! (Tell iPhone 4.0 We Said Hurry!)


One year ago today Apple held their iPhone 3.0 SDK Sneak Peak event and released iPhone 3.0 Beta 1, giving all of us our first look at cut, copy, and paste, MMS, tethering, Spotlight search, Voice Memo, in-app purchases, turn-by-turn navigation, stereo Bluetooth, pervasive landscape keyboard, P2P gaming, and whole bunch more.

Now, a year later, we've gone to version 3.1.3 release and 3.2 beta, from 30 million iPhone and iPod touch devices on the market to over 75 million (and 150 thousand iPad pre-orders), and don't even get us started about the apps.

So happy birthday iPhone 3.0, and if it isn't indelicate of us to say, should you see iPhone 4.0 lounging around the Apple labs, please do tell it to hurry along. We're about ready to preview it now.

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Happy Birthday iPhone 3.0! (Tell iPhone 4.0 We Said Hurry!)


4.0 I want. But I think apple is going to wait for the new iPhone to Shoot 4.0. Ppl we could all wait for 4.0 just 2 more months

Yep, AT THIS TIME last year, we had 3.0. This year AT THIS TIME we have.......(cue the crickets). 3.2?? For what?? Mostly iPad. Been stuck with 3.1.3 for a loooooooong time now, watching all the pretty NEW PHONES roll out. Yawn. Getting tired of all this. Apple is making it real hard to get excited about a new something anymore. It's starting to look like the iPad is this years wonder child.

I really hope they address a unified email box and better notifications. Without those, I may pick up the Nexus One.

Good luck with nexus one and synching exchange it is horrible. I will stay with iPhone tried nexus for a month .

If they do a unified email box, I hope it would be an option to use or not. I hated the unified email on my Blackberry.

A unified email box should simply be labled "Inbox" at the top with all its contained mailboxes listed underneath. By tapping 'Inbox', rather than the specific mailboxes listed underneath, it simply displays all mail.
It's the same way OS X Mail works.

A home screen would be nice. Multitasking is overdue. Faster rendering in the web browser would be good...no more checkerboard patterns when I scroll...please. Less obtrusive notifications are always nice. Oh...how about a better battery that is changeable? I don't think any of these things are wild ideas...

@Scott.. This time last year we still had 2.x. Apple gave us a Peak at what was in store for 3.0 but it didn't drop until the summer.

I'm holding on to faith! I believe Apple will blow us away with iPhone 4.0. It's just getting really hard to, well continue waiting. I was dissapointed with the same old hardware for the 3G S. Please Apple, pleeeeease give us back that excitment we once had for the iPhone.

Well apple definitly will blow us ( not quite sure about the away part) but I digress.

I'm so bored with my iPhone at the moment. I really want some juicey news about OS 4.0 T_T
Having categories or stacks would be nice, as I hate how unorganised the homescreens are. Having grouped notifications on the lockscreen would be amazing. Themes for the Springboard would be sexy ;D
Won't need to jailbreak after that.

Yeah, I'm kind of bored with my car only having four wheels, requiring gasoline, and my steering wheel needing to be turned by hand. I wish they'd hurry up and change these things even though they've worked for over a hundred years. Things that aren't broken should be fixed because I'm bored.

Maybe we won't get a 4.0 this year? Maybe just 3.2? Apple's been pretty busy with iPad and maybe next iPhone will be more a hardware upgrade than a software one? Anyway, it's hard to believe that they wouldn't demo 4.0 (and release Beta SDK to devs) at least a couple months prior to its release. Of course maybe they'll just be a little late this year: demo 4.0 in April and announce new iPhone in July?